Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

I’m a little late on the weekend open thread (posting it Sunday morning), but here it is if you feel like chatting! What are you all up to this weekend? This past week marked 10 years since Drew and I got engaged and to mark the occasion we took in a Broadway show Friday night (which was also my Christmas gift from Drew). We saw True West with Ethan Hawke (who gave an incredible performance). Today we’re taking the kids to a puppet show performed by a group from Spain at BAM. Other than that, we’re taking it easy — I’m doing some mid-winter organizing, Joanie is watching cat videos on YouTube, Drew is building fires in the fireplace, and Jackson is indulging a sudden interest in learning songs on his keyboard.

This was a hard week and I’m glad for a chance to unwind a little (I mean, as much as you can when you’ve got two kids at each other’s throats around the clock). It wasn’t necessarily hard for me but was a very hard one for close friends, and I’ve been worried. One of my best friends had to put her beloved seven-year-old dog down on Monday when she was diagnosed with a wildly aggressive form of cancer that spread in a matter of days after initial symptoms presented themselves. She’s devastated, obviously. And on Tuesday, while I was assisting another friend whose daughter sprained her ankle at the playground, one of my oldest and closest friends from college was in a terrible car accident on an icy road outside Kansas City as he was driving home from an audition. He remains in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma and on life support, and with very serious internal injuries. Every day I keep praying for some good news.

Anyway, I hope life for you – and your loved ones — has been a little less dramatic and that you’re enjoying your weekend. If you have some good vibes to spare, would you send some my friend’s way in Missouri? Thanks!

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  • kathyglo February 10, 2019, 8:25 pm

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Car accidents are terrible. Sending prayers and good wishes his way.

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