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Dear Wendy

Well, next week is my last week at this summer job.

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    I gotta say, this job doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s actually fun to hang around and do activities with the kids all day; kinda makes me sad about becoming an adult on 6/17/2020 (less than 1 year away). I’ll certainly be applying to work here again next summer, before I move out of Molokai.

    Sports are my favorite activity to do with the kids, especially ultimate frisbee, basketball, kickball, and dodgeball. Only thing is there’s hardly ever enough people who wanna play sports. The boys always wanna get some sorta game going on, but the girls really don’t seem to be into that sorta thing I’ve noticed, and we have a 5:2 girls-boys ratio. I wonder why. Anyway, guess who is the ultimate frisbee champion of summer pals?

    I’ve taught them some games too like how to shoot craps with dice, and play 5 card draw and no limit hold ’em. I am NOT teaching them how to actually gamble, just how the games are played for fun. This way they can feel mature playing a game adults enjoy, and not get sucked into all the trouble real gambling can bring. In the beginning, I did magic card tricks to impress the kids, but eventually I ran out of tricks to show them, and we kinda moved on from that.

    My knowledge of cartoons also helps, because it gives me 1) something to talk about with the kids, and 2) ideas for what kinda pretend/imagination stuff we can do.

    My boss specifically picked me to work in this position, and she really likes having me around’ never once has she gotten upset at me. My co-workers all seem to like me well enough, but one in particular seems to have it in for me, I don’t know why anyone would though, I’m a nice guy.

    The kids all still enjoy hanging with me and I’m glad about that. One little girl about 7 years old is so sweet; she likes to stick by me a lot, and always seems to wanna impress me. I’m a little protective of her cause she is kind of a softie crybaby, and sometimes the other kids are mean to her. She also makes me stuff sometimes, I have a bead/string keychain, a color drawing, a homemade card with stickers in a decorated envelope (no occasion), and a small colored-on cardboard box with mint oreos. I must really have a special way with kids.
    Overall I just feel like I was meant for this job, the kids enjoy me, my boss likes me, and it never feels like work. This was a good summer.

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    I’m surprised you didn’t try to make these kids ask their parents for raffle ticket money…

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    Hunter – that’s great. I’m not sure I’m cool with the craps/five card lessons but I played gin rummy with my grandma although we didn’t bet. So I don’t think it’s a big issue. But I gotta worry about your exposure to gambling.

    You found a job you like – that’s great. As for the guy that has it in for you – don’t let it eat at you. Not everyone will like you and often it’s something that is beyond your control.

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    No need worry, I don’t gamble, or teach the kids gambling. I just play the games for fun. Really, any activity can be turned into a gambling thing.

    Also, I’m not doing the raffle thing anymore. I’ve found a better way to make extra cash: buy 3 bulk-packs of 30 candy bars each for $60 total, and sell the candy bars door-to-door for $2.00 each.

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    That sounds like an awful lot of work in the hot sun for a potential $120, and it’s not resume-building experience or reference-getting, or with any potential to make friends with co-workers. Why do you not just apply for a job at the supermarket or something if you have all this free time? I know school starts soon, but for after school and weekends.

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    No, you only teach them card games and dice games used almost exclusively for gambling.

    Totally appropriate for seven year olds.

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    How do you keep the chocolate from melting?

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    I live in a condo place, so no need worry about the hot sun. If I can find another job like this one for during the school year, I’d sure as hell jump on that. What do you think of the reflection of my experiences working here I wrote?

    I keep it from melting by freezing it before I go out and sell it. Also, you can turn anything into a gambling thing (i.e. I bet you $10 I can climb that flagpole), and you don’t have to gamble to play these games, I specifically left the gambling part out.

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    You’re going to try to sell 90 candy bars to your neighbors in one condo place? Good luck with that, but I fear you’ll be left eating your stock.

    I suppose you could look for a job coaching or working at an after school kids program during the school year, nothing wrong with that. Best if there are other kids your age working with you.

    Your reflections are fine, though this is an advice forum, not a journal. Maybe you’re meant to work with kids, and that’s great. I’d like to see you forming new relationships with kids your age too though.

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    Speaking of that, I’ve noticed I have a lot of casual friendships with people I see in school and hang around with occasionally, but I have very few close friendships with anyone.

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    Those games are primarily used for gambling, Hunter. There are a million other card games to teach young kids. It’s just the same thing with you, that you don’t really know where to draw the line.

    What happened to Uno, GoFish, Old Maid, War etc- you know, age appropriate games?

    I don’t know if I’d be particularly happy if my kid came home from summer camp telling me a counselor taught them about craps and Texas hold em.

    I’m well aware people can make a bet on anything.

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    I play other games with them like Goldfish, Uno, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, Basketball, etc. Plus, I taught them a bunch of card magic tricks.

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