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What exactly is wrong about this story from my childhood?

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    Like I said, if a kid told me this story in real life, I’d probably be like, “oh, uh-huh?” And if the kid asked directly for feedback on his story and why people thought he didn’t look so cool in it, I’d give him the same feedback I gave here. If that’s judgmental, then yes.

    And no, I would not like to see Trump beaten with a baseball bat. If he died of natural causes, like a stroke or heart attack, so be it, but I don’t want him murdered. Rather see him voted out in 2020.

    As a postscript, my sibling once hit me with a baseball bat, and I wouldn’t wish it on another kid.

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    Well, the LW did ask what was wrong with his story and why people did not respond favorably. People are explaining the reason.

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    Oh sorry Mark, I see you said we’d all like to see Trump hit in the ass and face with a baseball. Nah, not really. It wouldn’t accomplish anything.

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    Sorry if people see this advice as bonkers.

    A young man asked for advice on why people were giving him a negative reaction to his story – and he was given feedback.

    Furthermore, 16 is young yes, but I find his attitudes about women concerning, especially as he will soon be an adult. If he is on the spectrum, all the more reason to fully explain what and why people have issue with these attitudes, hopefully so they can be corrected.

    And I don’t even want to imagine what Trump’s reaction would be if he were beaten with a baseball bat, but I can’t imagine it would benefit anyone, much less the groups of people that are already suffering the most under his presidency. In no way would that be good for anyone.

    I would like to see his popularity erode to such a point that he has no more maneuverability, and then I’d like to see him voted out in 2020 by a Democratic challenger. While that means we have to suffer through him to years, ultimately I feel that will be in the best interest of the country.

    Even impeachment I worry will burnish and strengthen his popularity among a small but vocal minority, and we’ll have to deal with that for many years to come.

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    I mean, or jail for some of his actual crimes.

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    Ahá, and now your comments are full with tolerance and great disposition towards making a possitive impact in this boy’s life. I think it is waaaay kinda different to state a point assertively, than to post comments full of nastiness and self-entitlement. Gosh, it seems as if people answer dilemmas with their asses.

    It is really not necessary to attack people in a position of vulnerability. If I were a LW and came here looking for an empathetic approach and point of view for my dilemma, i would probably feel bad with the negative way of the vast majority of replies.

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    Ya weird we don’t give positive replies about assault.

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    Not sure what “self-entitlement” is, but if it’s telling a teenager who asked for feedback that his story sounds made-up and that parts of it are pretty problematic and let’s explain why people saw it that way since you asked, then sure.

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    Every time he justifies using violence he uses language that suggests that he did it not because he was fed up, not because he decided this little shit needed to be stopped but because he had to save this “innocent little girl”. His words. When pushed, he changed his story to justify violence because it was time for this guy to be stopped (but it’s still because the guy crossed a line by attacking a girl).
    He has still not answered my question whether or not he would have taken action if the kid lying on the ground was a boy.

    So as a 16 year old, he is old enough to understand that he can stand up for people because it’s the right thing. While I don’t advocate violence, standing up for someone is a good thing. However, it’s clear that he doesn’t understand that girls aren’t “other”. Girls and women deserve to be treated as people -not princesses. He sees girls as weaker, more fragile and deserving of his protection; where as if he had given us the straight story and used the term “kid” or “little kid” – I don’t think he would have gotten nearly the same reaction. And the fact that you and he don’t get it is incredibly frustrating.

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    Hunter DeMello

    YES. I would definitely have stepped in if it were a boy who was on the ground crying with a scraped arm. If it was a spider on the ground crying I would’ve stepped in for god’s sake. Of course growing up I was taught that being malicious to anyone was a no no, but there was emphasis that being malicious to a girl was a VERY BIG no no. This is what got me REALLY pissed at him, but wasn’t the only reason I got involved, as I’ve said.

    To me, this here song has words to live by…

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    I don’t know why I put my full name in either.

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    That’s great, although I’m not sure you should assault people if a spider is being bullied. I mean, maybe if it’s an endangered spider.

    I’m not going to listen to a song so I have no idea what perspective you’re coming from. I suppose the long and short of it is that your story, believable or not, will meet cheers from some, jeers from others. The response is probably tied to perspectives on whether or not you are projecting yourself as a savior, a sexist savior, a morally righteous sexist savior, or just some dude who did the wrong thing but for the right reason (sort of) and luckily didn’t get in trouble for it.

    Since everyone has a different perspective the challenge is knowing your audience. You said yourself you posted the same thing on a few different forums and the reaction here was vastly different than the others.

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