Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Phew, we made it to Friday. This week felt about six months long. Over the weekend Jackson got pink eye, which meant we had to cancel all our plans for the next couple of days and keep quarantined inside, and Drew and I did tons of laundry and tried to keep Joanie from climbing all over her brother, which proved nearly impossible since he’s her favorite person and she just can’t stay away. On Monday I took Jackson to the doctor, who said he was clear to go to school, and I thought we were lucky to be done so quickly. But, alas, by the next morning, Joanie’s eye had the tell-tale signs, and I had to keep her mostly quarantined for the next 48 hours, doing endless loads of laundry and fighting her several times a day to get the damn antibiotic drops in her eyes. Then, just as she was clearing up, we got hit by a snowstorm, school was canceled, and we got eight inches of snow, keeping us mostly indoors yet another day (we did venture outside for a little bit before we all got cold, and Jackson got to go sledding later in the day when Drew got off work and was able to take him). After six days straight of being pretty cooped up with sick and/or seriously restless little kids, I’m feeling pretty stir-crazy myself. Yesterday I poured myself a glass of wine to help take the edge off and couldn’t believe it when I glanced at the clock and saw it was only 11:20 in the morning. So, that’s how my week’s been.

Hopefully, this weekend goes a little more smoothly than last. Tonight I want be hygge to the max. Tomorrow we have friends coming over in the afternoon to hang out, in the evening we have a sitter and Drew and I are going to a friend’s birthday dinner party, and on Sunday I hope we can have a low-key morning — maybe I can even get a jog in if the weather cooperates — before I go to a “bystander intervention” training in the afternoon (because even in this liberal bubble of Brooklyn, racist and sexist harassment is on the rise and I want to know the best way to intervene the next time I see it happening in front of me).

How was your week? What are your weekend plans?

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  • Rangerchic February 10, 2017, 5:00 pm

    Snow…I wish we were getting snow. Instead it is very unseasonably warm and balmy at 71…in Colorado. I can’t believe it’s 71 in February! It’s been warm all week and next week will also be warm, though not as warm as this week. Since the weather is supposed to be so nice tomorrow, we plan to go hiking. Other than that, it’s the same old, same old, grocery shopping and prepping for next weeks dinners/lunches. We decided to quit eating out so much and it is so much work planning for so many meals. But it is helping us save money and eat healthier. Both goals we set to pay off bills so we can save for a awesome vacation and eat healthier as my husband and I are getting older (in our 40’s now) and hopefully stave off serious illness.
    Have a great weekend all!

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    • Kate February 10, 2017, 5:12 pm

      I feel you on the meal prep thing. We were eating out pretty much every night, in part just to get out of the house after wfh all day. A few weeks ago we got serious about grocery shopping and making dinners at home (leftovers for lunch). It’s not easy, but I’ve lost so much weight in just these few weeks. It’s less alcohol too because I don’t drink at home but would always have a drink with dinner at restaurants. I’m not even necessarily picking “better for you” recipes, because my husband is skinny and needs hearty food, but STILL, the weight loss is significant. Wtf are they putting in restaurant food? Must be sticks of butter.

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      • Rangerchic February 10, 2017, 5:27 pm

        That’s awesome Kate! I wish I could loose weight…instead I’ve put on weight since I’ve been on a steroid for my Crohn’s. It sucks. But I’m hoping to not put on anymore weight. I still workout too but the steroids just wreck havoc. And I’m sure they do cook with sticks of butter, butter makes everything better 🙂

      • Kate February 10, 2017, 5:36 pm

        Oh yeah, my dog is on prednisone for basically rheumatoid arthritis, and it makes him ravenous. He was putting on weight, which isn’t good for his joints, but it turns out he will gobble carrots so that helps him not gain. He’s at his goal weight.

  • Still running February 10, 2017, 7:44 pm

    Bystander intervention training sounds like a great idea.

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