Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Thanks for your tips on this post. I want to finalize our vacation plans in the next week or two, but Mercury is in retrograde and I’m afraid to make plans I can’t cancel before it goes direct in early May. Laugh all you want, but I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. So, I think I might book a place with a casual cancellation policy and hold off buying plane tickets until May 4 (when Mercury goes direct). And now you probably think I sound like this LW. (Whatever! Ok, I kind of do.)

What do you have on tap for the weekend? I organized two Easter eggs hunts in the park — one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Jackson has a Little League game tomorrow, and we’ve been invited to our friends’ on Sunday for an Ecuadorian Easter feast where we will eat fanesca, a traditional Ecuadorian Easter soup. Also, my friend, Matt, just texted me this morning and said he got a last-minute ticket to NYC tomorrow morning for a 28-hour visit with us. Back when I lived in Chicago, Easter was kind of our thing — not because either of us is religious or necessarily cares about the holiday, but mostly because out of happenstance or coincidence we spent a few Easters in a row together and then decided to make it a more deliberate date. Since I moved to New York (nearly ten years ago!!), there have even been a few Easters where he happened to be here by chance for work or on his way to somewhere, and so we got to spend the day together. And now he’ll be here again. I hope he likes kids’ Easter egg hunts. (I’m especially excited about Matt’s visit because he is a professional actor and singer, and this week Jackson wants to be an actor and singer when he grows up, so he should be duly impressed with Mom’s good friend.)

Anyhoo… hey – just a friendly reminder as you go about your spring shopping and what not that I earn a commission on any purchase you make from my Amazon affiliate link, which you can access by clicking that widget over there in the sidebar. And while you’re shopping, you may be interested in the 40% off flash sale over at Modcloth (I get some version of this dress every other summer.) Gap, as usual, is having a big sale (up to 75% off select items, and 40% off store-wide with code HOPTOIT (I love this top in blue — it’d make a pretty beach coverup, too.) And Anthropologie is having a 25%-off sale. (How pretty is this jacket??! And a steal, at $37 down from $178!)

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

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