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Why has he ghosted me?

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    Agree @Kate. I for sure have some more “intimate” convos, even with male friends, just about my personal life. I would perhaps prefer my husband not read them simply because sometimes I am working through a feeling and sometimes they are silly or I need to work out my thoughts to share with him in a productive way. Prefer means I wouldn’t want him to feel bad because I was bitching about something stupid to my BFF, not that I am hiding anything or doing anything wrong.

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    Avatar photoJuliecatharine

    Lol learn to spell before you insult someone by name. I may be a nasty woman but at least I’m not cheating on my husband like you are. ?

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    ??? yessss

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    As soon as a person told me I was “the one that got away”, texting me first thing in the AM and last thing at PM, I should have the common decency to end commication as I am in a happy marriage not looking to have an affair. LW, you didn’t end commication after those things happened. You are upset over brief commication with someone you haven’t seen in decades- so upset you want to know WHY!!! Your past history relationship was when you was KIDS. Get a clue.

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    Ruby Tuesday


    I’m on the edge of my seat here.

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    @Ruby Tuesday

    He’s not going to say anything because she’s NOT going to show him the text conversations. Lol. Deep down, she knows she’s wrong but she doesn’t want to admit it because that would that mean her ‘happy marriage’ is not as happy as she’s trying to pretend it is.

    In life, I’ve learned that so many people have a gigantic disconnect between their perception of their life and the reality of their life. LW is one of these people.

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    my question is why are you flirting and having intimate things to say to each other? that’s emotional cheating you dumb ignorant fool, if you said you only had fun things to talk about and there was not flirting or intimacy going on? that would be the case. Can you honestly tell us that if you showed you husband the flirty intimate text you both shared, that he will not be upset with you? no excuses…

Viewing 7 posts - 49 through 55 (of 55 total)
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