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Dear Wendy

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    Everything I know about Internal combustion engines I learned from Wendy. 🙂

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    Wendy and the community has helped me come to terms with my divorce. The DW website started a few weeks after my divorce was final and I was in the middle of a really dark place. I felt so much better than I had for a really long time that I didn’t even realize I was still healing. But little by little, day by day I got better. Part of that was checking in with the site regularly (perhaps when I should have been working – but that’s neither here nor there). The letters and her responses helped open my eyes that I was still dealing with issues. Then early this yer I was having a minor melt down about this next stage of my life and I wrote in to Wendy. She answered my letter with kindness and also some straightforwardness that hit home for me – how she picked up on the deep root of my anxieties from a simple letter – I’ll never know. But Wendy – you have a gift – and you’ve helped all of us! And you have particularly helped me find the sunshine again after a long time in the shadows. Feel better soon! You are an admirable and strong woman!

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    Avatar photoAddie Pray

    @ landygirl, this is my liking your post!

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Thank you for this, everyone. It really made me feel good.

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    I really like having a place to “visit”, I’ve learned so many things about interacting with others; being a stronger, happier me; I feel like I’m hanging out with a bunch of friends, even when I’m just reading a post with comments, not actually participating. I love that Wendy’s added more ways for us to interact with each other and her refreshing honesty and willingness to put herself “out there” to help others.

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    This website has given me a lot of insight into all types of relationship questions, and as a young person (college) I feel like I’ve learned a lot without having to make any mistakes to learn it! Thanks Wendy for showing me what to avoid and how to deal with all types of relationship situations. I feel like a lot of people do not have a good perspective on how a healthy relationship should be, and Wendy’s grounded advice is really clear cut and helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 49 through 54 (of 54 total)
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