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Where to give charitable donations right now?

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    Hey all

    I’ve not been feeling useful recently, all cooped up in my apartment while the world around us is falling apart… So I’ve challenged myself to make a small donation to a different organization everyday this week, and hopefully make a bit of a difference this way.

    I’m looking for suggestions on where donations would be the most useful right now. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations to give to food banks, so that’s on my list, but I’m looking for more ideas. I’m sure there are a lot more needs than that.

    I wish I was able to give blood at the moment, but I’m under the weight limit so that doesn’t work. I’m located in Ohio, which is obviously not doing great (no one is right now!) but we also have not been submerged by cases like other cities and states have been, so I’m also wondering what are the biggest needs right now in places like New York.

    Looking forward to your suggestions!

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    So, so many good causes at the moment. I’m not in the states and we have a reasonably fair benefit system in my country, but lots of families that were just getting by are struggling and needing additional help after people lost their jobs.
    Family violence rates have soared during lockdown, so your local women’s refuge and call centre will always need donations. Often sanitary products will be missed off a shopping list and period poverty is real. Some companies that make menstrual cups and period underwear give you the option of donating products via their websites, at least in NZ/Aus.

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    Look into local restaurants and see if there is an organization that’s raising funds for out of work servers. I know that’s happening in my city. Or if you have a hair stylist, pay him or her for a haircut, especially if you would have had a haircut during this time. This week, I sent a single friend a plant because she’s going on four weeks of being home alone and I want her to know she’s not alone.

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    Two places I found that seemed like good options were Direct Relief and Give Directly. Direct Relief helps with providing PPE, stuff to do with ICUs, and a few other things, while Give Directly gives cash directly to vulnerable households. The latter has options for choosing COVID relief for either the US or various countries in Africa.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions. In the end I decided to give to:
    1) Greater Cleveland Food Bank
    2) American Red Cross
    3) United Way of New York City
    4) Partners in Health
    5) Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

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