Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy weekend! What are you all up to? Unfortunately, it’s rainy and dreary here in New York (the picture above was taken a couple days ago when it obviously was not rainy and dreary, and I was very excited about SPRING!), but at least it’s not cold so there’s that, I guess. We have Joanie’s best friend’s birthday party today, some volunteer gardening at Jackson’s school tomorrow, and tonight Drew is going to a concert with some friends which means I will probably take a bath (with my fave bath product), binge watch some Queer Eye, and maybe finish my library book that’s like two weeks overdue (i.e. living my best life tonight).

Sorry I didn’t post any Friday links yesterday. I had some appointments and then the day got away from me, but here are a few for weekend reading:

You Are Not as Good at Kissing as You Think. But You Are Better at Dancing.

Just posting this as a sort-of PSA as I know so many women, including good friends of mine, have embraced the Keto diet and have had success with it. I don’t have much opinion about it except that I’m not really a diet person and so I won’t try it. If you do though, this is maybe something to keep in mind: “Why Long-term Success On Keto Can Be Challenging For Women, According to Hormonal Experts”

America is in ‘sex drought’ and here’s why it matters

I Thought I’d Make a Handsome Man. I Was Wrong.

Tiny Love Stories: ‘He Left Me on April Fools’ Day’

Cloth, cow dung, cups: how the world’s women manage their periods (I usually take two Advil, a shot of tequila, and calculate how many more months until it’s reasonable to expect menopause to begin)

Chrissy Teigen Reveals The Blunt Phrase Women Should Use More Often

Have a great weekend!

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    ktfran April 13, 2019, 5:30 pm

    Today I took my cousin out to lunch. It’s the first time we really got to spend time together since she had her baby at 26 weeks back in January. I wanted to do something for her birthday later this week. I finally heard the entire birth story and oh my gosh. It was terrible. She’s doing well though and so is baby. He’s a fighter. And he’s gaining weight. So great! His due date is still three weeks out. It’s crazy. I can’t wait to finally meet him.

    I’m so glad you told us about the milky bath product Wendy. I’m on my third box. I also took my cousin a box a while ago for when she healed from the C-section and wanted to relax. I think that’s going to be my new go to gift for people who like baths.

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  • Skyblossom

    Skyblossom April 15, 2019, 9:51 am

    The keto article seems odd to me. The doctor talks about keto only allowing two cups of greens per day and no other carbohydrates. I’ve never seen that recommended for a keto diet. The first Keto book I read was Keto for Cancer
    It says to begin with two cups of tightly packed greens. That’s just the beginning of the vegetables for the day. I’ve read over a dozen Keto cookbooks and none of them limit the Keto diet to green leafy vegetables. The Keto diet is low glycemic but that is hugely different than low carb. The majority of calories come from fat but the bulk of the diet comes from from low glycemic carbs.

    The keto diet is useful for specific conditions. It’s used therapeutically for children with seizures. Johns Hopkins uses this treatment with great success. Some doctors are beginning to use it as an adjunct treatment that is used alongside traditional cancer therapies. One thing that has become clear about cancer is that it must have high levels of sugar to grow. A keto diet helps to keep the sugar at a low, stable level that helps to limit cancer growth. Research is now being done exploring the use of keto for dementia caused by insulin resistance. Cells that are insulin resistant and so not functioning because they aren’t burning sugar can still burn fat. They are finding improved cognition in patients with dementia who eat a ketogenic diet. The diet cannot restore dead brain cells but it can allow brain cells that are alive but essentially doing nothing function again when they begin burning fat.

    If someone is going to knock the diet they should at least study it enough to know what it entails. The doctor in the article doesn’t know the basics of the diet. If a patient comes to her eating a diet that they call keto but it isn’t she should know enough to be able to point out what they are doing wrong without condemning keto itself, thinking that it advocates a diet that it doesn’t.

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      Rangerchic April 15, 2019, 12:10 pm

      I didn’t read the article but had to point out it is good for (some) kids with seizure disorders. My nephew was born with CP and when he started having a multiple seizures daily (and after medication adjustments didn’t help) my sister put him on a keto diet. And it helped a lot. He was so much better!

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    Kate April 17, 2019, 5:47 am

    Ugh, sorry to put this here, but did anyone see the headline late last week about the guy who threw a small child (not his own) off the fifth floor balcony of Mall of America? Apparently he was angry that women kept rejecting him, so he went in there looking for someone to kill.

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