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    @Carol Ann
    Um, the Italian use of the term ghetto is just as racist when referring to Jewish people as it is when referring to African or Hispanic Americans. Just because you ‘use it’ all of the time doesn’t make it any less racist.

    The use of the term ‘ghetto’ implies people of color, so that in of itself is a problem. There are many places in the U.S. that are sketchy as hell, high crime rates, and riddled with poverty that are predominantly white. Yet the term, ‘ghetto’ is never leveled at those areas.

    And please don’t use “PC” as a flippant term to mean racially,ethnically, politically, or religiously insensitive.

    GTFOH with that non-sense

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    Back in the early 90’s, Olive Garden was a really good place to go. I have many fond memories of meeting my older sister there on Friday evenings for dinner and drinks to decompress from the week.
    But in the last 10 years or so, they have gone down hill and are pretty horrible (at least in my area).

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    @Guy Friday, my bad.
    I should have clarified that to read, ‘no grown man over the age of 30 should spend copious amounts of time playing Madden.’

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    First, you’re not 48. It’s fine that you want to be anonymous but go with an age in 2-3 years of your real age.

    Now if I’m mistaken and you’re really are 48…Holy Hell, woman! How old is your boyfriend? 12? Cause seriously, no grown man over the age 30 should be playing Madden, OR put out that his girlfriend doesn’t want to sit around the house watching him play a video game.

    Next, tell your 12 year old boyfriend that saying some place is ‘ghetto’ is a shitty stereotype that he shouldn’t be using as an officer of the law. STOP using it to refer to areas that are poverty stricken or have people of color.

    Then dump his ass cause if taking his girlfriend to Olive Garden (like seriously, Olive Garden?) is an imposition then he shouldn’t date anyone. And you seriously need to get higher standards for a relationship.

    That’s not a put down, that’s just keeping it real. Don’t let any man treat you like an afterthought, especially in your own house.

    Oh, and speak up at a restaurant when you don’t get the food that you are promised that’s a part of the meal.

    He’s feeling shortchanged because he didn’t get to bang a bunch of chicks before getting married.

    I always thought the crux of his problem was that maybe his wife sat him down to have the ‘I need you to do this in bed…’ or “I’m not sexually satisfied…’ talk.

    I think he took that as a critique of his skill in bed instead of it being an open honest conversation where his wife was trying to get her sexual needs met at home.

    The whole if-she-hadn’t-slept-with-other-men thing feels like a smokescreen for his insecurities, to me. Because if she hadn’t slept with those other men then she wouldn’t be able to articulate her sexual wants, she’d just suffer in silence and he could pretend everything was fine.

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    Haha, @Kate she went to the bathroom so they didn’t realize that she was there with him. But in his defense, that family probably has a shitload of dysfunction so his Mommy driving him to an interview is probably the tip of the iceberg.

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    Did you even read the thread to understand the context of my comment? You just started hurling accusations at me without even understanding what was going on. Maybe my humor went over your head? If that’s the case, that’s your shit to deal with not mine. Just ’cause you didn’t get the joke, doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.

    And FTR, you don’t EVER need to feel sorry for any man that I’m in a relationship with, EVER! Dude, I got my shit covered.

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    Well…if she hadn’t slept with those other guys then she wouldn’t know how bad he is in bed.

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    I second & third the College’s student resources for therapy.
    Depression is super hard to deal with by yourself. Hopefully, acting will be the outlet to redirect your energy into while you heal.

    I know for me, I need to constantly learn something to redirect my extra energy into. Last year, it was learning to bake from scratch. I learned how to bake bread, pizza crust, cakes, pies & pie crust, pretzels. It was pretty awesome. Now, I’m back on the fitness wagon so I’m not baking stuff every week.

    This year, I’m restarting my sewing. I’d stopped about 2 years ago after I chunked up a bit, and wasn’t able to shake the weight. But this year, I’m getting back to it. <—Yay!

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    …and cunts. She called us cunts too. 🙂

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    I don’t know y’all, I don’t think Sarah B. is the 23 yr she purports herself to be.

    Her rants are starting to sound more like a 16 yr old who had the hots for her sexy, older GC manager. I mean, who isn’t sexy in that GC apron and button up shirt? I know I’d swoon from all of the manager eye candy, if I worked there.

    He must have turned her down cold cause while he’s a shady cheater, he ain’t a pedophile.

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    Yeah, I got that but I want to know how she found out he was a shady cheater. Like did she catch him in the walk in freezer doing another server over the potato salad? Or did she get involved with him, despite our warnings, and he didn’t leave his wife?
    She can’t come here with this salacious question, and then not dish the dirty details when it’s over.

    Dammit, now every time I see a cinnamon roll, I’m going to wonder what happened to poor Sarah’s bae?

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