Weekend Open Thread: Crazy Roommates

Earlier this week, I wrote a listicle called “10 Tips for Getting Along with Your College Roommate” (did you email it to all the soon-to-be college freshman in your lives and/or share it on Facebook??), which prompted some discussion about roommates in general. Someone suggested we should have a crazy roommate open thread, and, voila!, here it is.

I have only had five roommates β€” well, six if you count the ex-boyfriend I lived with for three years who became more of a roommate that a luvah in the end (the “end” being two years long, but who’s counting?). And since I am friendly with all of them still, I wouldn’t say anything about them here even if they were crazy. Which, of course, they totally weren’t. Not at all. And I’m sure they’d say exactly the same about me, too. We are and have always been the picture of mental health and have never, ever done anything remotely crazy or inappropriate or even a little odd. Like asking our roommate to vacate the apartment every Saturday so the other roommate could enjoy private couple time with his/her significant other. Not just one Saturday for a few hours, but every Saturday, all day. And none of us ever went months without cleaning the bathroom and weeks without washing a single dish. And no one ever drew the shades every single afternoon and listened to gloomy music on repeat in a dark room in the middle of a beautiful day. And no one β€” certainly not me β€” ever screamed out her window on a near-daily basis to passers by below to “seek shelter immediately” or that there was a “blue plate special in Room 811.” And no one claimed to be stalked by a ghost for a whole year β€” not I, for sure. Picture Perfect Mental Health, I tell you.

And you? What kinda crazy roommate stories do you have?


  1. Avatar photo MaterialsGirl says:

    Dunno if I’ve told this one or not:

    Three girls living over in E. Lakeview. Great hood. Crazy roommate.
    THings she did:
    1. Was a binging, bulimic, diuretic, sometimes anorexic. Did not clean toilet after these habits.
    2. Always washed her laundry in the tub and hung everything to dry in the bathroom. not just one delicate article of clothing, ALL OF IT.
    3. Total Hussy. Roommate #2 was on match and dating guys… crazy roommate (RM #3) had sex with TWO of RM #2’s dates. One of which RM#2 caught her with when she got home early from a trip.
    4. Food Stealing. On one binge, she ate all the chocolate I had brought back from London. THAT’S CADBURY, People. I was NOT pleased.
    5. Never cleaned. Ever. Ever. Ever.
    6. All her random friends from college were always crashing on our couch. No warning
    7. Left door unlocked.
    8. Did I mention never cleaned and left dishes everywhere? yeah. She also had RIDICULOUSLY long, thick hair and never would vacuum. She shed like an animal.

    I think I could go on, but you get the picture.

    1. haha they sound delightful!

      i will say i have long, thick, naturally curly hair and i too shed like an animal. it’s embarrassing. like i’ll sit on someone’s light colored couch and get up and i leave curls all over it. i’ve always tried to clean up but man it’s hard to get all those hairs up, especially depending on the carpet. i did however, at least try! πŸ˜‰

      anyway, that was a long random rant about how i hate my hair sometimes, haha.

      1. Avatar photo MaterialsGirl says:

        oh yeah. this was all one roommate, the other roommate was an old friend from High school, so she was fine πŸ™‚

      2. yeah i read that wrong, sorry! man that’s a lot of crazy from one person πŸ˜‰

      3. Avatar photo MaterialsGirl says:

        Oh I forgot! She smoked a lot of pot and then got turned onto a nasty little coke habit!

    2. Addie Pray says:

      Wow, I’ve had some pretty decent roommates! I’ve had 6. The first one, K, was fine – except that minor banana incident I’ve talked about a lot. Otherwise she was great. The only other complaint I had about K was that she used to walk around completely naked. I made me feel uncomfortable, but mostly b/c her body was so rockin’, ha. The only complaint about the second one, B, is she started dating a guy who broke up with me two seconds earlier (for her). That was awkward and sad for me, but they ended up dating for 2 years and we only dated for like a month, so she won. The third and fourth, N and M, and I had a 3-bedroom off-campus apartment. M graduated early and found a subletter, T, who was annoying b/c she didn’t like to walk in the apartment barefooted, so she always wore shoes. Fine, wear shoes, but T wore HEALS that always went clump clump clump clump through the apartment and always woke me up. Finally, F. No complaints. I was never there. Like, ever.

