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    I get the struggle and cost of running a site, I do, that isn’t lost on me. But I have to ask, wtf is going on here. Unless I’m on the phone accessing this site, the page is all jacked up, pop ups galore, the font the size of windows, it’s all jacked. I thought it was my computer, my issues, it isn’t. 2. The page isn’t updated with new stories on a daily as before, and when they are , it’s like the same thing day in and out, why not just paste e a link of the same damn situation and the answer/advice given to the same exact situation as before with a previous LW IN THE SAME PREDICAMENT , which is what I’ve seen on here a number of times. Lots of people have left this site in the last 4 years. Comments seem to start off meaning well and then as soon as one has a problem with the other opinion, y’all just keep going back and forth until the Lw has had enough and fucks off and/or the LW’s question isn’t even part of the argument any longer. I dunno, yes I’m venting, bit this place has gone to shit in a big way within the last almost two years. COme on all, I have always liked everyone’s insight but shit has gotten ridiculous lately. You know when someone is trolling, you know if someone is so immature that no matter what you say it’s going to turn into a cluster fuck with the comments. Get it together

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    Dear Wendy
    Dear Wendy

    Why are you still here? It really say A LOT about you that you hate this site so much and continue to read and comment. What is wrong with you? Seriously. Get help.

    As for your points, this is literally the first time you have ever brought to my attention these tech issues you have with the site. I think anyone who has reached out to me about an issue they’re experiencing can attest that I am generally very responsive. I may not have an immediate answer or fix, but I will look into it asap. I’m not a tech person myself — I outsource that work, and sometimes it takes a few days for my work to be scheduled in.

    As for “no new story every day,” they’re not called stories, dipshit, they’re called columns, and on average, I publish four a week, often with multiple letters within. That is more that almost any major advice columnist publishes. In addition to columns, I publish updates, topics of the day, Wendy’s picks, Friday Links, Weekend Open Threads, so fuck you about there not being something published daily.

    You don’t like the content? You think the comments/commenters are dumb? Well, gosh, I’m so sorry — let me give you refund on your subscription payment. Oh, wait! That’s right — you don’t pay a dime for this site. You think I give a SHIT about people leaving this site when they’re done with it? I don’t. I really, really don’t. This site could end tomorrow and I still have a great life. Yes, the income helps pay bills, but my family does not rely on it. My kids’ wellbeing does not rely on it. My emotional and physical well-being does not rely on it. I don’t owe you shit. Get out of here. Go do something useful with yourself. Go make a difference in someone’s life. Go be a better person. This seriously is not a good look — on you or anyone.

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    1) I love this site and I’m not going anywhere

    2) I have not had any tech issues… everything looks/works fine on all my browsers including my phone

    3) The comments on this site have ALWAYS gone off on tangents… go back and read columns from like 4-5 years ago, there’s 300+ comments. That’s the way it is on any site with a large community and an open comment section.

    4) Nobody here is outright mean or abusive. Have you read some of the awful shit that goes on in the forums/comments of other sites? Wendy & Kate do a pretty good job of moderating and blocking the trolls.

    5) I also feel a bit tired of so many LWs writing in when the obvious solution is just MOA. It can get a bit repetitive. LW: “My relationship is all drama and my boyfriend treats me like shit!” Wendy: “MOA!”

    But Wendy herself has said in recent months that the letters she’s been getting haven’t really inspired her, and she has specifically asked people to write in, send updates, etc.

    I guess the truth of the matter is that happy and mature people don’t often feel the need to write to advice columns, so it’s more likely than not that we’re going to read something that seems dramatic.

    6) As Wendy said, this site is completely FREE. You’re not paying for a subscription, so you can’t really complain if Wendy isn’t publishing letters as often as you’d like. It’s not realistic for Wendy (or anybody) to be publishing new content multiple times a day. My other favourite blogs only post twice a week!

    7) I’ve been reading DW since TheFrisky days. That’s like 8 years!! And I know there are a ton of other people still around here that have also been reading that long. And we all love this site, and we love the little insights into how Wendy’s life has grown and changed, and we love her Alphabet stories, and we love hearing her updates about buying a new house, and how Jackson and Joanie are doing.

