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What to write in a card to our new neighbors?

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    Hi all! We moved into our little apartment complex! It’s set up with the small buildings so we only have a few neighbors. We’re plant people so I grew some itty bitty easy to care for plants with a care sheet and a note saying to pass along if you’re not a plant person. I wanted to put a little something else in the card to say hi but not be overly weird and I’m just not totally sure what would be best. Any advice is much appreciated, I’m trying to get the hang of the adulting thing and writing cards lol

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    I don’t think you need to do anything like that. Just say hello to people and tell them your name.

    If you want to send cards, just say hi and you look forward to meeting them and your name is Em. But definitely not necessary.

    I’m serious though, don’t say anything more than that.

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    avatarMiss MJ

    I think it’s a nice gesture, especially if you’re living in close proximity. (But I’m in the south where people do stuff like this, so it may be a regional thing…) I don’t think you need to say anything else on the card, though. Just take it over in person and introduce yourself. And don’t get offended if none of your neighbors have a green thumb!

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    I’m from the northeast, and honestly, this would bug me. I don’t have plants or want them, and I’d feel obligated to keep it because if I ran into you I wouldn’t want to tell you I am not into plants. It’s better just to meet people organically and be friendly.

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    Don’t do that. You seem way too involved in your neighbors. I wouldn’t like to receive a “care sheet” for plants I never asked for or have to pass it to someone else. Just keep your plants and be polite and smiling. You can invite them for a drink to get to know each other, if you really want to create a personal contact, but the best neighbors are first of all discreet, not noisy, and kind.

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    I love this idea, but I’m originally from the South, and live in a small building, and am a plant person, sooo… I can definitely see where other regional norms may differ. But it sounds thoughtful to me. I don’t think you need to do much else beyond what you described, maybe just sign the note “from your new neighbor, Em” and leave it at that.

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    I love plants, but I do think this is probably a weird first step. I’d rather meet someone face to face, in passing than have something appear on my doorstep. And you don’t know who is home, who may have allergies, etc. Depending on where you are, I’d say- nice gesture but maybe wait until you meet a neighbor and have a chat about plants before you give them out en masse.

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    Oh I wouldn’t be put off at all, but I also would likely kill a gift plant. Inside plants I just can’t keep alive.

    I think a nice card introducing yourself and giving your contact info is all you really need to do, but if you really want, you can do the plant thing too. Just know it’s probably more for you than your neighbors.

    When I move I do like introducing yourself and sharing your name/contact info. Not everyone wants to be buddy buddy with their neighbors and you shouldn’t push for that, but I think it’s nice as the new person to make an effort to introduce yourself so people know who they’ll now be living around. And giving your phone number is nice, if nothing more than if you have a party (one day, in the indefinite future) or your tv is too loud and they want you to turn it down they don’t have to put pants on and knock on your door. It’s just a nice preemptive courtesy.

    I don’t think you have to wait to run into people organically, you can make one relatively low stakes overture, then leave things in their courts.

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    I wouldn’t be put off by this, but it’s unnecessary. I’d probably find the plant quirky and the card introducing yourself weird, and I’d probably kill your plant by accident. I think it’s better to just introduce yourself in person in passing, and keep it short and sweet. I know a lot of my neighbors and have even become friends with a few simply by being friendly when I see them around common areas. I think it’s nice to know your neighbors and have exchanged numbers with plenty of mine over the years, but grand gestures are unnecessary.

    When I was about 10, my family moved to the midwest and we did have some neighbors drop by to introduce themselves and welcome us. It was a nice gesture. That’s another option, but you also risk going over at a bad time or them being unfriendly or whatever.

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