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Widow and wanting to date

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    I’m a 35 year old widow with 2 kids. I come from a very traditional and strict background. I met a very old friend after many many years and i can’t stop thinking about him. I want to call him and say “Hi” and “let’s go for Coffee”. He is recently divorced but i don’t know him too well. Should i ignore my feeling or call him?

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    I was widowed myself at 42. Call him, and see what happens. Don’t go in with any expectations- it might be that he just wants to remain friends – but it’s good to expand your social circle, and you’re your most important advocate now. Good luck x

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    Call. Embrace the things that might bring you joy. You deserve it. Sorry for your loss

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    Well, what feeling are you trying to ignore? If you have a gut feeling that maybe he’s not a great guy, don’t ignore that. If your feeling is you don’t know him well enough to call him, maybe you could message him on Facebook instead? Or text him? But if a phone call on a landline is the only way to get in touch, then sure, call him and say you were happy to run into him again and you’d like to catch up and hear more about what he’s been up to, and would he like to go out for a coffee on you?

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    Yes, give a try. A coffee can’t hurt. But I would progress slowly on this one. Don’t go too strong, just observe how you feel, how it goes and go from that. Keep it cool, don’t project more than once at a time.

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