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words of advice for someone whose turning 22?

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    Anyone else have Taylor Swift’s “22” stuck in their head now? 😉

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    Hahah I do!

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    It is actually OK to get married in your early 20s–if you find the right person.

    It’s never the right time to marry the wrong person.

    Also, don’t be surprised if after you’ve had kids for a while, your dreams and interests change a lot. I was a lit major, did ESL, am a SAHM to three kids, and have gotten really into personal finance. My new dream is to eventually do tax work and maybe even become a CPA. 22-year-old me would never, never have expected that. So, prepare for changes.

    Oh, and yes to what everybody has said about personal finance and taking care of yourself.

    This is also a good time to travel inexpensively. Once you have a spouse and kids, everything suddenly gets more complicated and expensive. So, now is a good time.

    And don’t expect to have exactly the same set of friends or the same relationship with your relatives your whole life. Things will change.

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    I am soon to be 24 so here are my tips

    1. BIRTH CONTROL (Condom and the pill/IUD or whatever form you want)
    2. Date around 🙂
    3. If you are in school, hit the books and don’t regret a semester!
    4. Get more involved in school activities or events
    5. Go travel somewhere, even if its to another state or province
    6. Be professional in work and school
    7. Network!
    8. Start some sort of savings plan at your bank, the earlier the better!
    9. Work out 3 times a week, use it as your way to decompress and de-stress. Do yoga, pilates, or hop on a cardio machine. Something! Always take care of yourself physically and mentally. That’s how I stayed sane.
    10. Take a long hard look at your current friendships and decide whether they are worth keeping. It’s harsh, but honestly better to surround yourself with like minded people that you enjoy being with and want to be with.
    11. Date someone you normally wouldn’t date, so someone who is the opposite of your type.

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    Drink lots of water
    Eat your veggies
    Travel (with friends and on your own)
    Develop an exercise habit
    Create a personal budget and SAVE
    If you have health insurance, use it. Get regular/annual check-ups. Do you know you’re suppose to get your eyes checked every 2 years?
    Tell your love ones how much you love them. Spend time with them if you can.
    Cut toxic people out of your life, even if you love them, even if they are family.
    You are allowed to change your mind, you will change your mind (in work, relationships, your passions etc.)
    Learn to enjoy your own company. I have a friend who seems to have been in relationships all her life and she’s in a relationship now that I don’t believe she wants to be in but she stays in it because she fears never finding anyone else and being alone. I doubt she would have a hard time finding anyone else but she’s rarely ever on her own (always at a friends house when not with her SO) and when she is on her own she gets bored easily.
    Use your vacation days. Even if you are just relaxing at home cause you can’t afford to take a trip.
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are proof you are trying.
    Don’t waste time on regret. Just learn from your past and try not to repeat your wrongs.
    Learn to forgive yourself.
    Step out of your comfort zone. The more you do this the bigger your comfort zone gets. And when I say this I don’t mean do things you know you wouldn’t enjoy like going to a rave if you hate parties. I mean doing things you want to do or are curious about but are afraid to try because xyz MIGHT happen.
    Think of your posture. Sit up straight.
    Thinking of yourself is not mean being selfish. Not thinking of anyone else is being selfish.

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    @booknerd that would be fun! I live in NY, so quite a bit further away, but I hope to be back to that area eventually.

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    (in case it wasn’t said already)

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