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Dear Wendy

Well, next week is my last week at this summer job.

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    Great, next time teach age appropriate games only. Seven year olds don’t need to know how to play craps or poker. If you want to continue to work there you should really think about what you’re about to do and maybe do some research to see if it’s age appropriate. Lil Kim isn’t, for example.

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    Yeah I mean, we know that, Hunter. What jumps out to me is that you seem pretty self-absorbed and not that interested in other people. You want to put on a show all the time to get people to like you, and you want to talk about your interests. It’s great if you find people who share your interests, but you can also make more of an effort to find common ground and show interest in other people. It seems like you’re always about what’s in it for you.

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    And that’s why you’re good with kids: you have a lot of energy, you put on a show for them, you enjoy kid things. But that whole approach doesn’t work with older people. It needs to be an interaction.

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    ah now, the thing about those particular card games is that what makes them interesting is the gambling aspect–and kids really shouldn’t be getting into that. There’s a reason they don’t make candy cigarettes anymore 😉 it seems you like cards, maybe get a book or two on really interesting games, there are fabulous card games out there which take a bit longer to resolve and have much more skill and work out a lot more fun. Most of my favourites are 4 player like Solo Whist, so might not be good for a group of kids, but I’m sure you’d find something great for a bigger group with a bit of trial and error. Seems like working with kids in some capacity could be a winner for you with a bit of training and further study though.

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    They totally make candy cigarettes still. I see them in most candy stores I frequent. I wouldn’t buy them for my nieces or nephew though. Definitely inappropriate.

    I agree about the card games.

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    My parents wouldn’t have cared if someone taught me craps and poker, I mean my 5th grade teacher drank vodka out of a diet 7-up can and stashed her cigs and lighter in the girls bathroom, and my dad himself taught us poker games. Those were the times we were living in. But some parents probably wouldn’t be cool with the camp counselor teaching their kid dice games and poker. Better to not go there, because you don’t know. Card tricks, frisbee, War, all that is totally safe. Craps and Lil Kim, not so much.

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    Yeah. Did you install a stripper pole to teach a pole dancing fitness class?

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    ah, America truly is the land of the free. In the Uk it is now illegal to sell candy cigarettes, but people get round it by calling them “white candy sticks” apparently. Not seen any for decades.

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    Okay, besides the gambling, what else do you guys think of this/wanna let me know?

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    I think it’s all been said. Great that you seem to have a passion for working with kids, keep it up, but think critically about exposing them to *anything* adult in nature or that *any* parent (not just yours) might not be comfortable with.

    And keep working real, paying jobs with kids your own age. You can do your candy-gouging as a side hustle, but it shouldn’t replace a workplace job which has so many benefits for a kid like you.

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    In my family it’s tradition to learn Euchre and blackjack once you turn 5 but I know times have changed and a lot of parents wouldn’t like their kids being exposed to those sorts of games. Do kids still play Uno? I really enjoy that game even as an adult.

    Hunter I think you could do well if you continue working with kids. Are there organisations in Hawaii that do work with kids, sports organisations for instance? They would work outside of school hours and your camp experience could give you a leg up in the application process.

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    I think there’s a big difference between teaching your own kids those games vs. paying for a wholesome summer camp experience and your kid comes home telling you they listened to Lil Kim and learned how to play Texas Hold em. That gives the camp a bad reputation.

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