Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy first weekend of 2019! I don’t know about you all, but I am glad the holidays are over and I’m actually looking forward to the winter and the year ahead. Every year my mom gives me a cat-themed wall calendar (here is this year’s) and I spent some time last week filling in important dates — trips that we’ve already booked, my bff’s big gay wedding, the women’s march, a date to see a broadway show, anniversaries (Drew and I celebrate 10 years of marriage this summer!), birthdays, and various appointments I’ve already made to build on my self-care theme from last year (this year I’m adding therapy to the mix in an effort to better manage stress and anxiety and find my joy — whee).

Anyway, I feel optimistic about 2019. I hope you do, too! Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to? Anything you’re feeling anxious about? Any big goals you have? Any fears you are taking steps to conquer?

Oh! By the way, I am looking to make a list of people I can reach out to over email to get insights, quotes, and opinions on various topics I’d like to explore in the coming year on DW, similar to this post about lessons from divorce. Some general topics I have in mind for the near future: grief; second marriages; deciding to be childfree; celebrating or marking a big breakup (like getting a tattoo or going skydiving, for example); same-sex dating for the first time; open relationships. Any quote and opinions shared on the site will be attributed to first names only (or initials or pseudonyms, if you prefer) and, when relevant, ages. Privacy and request for anonymity will always be respected! If this sounds interesting and you’d like to be included on future email requests for quotes about topics relevant to being a woman in this world (likely 1-2 emails/posts a month), please shoot me an email at wendy(AT)dearwendy.com with “The Hive” in the subject line. If you want to share your age, marital status, where you live, and whether you have kids, that would also be great. And if you’d just like to share ideas for topics you want to read more about, feel free to pass those along, too. Thank you!!

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