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Why is he ignoring me?

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    So about this time last year I liked this guy at my school, and eventually we began talking and getting to know each other. We became friends quickly and went on a study date about a month after meeting. I wasn’t sure about his feelings towards me so after a few months after the study date I told him I liked him. Unfortunately he didn’t feel the same way, and we kinda lost touch. But after our end of year exams he reached out and we started talking again. Eventually he ask
    ed me out. But I don’t know if it was a date or just a friendly outing. He Payed for lunch and even hugged me at the end and that left me confused as ever. After that We kind lost touch. This year at school though, he’s been completely ignoring me, not even making eye contact or saying hi like we used to. What does it mean? Does he hate me? Please help!

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    He has no reason to hate you, but he doesn’t feel the same way you do and he probably feels awkward and doesn’t know how to act around you.

    Just let it go. There are lots of other guys at school.

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    He took you out maybe to see if he liked you enough t9 keep seeing you. How did you lose touch? Did you text him or try to get in contact in anyway? Or were you waiting for him to, and he never did?

    It doesn’t mean anything other than he doesn’t share the same feelings you have, and he’s awkward as hell and doesn’t know how to act around you. Some people just don’t know how to behave after a date. It might be that he’s afraid if he smiles, you’ll think his feelings have changed. All of this is pure speculation. One thing is clear- he’s not that into you. So just move on to thinking about other people and things.

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