    All that to say, sorry you feel that you’ve grown away from this site. But that’s life. Our favourite things change. We change. If you don’t like it… that sucks but instead of shit talking, maybe it’s just time you find something new.

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    Okurrrr. Bye.

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    The fuck was that?

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    Leslie Joan

    Lol. News flash: almost ALL advice on personal problems winds up being the same thing. That’s because you can’t change other people, and you can only advise the person who wrote in. Read any good advice columnist and you’ll see the same pattern. (Except for Ask Polly, whose response is pretty much as long and as neurotic as the LW’s). It’s why Amy Dickinson sux, because she’s always pronouncing what other people should do, and doesn’t have a clue about drawing boundaries.

    Sounds as though you need a vacation from comments.

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    Count me in as a DW regular for about as long as DW has been around. I still come back daly.

    Also, I don’t have problems on any of my browsers. Just saying. The popup problem I had in the past is long gone. You know you can google how to fix that, right?

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    That was a bit overboard, what with all the name calling and putting words in my mouth. I apologize for the rant, however I don’t think it warranted being blown up on. I also have been reading DW since the Frisky. Not ONCE did I say i hate this site, not ONCE did I call anyone on here dumb. Where did you even get that from? As far as the technical complaint, not so much an issue with pop ups, 9 times out of 10 when i get to the site, the page looks as if there is work being done on the website, all the words and links are scattered and it looks like the page is under construction, but sometimes it’s fine five minutes later. I apologize for pissing everyone off, but the name calling and the blow up wasn’t needed either.

    -The Dipshit

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    “I dunno, yes I’m venting, bit this place has gone to shit in a big way within the last almost two years. COme on all, I have always liked everyone’s insight but shit has gotten ridiculous lately. ”

    Nope, you didn’t say you hate the site. You didn’t specifically call anyone dumb – but you did call it shit and pretty much called the group out for what purpose?

    Should Wendy do what Cosmopolitan does and fake the letters and comments?
    Should everyone play “let’s have another pity party” with someone who writes in asking if she/he should stay in what is clearly an abusive or otherwise dead relationship? That is not this place.

    Contribute, don’t contribute, read, don’t read. But a non constructive vent is unhelpful.

    And your computer is out of whack. I visit this site from four different devices and I don’t have any issues that you’re describing.

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    People who aren’t dipshits looking to call attention to themselves just email Wendy with a polite and helpful tone re: their tech issues and suggestions.

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    Dear Wendy
    Dear Wendy

    What are you even talking about? Get a new computer, you dipshit, and get off my site. Seriously. Go get help; you’re a mental case. You don’t think your rant was worth being “blown up”? Fuck you. Have you ever had someone walk into your place of business and in front on clients or colleagues go off on how terrible your work performance is, how shitty it’s gotten in the last couple of years, how unsatisfied they are? Have you had that screamed at you (all caps being the virtual equivalent of a scream)? You wanted to make me feel like shit. I woke up this morning and checked my email and fresh comments on the site first thing, like i do every morning — before I get out of bed or even go to the bathroom — and your hateful message was the first thing I read. How do you think it made me feel? After a crappy week, no less — beyond the awful world news, I found out last night that my beloved grandmother had a serious heart attack and may not live long enough for me to see her in a few weeks when I had planned to bring my kids to visit her, and then I have to wake up to your shitty message, which wasn’t at all constructive, and of course, wasn’t meant to be. If you really wanted to alert me to tech issues — which, by the way, no one else has personally altered me to — you could have sent me an email like any sane, normal, logical person would. This was about you needing attention and wanting to make others feel like shit probably because YOU feel like shit and are a sad, lonely little man. Get the fuck off my site. I don’t want you here. You’ve added literally zero value to this community in the years you’ve made mean, bullying comments. Seriously, go get a life, you fucking loser.

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    Leslie Joan

    Maybe the name calling was over the top – on the other hand, I’m not sure what you expected. How is Wendy supposed to keep everyone from going off on tangents? It’s like herding cats. And how is she supposed to ensure that letters are personally interesting enough to you?

    Seriously, when a person gets to the point of feeling ranty about something, it’s a key sign to step away, whether temporarily or permanently.

    If you have a problem with the website, then ask for help with it. Don’t just blow up on someone out of the blue.

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