Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy weekend, everyone! What are you all up to? I’m staying close to home today – a friend and her daughter might stop by this afternoon for a little bit, and tonight we have a sitter coming and Drew and I are meeting friends out for dinner and drinks. The husband is a federal employee who’s been working without pay for a month because our president is a fucking loser, so I anticipate the mood and conversation to be a little less jubilant than usual. I need to get a jog in this morning or early afternoon before our weather takes a turn — it’s supposed to rain heavily all night and then stop right before temps nosedive from mid-40s to like 7 degrees by tomorrow night (and this will be the moment of truth to see if all the roof patching and new siding we’ve had installed over the past few weeks will put an end to the leak in the kids’ bedroom ceiling once and for all – fingers crossed!!). I got a new puzzle to work on and I’m on book #3 of my 25 books in a year challenge. (I’m almost halfway through and so far it’s pretty good although I am experiencing some PTSD from my own labors, especially that first one where there wasn’t enough time for an epidural – yikes!) Enjoy your weekend!

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