Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread and Links

Hi, happy weekend! This was a great week for our family because Jackson and Joanie were finally, after nearly 20 months since the pandemic began, able to get vaccinated on Thursday morning. As I write this, it’s been nearly 48 hours since their shots and they have reported zero side effects (not even sore arms) so I hope that will be consistent for all kids who get vaccinated with the smaller kid-size doses. They get their second shot in three weeks, and then soon after that, we can resume normal-ish social activities. The kids have only had a handful of indoor playdates over the past 20 months, and ever since we learned that vaccinated individuals can still get and transmit Covid – albeit at a much lower rate than unvaxxed folks – Drew and I haven’t had a babysitter or done any indoor dining and have, in general, been more cautious than we’d otherwise be if we weren’t worrying about infecting our unvaccinated kids. We’ll still wear masks in indoor public places – at least until under 5s can be vaccinated and transmission rates fall – but it’s SO NICE to be moving to the other side of this whole ordeal. It’s been a lonnnngggg road.

Anyway, this weekend we’ll be enjoying some outdoor activities: volunteer raking in Prospect Park, cheering on the marathoners on Sunday, and (for me) some long walks (photo above taken on one of my walks this week). What are you up to?

Just a few links for you this weekend:

This is from earlier this year, but it just came across my social media and I thought it was funny: I Cannot Explain Why These 15 Things Are Embarrassing, But They Are

Women and the Liberating Power of Saying No

The Stories Only Women Are Told

‘How I Prepared to Quit’: five women discuss the financial plans they made while preparing to resign and how it’s working out for them so far.

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  • Bittergaymark November 6, 2021, 10:37 am

    Congrats on The kids on their way to being fully vaccinated, Wendy!

    I need to get my booster — but a few good friends have had moderate reactions — so I need to find a window when I can lay low if need be for a day or two. I lucked out with round 1. But I am slammed with work for the next week in a big way.

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  • Kate November 6, 2021, 12:32 pm

    I’m going to an actual honest to god party! My friend used to have a huge Halloween party for his birthday where he’d rent out the club, but I think the last one was 4 years ago. People have kids and can’t do that anymore. This year he’s doing a pub crawl, like he used to always do for St Patrick’s day. Starting at 3pm at those Irish places and going until late. Obviously I will do the early shift. I’m so excited to be going to a party! I don’t even care if my bummer ex is there bringing Frankenstein energy.

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    • Kate November 6, 2021, 12:34 pm

      And I have big shitkicker Docs on that are made for walkin’

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      • anonymousse November 6, 2021, 12:39 pm

        I was wearing mine earlier, they are so bouncy. Have fun, Kate!

      • Kate November 6, 2021, 12:41 pm

        Awesome! Thank you!

  • Vathena November 6, 2021, 4:22 pm

    My 8yo daughter got her first dose of the vaccine today!!! Such a massive relief. I was waiting for anything to go wrong these past few days/weeks. I can’t freaking wait to have a bit more normalcy and not feel scared all the time. Like you, Wendy, we’ve also opted out of things like babysitters and anything else that was both risky and optional. My husband and I both got boosters but just didn’t want to take any chances. In a fit of optimism, I made haircut appointments for my daughter and myself for next month (we haven’t been since June) and I’m planning to go for a massage and pedicure too! We’re hoping to host friends for a pizza party and maybe we’ll even go to the movies! Living large, lol.

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    • anonymousse November 6, 2021, 6:30 pm

      Yay! Congrats! My kids are getting theirs next week and I am so excited.

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    • Dear Wendy November 6, 2021, 7:03 pm

      Wonderful – congrats!! It’ll feel so nice to take these steps back towards normalcy.

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  • Helen November 7, 2021, 1:26 pm

    My son is finally getting vaccinated next week! Surprisingly, my husband pushed back on getting him vaccinated. We’re both vaccinated, as is the rest of our family. We made fun of his sister for not getting it for a long time because she believed the misinformation. My husband is getting his booster in a week! I was shocked when he asked if it was really necessary, said it’s too new, and worried about future issues from it. I get it, everyone’s wary when it comes to your kids. He came around after we talked, but I was fully prepared to take my son for his shot anyway. My daughter is turning 4 so she’s not eligible. I hate that she’s the only one in the family unprotected. We went to an outdoor wedding this weekend. I haven’t even considered attending a wedding since all this started, but this was small & outdoors. Really nice seeing people I haven’t seen in 2+ years.

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  • Fyodor November 7, 2021, 2:59 pm

    We got the Spawn of Fyodor vaccinated last night. She woke up pretty miserable with a headache and body soreness today but it seems to be getting better as the day goes on.

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    • Dear Wendy November 7, 2021, 3:18 pm

      Sorry to hear it was rough for her. I’ve heard that if you’ve had covid, the first dose is worse than the second, so if that’s true, hopefully her next shot won’t bring such an intense reaction.

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      • Fyodor November 7, 2021, 3:32 pm

        That was her parents’ experience so hopefully it’ll be easier for her next time. She seems to be doing a lot better so hopefully she’s past it.

    • allathian November 8, 2021, 5:14 am

      Sorry to hear it was rough for your daughter.

      My son’s 12 and he’s had two doses. He’s fairly small for his age, smaller than many younger kids we know, and he had fairly strong reactions to the bigger dose. After the first dose, his arm was so sore that he couldn’t sleep on his left side for a week, and after the second, he missed two days of school because he had a high fever (103 F, in spite of ibuprofen) for a day. On the first day following the vaccine, he slept most of the day on the couch, and on the second he was just tired. That said, when he’d recovered he said it was a small price to pay for covid protection. Yay!

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    • Vathena November 8, 2021, 9:19 am

      Sorry to hear that, Fyodor – hope she’s feeling much better today! My daughter had very little reaction, just a bit of a sore arm, which supports my hypothesis that her positive rapid test last fall was a false positive. I so wish I’d insisted the ped’s office send it out for PCR too. (Kiddo did wake up this morning complaining that she was sooo tired from her shot, but curiously seemed to perk right up when she saw friends outside the school…)

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  • Carrotstick21 November 8, 2021, 9:44 am

    I love hearing the stories from everyone about the kids finally getting vaccinated. It’s a nice celebratory moment in the midst of all this. I got my booster over the weekend, so I was a bit of a slug dealing with fatigue and headache, but very very happy to have it.

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  • Ange November 8, 2021, 8:04 pm

    I’m dealing with Mr Passive-Aggressive again today. He claims I never consulted his group for approval of a side project that we’ve been openly discussing for a couple of weeks now. I forwarded him the meeting request where I literally said ‘we’ll be discussing this company and the inclusion of *side project*’. He says I actually meant something else and the group hasn’t been asked for anything about this project – despite literal emails going back and forth for the last couple of weeks with me asking for their input and approval. Like, what can you even DO with that? People like that can’t be reasoned with.

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  • Taylor November 21, 2021, 9:14 pm

    Oh WOW, congratulations Wendy! I can’t believe Joanie is >5. I’ve been on the site a lot less since Covid due to the whole schedule being on fire thing. It’s like my brain paused in March 2020 with kids and ages, and I keep getting surprised. We have one shot down with our older kiddo, and are waiting with baited breath for the under 5 vaccines. I keep telling myself, every day is a day closer…

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    • Dear Wendy November 22, 2021, 7:35 am

      Congrats on the one shot down for your older kid! I heard that the <5's will likely be eligible by January. Doesn't help for the holidays, unfortunately, but should make 2022 a much less anxious year (I hope!).

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