      I’m still friends with all of them, except the high heal freak but she was a stranger to begin with.

      God, what boring roommate stories.

    3. The Cadbury stealing would have been the end for me. Stealing my delicious British chocolate comes with a life sentence.

  2. kerrycontrary says:

    I had a roommate who poked holes in my condoms with a needle because she was mad at my then boyfriend for something so inconsequential that I can’t even remember. Thankfully I found the holes before using the condoms.

    I think I win this contest.

    1. That is terrible! You definitely win.

    2. SpaceySteph says:

      It doesn’t even matter if it was something of consequence. Why would she want to fuck you over that way?

  3. I lived with someone in my graduate program my first year of school. With little warning, she informed me that she was going to do an internship in her boyfriend’s city for the summer and found someone on craigslist to sublease, without asking me if it was okay, or meeting this person face to face. This person (mid twenties, seemed normal) moved in and within an hour, let me know that she had a 6 year old daughter that lives with her father, but if it would be okay if she came to visit sometimes. In addition to having her child there frequently (which I didn’t have a problem with), had LOTS of random dudes over at night and LOTS of random porn would show up on our cable bill. Glad to call that a distant memory now, but it was stressful at the time!

    1. SpaceySteph says:

      I mentioned this once before but one of my roommates also got a Craigslist subletter last minute. Girl turned out to be awesome but its so easy to find a wacko on Craigslist. We were terrified! Even you lucked out by comparison to how it could have been.

  4. Oh lordy. I had a room mate who plugged the toilet, left a big shit swamp in the bathroom (seriously, shit everywhere! I guess the toilet overflowed?) and then went out of town for 5 days and left it like that. Lovely eh?

  5. I had pretty awesome roommates throughout college, and after… and luckily none of them were too weird, except for one who was a HUGE bitch.

    One of my nice roommates used to have a weird habit of putting empty containers of food back in the fridge. ice cream, milk, cream cheese… Whatever. She’d use the last of something and then put it back in there! I think she did it subconsciously. We didn’t share food though, so it wasn’t really an issue for me.

    1. Avatar photo theattack says:

      I just found out that my future father-in-law refuses to throw food or even anything that ever touched food into his trash can. Instead of just taking out his trash frequently like a regular person, he has a garbage bag in his refrigerator where he puts all of his food byproducts and then takes out the trash from there. So basically his refrigerator is his trash can, and it’s very intentional and weird.

      1. SpaceySteph says:

        Is that like a smell thing? I’ll purposely not empty the fridge of things that are past their prime until the night before trash day. Then I’ll dump all the old food in the bag and take it immediately to the curb.
        If I throw it out on Sunday but the trash truck doesn’t come til wednesday I’m just stuck with stinky old food for 3 days. I’d rather keep the moldy strawberries in the fridge til then. So maybe I’m the crazy roommate? (Except I live alone)

      2. Avatar photo theattack says:

        That actually makes sense! No, I mean that he will cook, and then throw old scraps of food into the garbage bag that he keeps inside his refrigerator. He’ll keep everything in his refrigerator from candy bar wrappers to potato peels. I don’t even think he has a kitchen trash can because he keeps ALL of his trash in the refrigerator.

      3. Temperance says:

        That’s so gross! So basically, his refrigerator is full of nasty old garbage. BARF.

