Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy almost weekend! How many of you are off on Monday for Presidents’ Day? NYC public schools are off all next week for mid-winter break, but we’re staying here and saving up our vacation time and budget. You know who else is on recess next week? Congress! Which means they should be holding town halls in their districts to meet with constituents. I’m planning to go to my first town hall on Wednesday evening. Anyone else going to one in their area? This is a good time to raise some hell and make your voices heard. After the sheer batshit cray of this week/the last month, there’s a lot to be said.

Shifting gears entirely, Presidents’ Day weekend also means lots of sales. Here are a few I’m into:

Get an additional 40% off Sale prices at Anthropologie. Someone who doesn’t have to wear a bra, get this dress because it’s all that.

Shop $5 deal at H&M. Shop and save up to 70% off women’s, men’s and kids items! Enjoy free shipping until Feb. 20 with code 7779. I think I might have to get this dress for Joanie. And these pants for Jackson.

30% store-wide sale at J.Crew. I bought this sweater during another sale and I wear it about four times a week. (No exaggeration. I’m basically doing a capsule wardrobe, kind of by default, and this is one of the three or four tops on super heavy rotation this winter.)

An extra 30% off sale prices at Madewell. These Sorel boots!

Store-wide 20% off sale at West Elm. After realizing last weekend when we had guests over that we don’t really have a true cheese board (which, come on, necessity), I’m eyeing this.

40% off store-wide sale at Banana Republic. I’ve been looking for a sweater exactly this color!

Any others you’re excited about? Any weekend plans you’re looking forward to?

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  • Kate February 17, 2017, 6:23 pm

    I found the Banana sale yesterday when Ann Taylor was apparently permanently closed! I couldn’t believe 40% on everything. I needed blouses to wear with my suit and I got 3. Today I went balls to the wall and interviewed at two different companies, and one of them I actually got really excited about.

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  • Holly February 17, 2017, 6:32 pm

    Are the senators doing town halls? Because McCain, one of mine, doesn’t have anything on his event calendar for months. It’s frustrating. I’d love to be able to personally tell him his cabinet votes were garbage.

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    • Ron February 18, 2017, 5:02 pm

      His ticket is punched for 6 more years and, given his age, he likely never runs again. No real need to curry favor from anybody. He has been pushing back at President Trump rather strongly. Perhaps he wants to avoid rabid Trump supporters screaming at him and calling him a traitor.

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  • YourNameHere February 18, 2017, 3:39 am

    They are not the American brand they were back in the day. (since 1937 or whenever) before J Crew purchased their trademark in 2006. (if you ask the family who owned the original Madewell that went out of business they have never had anything to do with the current Madewell company, J Crew simply bought the NAME long after the original Madewell factories closed and had nothing to do with the original company they mention as their “heritage”.) It is all a marketing ploy (in other words, a big lie)
    So is J. Crew, and a lot of BR… although you can find somethings made in better places (India etc…) if you dig. Really dig.
    Online everything says “Imported”, so you have to ask them. Yes, I have emailed them to ask. I won’t spend good money on cheaply made items and the fact is Made In China usually means iffy stitching and lesser grade fabrics.
    I am not saying everything should be Made in USA, but there are many countries I would rather buy (and do buy) clothing from.

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      Dear Wendy February 18, 2017, 7:40 am

      Thanks — good to know.

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  • Kate February 18, 2017, 4:51 pm

    Oh my god, my aunt. We had lunch today. She lives in NH, takes the bus down a couple times a year to visit my parents, and she’s a character. She says the most she ever made when she was working was $30K, but she’s able to live off her income, which is social security and pensions (I think also investments). She saved up cash to buy her condo, and every car. She has a landline, no cell, no TV, no internet. My mom gives her clothes when she gets new ones, and today she was wearing a sweater from the 80s that looked oddly familiar but also fine, and a woven purse someone brought her from a trip to Greece years ago that looks like it could be from Etsy. She has never ever had a credit card or loan, so she has no credit, though if she wanted a card, her bank would give her one. She also gives 15% of her “income” to charity, and sends us all big cash presents at Christmas. She should seriously write a blog.

    She was a newspaper reporter in NH for 15 years. Her job interview was, “Can you read and write?” “Yes, I’m college educated.” “Are you going to get pregnant?” “No.” “Ok.”

    And then once she was at the police station at night and it was just her and the cop on duty, and he was like, “hey, wanna have sex?” And she’s like, “I’m married,” which she was for a while. He’s like, “me too!” And she was just like, “no, thanks,” but had to stay and do her job.

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