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Why did he react like that?

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    This guy I have been texting misinterpreted what I said in a text to mean that I wasn’t interested in him.
    I reassured him that I was interested in him.
    I then accidently called him and he asked me if I meant to call.
    I said it was an accident and his response was that he thought I did it intentionally.
    I have accidently called him twice in the past but he was understanding about it then as it was a genuine mistake.
    Why did he not believe me this time?
    Should I text him back clarifying the situation?
    We have had 3 dates and like each other.

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    I can’t tell what’s going on here. It could be you’re both very insecure and ridiculous. Or it could be he’s losing interest and pretended to misunderstand your text. But probably he was just teasing you and is insecure and ridiculous but so are you and you’re a great match. Chill out.

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    Wow. You probably shouldn’t give advice.
    I hope you are not as nasty in real life as you are on the internet.
    Good manners are free.

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    It’s accurate though 🤷‍♀️

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    To me it sounds like he was flirting with you. “Yeah, you didn’t mean to call me. Sure… Yeah, right.”

    I do think you might be over analyzing this a bit. Why do you “care” if he “believes” you. This seems to me a very small thing.

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    There is an easy solution to this: ask him out on a 4th date.

    If he says yes, he’s still interested.

    If he says no, he’s not. And if he’s not, it’s not because you said something awkward, he just lost interest.

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    I think the advice you BOTH need is to stop making assumptions, stop thinking the other person has some secret code or is playing games.

    So you hit the wrong button on your phone- ok. That’s the story. There is no other interpretation. (And what if there was, is phoning someone absolutely forbidden now? Because the best way to understand tone is through your ears).

    Oh, and just as an added piece of advice – remind him that neither of you has ESP so if there is a question or concern, you have to actually discuss it. And again – this is where words coming out of your mouth are a hell of a lot easier than text.

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    I guess I don’t understand the issue. Text is a terrible form to have any kind of serious conversation, it is impossible to know tone which changes a lot. it sounds like the same stuff I used to overthink about when I was younger and super immature.

    If it were me I would just let this topic drop and ask him to go for a walk with you. I think if you keep bringing it up its a pretty big red flag when it comes to insecurity.

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    Girl this is beyond silly. Maybe you need to grow up more before you start dating? Consider it at least.

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