      4. I do the same thing, which I think is totally reasonable.

  6. ok, here is mine. its long.

    i met my first roommate, steph, on move in day. she was already all moved in when i got there with her parents. she had SO MUCH STUFF. like the entire college dorm section of target or something. her parents also bought her a ton of our college stuff that day too (remember this fact for a later point. haha). so, that morning her parents leave (they only lived like 5 hours away, btw). we go to orientation the next day. that night she has a complete and total melt down about being away from her parents. like, sobbing crying about missing them. it was weird to me, because i am absolutely the opposite… i really had no idea what to say. at one point she hands me her cell phone and is like my brother wants to talk to you… yea… so her brother is like will you please talk her into staying i know that she is going to love it there bla bla bla and im like, first of all i dont even know you, and second i have only known stephanie for 24 hours- how do you expect me to be the one to talk her into staying at college? it was weird. so the next morning, i got up for my second day or orientation, she did not get up with me, and when i got back, she was GONE. she actually left quite a few awesome things that became mine. and remember those college things her parents bought her? she totally left those for me! haha.

    so i went like… 3 months without a roommate. and we supposedly had a housing shortage at my school so i have no idea how that happened. i actually hated it, it wasnt as great as you think.

    so, second roommate comes. she was just starting her blocks, so she was totally new (we had a block class system where classes were 3 weeks long). so she was pretty cool. she had this friend, sean, who lived down the hall and they spent all their time together and im pretty sure he was in love with her. like, they would sleep together -not sex, just sleep- all the time, but they were “just friends”… it was weird, but they were cool so i didnt care about them being in the room all the time. so, this one morning, i wake up to the two of them absolutely screaming at each other and my roommate announces that she is leaving college because he is being mean to her. i just got my stuff and left, so i didnt hear anymore of their fight. later, sean comes to me and is so upset because she is leaving school because he called her a bitch. i told him i was pretty sure that no woman was going to leave college because some guy called her a bitch, and that if she left, it was because of other things, not because of him, because thats the dumbest thing ever. she was gone within 36 hours. she also left a bunch of stuff for me. her story got weirder though because then her friends found out (and sean told me) that she actually had just been diagnosed with lupis, and thats why she left, but then they found out that wasnt true, so then she was a crazy lady who lied about stuff- it was weird.

    bottom line, when roommates leave quickly you usually get free stuff. it was pretty sweet.

  7. Hmmm… my first roommate was “special”. 4 years older than me and obese. It wouldn’t have been so bad except she NEVER chewed with her mouth closed. Ever. If anyone brought it up, she claimed she had a cold, or was dealing with allergies.
    She told her parents she was living alone and needed help with rent (which, they helped), and then would “rent” out the living room of our apartment to a friend of hers (with child and boyfriend) and spend all extra money on drugs. After three months, I left. We did get a second apartment together once she ditched those people, but then she brought a sex offender to live with her (her new boyfriend). I broke my part of the lease and never looked back. I hear from a mutual friend that she moved to FL and has a kid now.

    *sigh* We’re moving one of my co-workers/friends in this weekend. We’re planning on getting a bigger house in a few months. Wonder how this will go.

  8. ohhh i got this one haha…

    first two years of college, i had the same roommate. we were “frenemies” from high school. not sure why i agreed to room with her. but i was afraid of being lonely, so i made this horrible mistake:

    she claimed to dislike partying/drinking, but would drink and become insane/belligerent after barely any alcohol. ems was called by some mutual friends once when i was away, they breathalyzer her and her bac was practically zero. but because she was acting like a maniac, they carted her off to the hospital…. one year later she gets in a random crazy fight with her boyfriend after maybe half a glass of wine, locks herself in his room, and takes a pair of scissors to her throat. luckily, she was acting out and not actually trying to kill herself, so the damage was superficial. that got her put on suicide watch anyway, and the school forced her on medical leave for a semester… thats not even the full extent of her craziness

    junior year, i roomed with one of my best friends. we got along great and our living habits were compatible. only problem? she had a tendency to get way too involved in my love life. my then bf and i went through a horrific breakup that everyone decided to get involved in. my roommate started secretly reading my texts and chat messages AND then telling them to my ex. WTF?!?! she told him and all his friends that i was being mean to her (?) and begged them to let her live with them. some other friends were convinced she had a thing for him/they were sleeping together. we’re still friend, but to this day had no idea what she was thinking.

