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Why do so many people hate Christians?

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    Honestly, few people ‘hate’ Christians. What we hate is being talked down to or preached to by people. Very few Christians I know actually respect other people belief (or lack there of) shut up about what you believe in until you’re asked for your opinion.
    Mind your own business and you’ll be fine.

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    what New Testament Commandments? The Ten Commandments, including the injunction against murder, are in the Old Testament. Christianity and Islam both accept the holiness of the Old Testament.

    Murder is the killing of a person, as prohibited by law in the legal definition of murder. A fertilized egg, is not a person. If you studied Christianity, you would understand what a recent concept ‘humanity at the moment of fertilization’ is. The Church, through over a thousand years of its existence did not believe this. Less than 150 years ago, the Catholic Church decided that conception was the dividing point. Prior to that, it was the time of quickening. You can easily Google this.

    If you are Evangelical, your church did not make a big deal about abortion until much more recently. It became a focus only after the federal government denied tax exempt status to the racially segregated Christian Academies run by the church as a way to maintain segregated schools. These academies sprung up only after the federal government ordered the integration of public schools.

    There is a strong historical reason why many take a skeptical view of the Southern White Evangelical Protestant Church: the bulk of these denominations supported slavery, the secession of the South and civil war, de jure racial discrimination, laws preventing Whites and Blacks from marrying. I don’t trust churches which exclude women from preaching and the church hierarchy and tell women they must obey their husbands. I see that as misogyny and look askance when these denominations seek to use the police power of the state to inforce their views.

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    The New Testament’s Ten commandments. I haven’t seen those, are they to yell at women who are older and more experienced than you about what abortion is and when life starts?

    Child, your age is showing. Please stop yelling at people about what people have told you to believe. You don’t even know what you claim to know. Research thoroughly before you start a debate.

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    Well folks, this has been an amusing read. It’s super fun when ignorant people debate. It’s so easy to look facts up today. The 10 Commandments / Moses in the New Testament? Lolololololol. Um no. Moses was thousands of years before Jesus. But hey, you do you.

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    oooh I didn’t think we were engaging the troll. my bad.

    You are Christian. I am not. Why do I have to follow your religious rules as they do not compel me? Jesus and I are loosely acquainted, we’re not friends.

    Other religions do not follow the bible, therefore they are not bound to the words of your deity. Your magic book says that abortion is murder. Mine does not.

    Unless you’re observing the rules for other faiths then sit down and shut up.

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    We’re going to stop debating scripture, getting too repetitive and not constructive.

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    I’m sorry, I rarely, rarely get to argue some of the random things I studied in college, like religions.

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    I get it, but it’s devolving into name-calling and this person isn’t here to have an intelligent conversation.

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