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    I’m learning to listen to my instincts more closely – if something feels “off” in a situation, it very likely is. That’s huge, because I’ve never thought of myself as especially intuitive, but I am, as it turns out. Which is awesome.

    I’ve learned how to keep an open mind – I’m used to being one of the smartest and most opinionated people in the room, and being in the mix with equally smart and opinionated people is always good for remembering I don’t know everything. I’m learning when to temper my opinions with kindness and when to be emphatic, and that just because I disagree with someone doesn’t mean I dislike them or that we will always disagree. Being wrong doesn’t always mean I’m weak, and going back and saying, you know, you made me re-think how I feel can sometimes be a completely rewarding experience.

    Thank you, Wendy! Please let yourself recharge and get healthy – we all love what you’ve created!

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    Wendy has been like the big sister I never met and the aunt I wish I had all wrapped in to one. I absolutely love her advice to people, especially when it rings true to me. I learned from her to step back and evaluate my own problems with the care and guidance she gives all of us.

    I wrote into Wendy last year regarding bridesmaids drama, which at the time seemed so important, and she was able to get to the heart of the matter that it wasn’t really a wedding issue, it was a friend issue. I have a horrible habit of focusing on the little things, that I lose sight of the big picture or issue. Wendy is great at cutting through a vague LW’s letter and getting to the heart of the matter. I’m so jealous of the ability to be able to be personable and tough and dish out the best advice.

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    Wendy makes me laugh on an almost daily basis. Her biting wit, when it’s called for, cracks me up. Seriously. But she’s also heartfelt and sincere when needed.

    Thank you Wendy for offering a lot of spot-on advice.

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    I’ve learned what it’s like to date today as compared to when I was in the dating scene 25 to 30 years ago which helps me to understand my 20-year-old son much better. The talk about HPV, which hasn’t been recent, helped me to know that when I’m asked later this year whether I want my daughter vaccinated for HPV I’ll definitely be saying yes. Thanks for all those candid comments about your lives and the issues you deal with.

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    From Wendy I’ve gained a lot of entertainment, and plenty of procrastination, but most of all, a community that I feel like I’d be able to come to if I really need perspective on anything.

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    Eagle Eye

    I’ve been a lurker since theFrisky days, and her advice is always so solid, plus, she’s done such a great job fostering a positive community, I know that there are other websites where I like the author but the commenters are always so nasty that it really turns me off.

    I also really like the letters in which Wendy chastises people for not communicating enough in their relationships since it makes me feel so much better and more secure about mine! LOL

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    Awesome topic! I know Wendy is stressed out these days so she deserves to know how much we all appreciate her and her hard word. DW has shown me that many of the things I feel sometimes are perfectly normal and I am actually not as crazy as I thought I was. I’ve learned just how important communication is in all relationships, romantic or not. Finally, I’ve learned that it’s ok to cut people out of your life who are not supportive or healthy for you (even if you share blood with them).

    I especially love the interaction with all of the other DW members. We come from all different locations and walks of life but I think all of our unique points of view make for very interesting and enlightening conversation. And the fact that this site is not blocked by my company’s internet filter is pretty rad too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Aside from all the general things on living and accepting on a day to day basis that I’ve learned from Wendy (which are HUGE)…
    I know Wendy didn’t create this site for me, nor is she an ‘in real life’ friend, but I feel like this site was made for me to find and she’s like the best friend I never had but always needed. I hide my problems, insecurities and worries from the people I love. I like to seem strong. I was able to turn to her and dump my problem into her hands with 100% honesty. I’ve never done that before. It was like having a living diary that could talk back to me with great advice. Hopefully without sounding uber-dramatic, she changed my life. I’ll always be grateful for her, even if DW has to go.

    Having a daughter who I hope to prepare adequately for this tough world we live in, I’d love for DW to be around when she reaches an age to need it. All the best Wendy!

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    Time after time when answering letters, Wendy is able to see things from both sides- not just the LW’s perspective. I’ll be forming my own opnion of things as I’m reading the letter, and then I get to Wendy’s advice and it’s like she and I have read totally different letters! What I’m getting at, is that she’s taught me that not everyone thinks/acts the same way I do, and that’s helped me become a little more open minded when interacting with people in my life.

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    I learned that issues in life need to be faced and addressed, not ignored. In my life, I have gotten so busy with work, commuting, household projects, etc., that I don’t stop to consider that, hey, my BF/BFF/parent had become controlling, verbally abusive, abusing substances more and more, etc. Letting things slide was the path of least resistance. Since I started reading Wendy (back in the day on the Frisky & now here), I’ve realized my role in ignoring real issues because I couldn’t be bothered. I was tuning out the impact on my peace of mind. In the past year I’ve actively distanced myself from my birth father & dumped a BF & a couple of friends. Reading Wendy has helped shed the light on how draining these folks were with all their drama, and how it was affecting my health.

    Also, this site makes me realize how smart and together the younger generation is! Wendy and most of the commenters are young enough (or nearly so) to be my kids, yet you all have so much wisdom to share ๐Ÿ™‚ Man was I was such a dumbass when I was yall’s age!

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    Addie Pray

    All these testimonials are making me teary-eyed! Though, they also are freaking me out because it sounds like Wendy died. Wendy WILL be back. Right? Right.

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    Don’t worry AP I’m sure she will! Think of this thread as a giant thinking of you card filled with hugs and well wishes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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