Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread and Links

Hope everyone’s had a good week! We’ve been in Missouri, spending time with my parents and extended family and celebrating my mom’s birthday. We head back him tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate, and happy weekend to everyone. Here are a few links you might find interesting:

Love in the time of Covid: How much have relationships evolved in the pandemic?

Whoa: Woman is shocked when her husband moves in a male roommate against her wishes while she’s out of town.

“According to psychologist Amanda Gesselman, associate director for research at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, the pandemic has motivated American singles to look for partners rather than casual sex. While ‘there will [certainly] be people having the time of their lives’ when it’s safe to do so, Gesselman says, ‘we actually found that people are less interested in no-strings-attached sex than they used to be.'” — Are we really in for a summer of love? A post-vaccine dating investigation.

He Asked Strangers About Things They Regret Not Saying. The Replies Were Cathartic

Turns out there’s a somewhat boring reason Finland tops the “happiest country on earth” list: its citizens have reasonable expectations.

Nearly half of all Americans believe they’re the best person they know Does this mean that half of Americans are delusional?

The Pandemic Changed Their Shower Habits. How About Yours?

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  • MaterialsGirl May 7, 2021, 11:39 am

    I’m in the season of life which is a repetitive onslaught of wiping butts, feedings littles, baths, bedtime, breastfeeding/pumping etc. I know it will get better as they get older and more things start to open up, but man.. there is no time to oneself.
    I’m gearing up for a not-so-great mothers day because on one end, i’m hearing “moms, such a hard year.. take some time for yoself!” and on the otherside i’m hearing from my husband “i barely have time to poop and you want to leave the house for HOW LONG?”
    I’m trying to balance the rational side of a “mothers day” with young children versus a mothers day when my children are old enough to do something about it. And, nothing is a 50/50, zero sum game right? So I spent a weekend in the hospital having emergency surgery and my husband had the kids 100%. that’s hard on him (the weekends, particularly Sunday, are what we use to reset for the week. And, he has been working EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY this year) .. but it’s not like I got a ‘break.’
    I dunno, I’m working through it. I talked to him about it. This really isn’t about just one day, but how are we going to make it through this. Not enough sleep, not enough sex, not enough of anything.
    We’re hiring out and planning what we can: cleaning lady once a month, someone else doing some spring chores like window washing, making a meal plan every week etc, but there are only so many hacks you can do.
    Just needed to let this out. I’ve been cleared to ‘lightly run’ again, so I am hoping to take my daughter out for a few miles and some park time this weekend.

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    • anonymousse May 8, 2021, 8:15 am

      Hugs. I remember how hard those times are! I hope you can get some rest and relief, although I know it won’t be easy.

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