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Wife kissed someone else and I saw

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    I would suggest checking out Esther Perel’s book “State of Affairs.” And I would like to posit something else… okay, was trust broken? Sure. Yes. But how is your marriage, otherwise? Is it good? Are you guys generally in love and having fun together?

    The suggestion that people throw away their whole joint lives iver infidelity seems… I don’t know… a tad extreme. I’ve been married for 10 years, together for 16, so I don’t say this flippantly. I’m merely suggesting that there are a million ways to approach a situation and thought process matters.

    Maybe this is just a point of redefinition for you. Maybe it’s a free pass to have a makeout session of your own. Maybe it’s a blip. Maybe it’s worth ending a whole marriage over… or maybe not.

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    She probably did not go out with friends that night. She probably had him over to have sex and you caught the tail-end (or beginning) of their rendezvous. Did you come home early, by chance?

    Think about it … AFTER you came home, they preceded to kiss AND he felt comfortable enough to pull his penis out. IN YOUR HOUSE. WITH YOU PERCEIVABLY UPSTAIRS. At the very least, your wife does not respect you or your marriage. If you’re okay with that, stay. If not, leave her. Personally, I would’ve kept walking when I saw them making out through the window.

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    OMG, OMG, OMG — do not (repeat: do not) read Esther Perel, unless you wanted to experience gaslighting all over again. “So I lied to you, repeatedly. And cheated. Otherwise we’re good, amiright?” SHEESH. No! Read if you want real talk.

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