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    Hello, I want to change my first name that one parent gave me. This parent was terrible and recently I found out some awful news and want to change my name to cut ties. In addition, the current name is often spelled incorrectly, usually people mistake it for other names, which in the past has caused some issues. I study a second language and love the culture and always go to the country for trips and intend to live there, so I want to take a name from that culture. Everybody is telling me I am mad. My current name is very, very foreign in this culture and I think the name change is not only good for letting go of the past, but could be useful as I consider working in the country when I graduate. In the past I wanted to change name but never did, but now as I am about to graduate I think it could be good to start a over with a new name for a new career in a new country where I don’t know anybody and don’t have my family with me.

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    Change your name. Now would be a good time to do it, before starting a career.

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    Change your name if you want to but don’t do it in reaction to whatever it is that you found out without thinking it through very carefully. If you decide it’s the best move do it before you graduate if possible so your school records will be under the same name.

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    Do it because you want to do it for yourself, not because you want to hurt someone else.

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    Consider when changing your first name to use the current first name as a middle name. I only say this because working in HR a quite a few years back we had people from other countries being credentialed through us who changed their first and last names to better acclimate to the country. However when trying to validate their credentials with a foreign entities using several names that didn’t match it often took quite a bit of time and extra validation to get the information needed which resulted in some positions (mostly government) being unobtainable due to the high level of scrutiny needed. Now is a great time since you haven’t started working in your field, and I’m not sure which career path you are going down, but it’s something to keep in mind especially when planning to move to another country you will want to research other ways to validate your identity.

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    Where I live as all you need to do to legally change your name is-well, to change it; it is fairly common. I know several people who have done this, and it seems to work best the younger you are. It typically does take 1-2 years for everyone to catch on fully, and family members invested in your previous moniker are the most tardy when it comes to moving on- but I’ve never seen anyone fail, in the end, to be accepted by their new first name.It does sound though as if you have some serious issues with your family- maybe after you have become your new self, you will be more able to deal with all that . One family member you abhor should not separate you from others you do not.

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    I’m not sure if you’re in the States but if so, my cousin looked into changing her first name at the same time she changed her last name when she got married. Changing her last name was going to be a piece of cake, but changing her first was going to be a huge hassle involving an appearance before a judge and tons of legal paperwork. In the end she just kept her given first name because it wasn’t worth the trouble to change it. So depending on where you are it could be a lengthy process so you should get the ball rolling soon before you graduate and start your career.

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    Sue Jones

    I changed my first and middle name in my 20’s.It was just something that people in their 20’s living on the west coast did at the time! I had to go down to the courthouse in front of a judge, change SS card and driver’s license (I didn’t have a passport yet) and it was a piece of cake. This was 30 years ago. I have never regretted it and my friends were easy with the transition. My parents kept using my birthname until they passed away.

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    Thanks everybody. I’m going to change name before I finish Uni 🙂

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