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    Don’t know what tomorrow or next year will bring but we got him . The projected poplar vote margin (5 points) is the second biggest since 96 , best performance against an incumbent president since 1980, and better than any Republican has done since 1988.

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    This terrible nightmare is finally going to end! I know that we will still be working on the things he brought out in people and the damage his presidency has done on so many different levels, but regardless of how much he huffs and puffs now he is not going to bring the United States crashing down.

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    I sincerely hope he falls into the type of health that prevents him from thinking a 2024 run is a good idea. And if the rest of his rotten family could follow suit that’d be greeeeeeaaaat.

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    I hope he falls headfirst into the toilet of his eventual jail cell.

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    Business insider prematurely called it yesterday, so I was understandably skeptical when I saw it in my Facebook feed today… After checking CNN and Fox News, I was literally dancing in the street! thrilled for Biden & Harris!!!!

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    That said… How much damage is trump going to inflict on us all in these last two months in office?

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    One potential way to resolve this (referring to the Flyers mascot)


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    Oh lord that gritty tweet is GOLD!

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    Well someone suggested filming Trump’s departure (assumed to require literal dragging out of the WH) and setting it up as a pay-per-view to lower the national debt to 0 within the hour.

    My predictions (and be advised some of these you will not like):

    1. Trump will flee to Mar-a-Lago (I called it before Cohen, it’s Florida, it’s in season, it’s home) and he will pout there until January.
    2. He will not return in January for the inauguration
    3. Melania has already called her divorce attorney because she wants out and she wants to make sure she gets away with money because…
    4. Letitia Jones and other State AGs are going to come after that family and their nasty cheating organization
    5. There will be no jail, there will be probation. There will be no money left in the Trump org after the bills come in
    6. There are enough idiots out there who will gladly give this man money and he will rebuild his organization but as a new media company
    7. He will take a number of talking heads from Fox News and pay them ridiculous amounts which will not nearly be enough to cover their bills
    8. He will borrow money which will not do enough, and will be bought out by another company but demand that he remain a figure head and the Trump name continue to be used
    10. The kids will be guaranteed jobs because they are useless trash people

    Whew. Check back with me periodically to see how my predictions fair

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    Oh and did you guys see the whole Four Seasons press conference?!? if that doesn’t sum up the whole ineptitude of that campaign:

    They arranged for a press conference at the Four Seasons. Which turned out to be Four Seasons LANDSCAPING – nestled between a dildo factory and a crematorium. Since it was too late to make any changes, they went with it and set up the briefing in the parking lot.

    I swear I thought this can’t be true, until Four Seasons hotel sent out a tweet saying that they presser was not going to be at their location.

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    Miss MJ

    Once the fundraising off of this ends (60% of the funds raised to fight the results in the courts are going to pay Trump’s debts) and the cases are inevitably immediately dismissed, I, too, think Trump will head to Mar-a-Lago, too and simply…do what he’s done for 4 years – sulk, rage tweet and golf. He’ll just quit caring about the presidency, but won’t ever concede it appear at the inauguration or do anything positive to ease the transition. He’ll probably try to become a media star or whatnot until the NY AG comes calling. And hopefully, she’ll take down Trump and his trash family in one fell swoop.

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    @MissMJ – I don’t think it’s going to be a fell-swoop, I think it will be multiple investigations and suits as each case will expand insight into how that organization operates. I think other states are going to start opening up cases if they have anything Trump related in their state.

    If you look at the election as a sign, his chief lawyer is Giuliani who is either suffering from dementia, a nervous breakdown or some combination of the two. No lawyer worth their salt is going to sign up for this, not from any self-righteous position but because they can see that their bills aren’t going to get paid.

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