Updates: School Book Drive, a Success!

I received the following email from Carrie H., the reading teacher in New Orleans who created a book registry for DW readers to buy books for her students for Christmas:

I am extremely grateful for the generosity of the DW readers who contributed to giving my students books! I was so impressed with how quickly you bought out my Amazon registry — less than 90 minutes! Thank you all so much.

I came home from my second job last Saturday evening to a big plastic bag full of boxes and envelopes from Amazon sitting on my walkway. The last book arrived on Tuesday but the vast majority were here by Saturday. I wrapped them all on Tuesday night and gave them to the kids on Wednesday morning before our class parties. The kids were thrilled to be pulled out of class for a little “Christmas surprise” and, by the end of the day, I had other students coming up to me in the hallway asking if they could come with me, too.

The books were a big hit with my students and I could tell their interest was piqued based on the individualized topics I had chosen for them — that made me feel really happy! Especially when my one of my “toughest” students had one of the biggest smiles of the day. Most of my groups started leafing through their books right away. I am looking forward to coming back after our winter break and seeing who has gotten all the way through their books!

Again, thank you to everyone for your generosity. I’m including some pictures so you can see a few of the recipients!

For privacy reasons, I can’t post the photos Carrie sent, but I can tell you that the kids all look so happy and excited. There was one sweet photo of these two little boys walking down the hallway reading their new books. Thanks to everyone who bought a book and to those who wanted to buy a book but missed the window. And thanks to Carrie for reaching out and for updating us on how it all went. We’ll do something like this again!


  1. lets_be_honest says:

    Amazing. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Carrie for being such a wonderful teacher!

  2. Avatar photo GatorGirl says:

    Awesome. I was too late to buy a book but I was able to donate to theattack’s kids fund.

  3. Awww, yaay! I’m so glad we were able to help out!

    Now, theattack, you need to update us with a happy story too! 😉

  4. Still sad I missed this day, but I’m glad there was such a good turn out! Great to hear how much the kids loved their books! 🙂

  5. Fantastic! I need to start keep track of the number of times DW makes me cry at my desk. My co-workers think I’m nuts!

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