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    I know that this will be extremely upsetting to many of you but I am obligated to inform you that I’m turning down Vice President Biden’s offer to run on his ticket as his VP candidate in the upcoming election. While there is no doubt that I am supremely qualified to run for office and lead the country, I regret that my social media obligations do not allow me the time to take on this huge responsibility. I’ve directed him to pick Senator Harris from California and he will be promptly complying. I wish them both good luck in their elective and governing efforts.

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    very generous of you Fyodor. Though I doubt the current pick will be nearly as pithy I suppose you know what’s best 😜

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    Foyodor would have been a much better pick. 🤷‍♂️

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    That’s it. If Fyodor’s not on the ticket, I’m voting third party! 😛

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    avatarPart-time Lurker

    Fyodor, Fyodor you really MUST reconsider! Did you even consult BOF & SOF before making such a drastic decision? 😉

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