    senior year of college, i roomed with another friend, who i kew had some moodiness issues. but her depression/mood swings became INSANE when we were living together. whenever she was upset/sick/not in the mood to go to class, she would hole up in our shared bedroom, turn off all the lights, and play death metal music. she shouldn’t get out of bed or shower for days. her other friends and i tried our best to get her help, to no avail. she would also be very possessive of me and get upset when my boyfriend came to hang out. to express her discontent, she would completely ignore everybody and shut down.

    at that is why i will never live with a roommate again. ever… while i still love (two of) my friends dearly, i think everyone is generally happier with their own private space.

  9. Awful #1: one of those situations where my roommate moved out early (quit grad school), I needed someone quickly, so I subleased the extra room to a postdoc who was starting work at my universyty and needed a place for a few months. Nice enough guy, but horrible BO. I mean really really brutal. At work you could tell if he’d passed through a hallway 30 minutes after he’d walked by. People talked to him about it, gave him welcome baskets full of nice shower gels etc. No change. Clothes never got washed, it was NASTY.

    Anyway, if he were posting here, he’d probably write about a crazy ex roomate who opened all the windows and burned candles in middle of CO winter storms – I had to, to air out the apartment!

    1. Tudor Princess says:

      I had a friend in the Marines who was like that! He only used Dial hand soap to wash with. No one wanted to be downwind of him during PT runs. His poor roommates were so fed up with his stench that they threw him in the shower and demanded he clean properly and then use deodorant, or they were going to go to our Staff Sergeant.

      We’re actually really good friends over facebook, now. We talk all the time. Not sure if he still smells, though, because he lives on the other coast.

  10. my friends in college were all fine. i did have one who didn’t like to take the trash out. but, really in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal.

    i did have a suitemate sophmore year who liked to be naked. i can’t see well without my contacts (meaning i can’t see anything really, i can see shapes and stumble from the bed to the bathroom) and one morning i went in to the bathroom and one of the suitemates was in there with the doors unlocked. the shower/sinks/toilet were all separate. with the sinks in between the two doors that led to either the toilet or shower. i didn’t notice at first but she was doing her hair and putting her make-up on completely naked. after i could see i looked up to say something and realized no she is not wearing light colored clothes, she has nothing on. i thought it was a one time incident. but, it turns out she didn’t like clothes that much so it happened a lot and was kind of uncomfortable. we said something like let us know if you don’t want us in there by locking both doors. but, yeah she apparently didn’t care. she moved out of her room half way through the year so there was no more random nakedness. i was pretty happy about that!

    my last roommate situation ended up pretty awful. back to wendy’s list the other day about your roommate not being your only friend. we were in our mid-20s when we moved in together and we were both single and didn’t have a lot of friends in the area. fast forward a few years and we both ended up getting boyfriends and thing went downhill quick. it’s hard when you’re only friend suddenly has someone else taking up part of her time. and neither of us was very good at communicating our feelings. and so we ended up going in circles talking about things. we were both however good at talking about the other to mutual friends. which is NOT good. i’m very disappointed in myself that i let that happen. but, you live and learn. we’re no longer friends but i think we’re in much better places separately than we probably would have been if we had continued to be friends.

    moral of that story is don’t rely on your roommate to be your only friend! you end up smothering one another.

  11. ele4phant says:

    I lived in a house with three other girls, and while I never had any direct issues with the crazy one (well she never cleaned and that peeved me to no end), she was getting mildly single white female on my best friend. We were in a two story house, I and another girl were upstairs, best friend and crazy right next to each other down stairs.

    My favorite (weirdest?) story from that time is when my bestie came into her room to find crazy roommate standing there. She was startled and asked what she was doing, and the crazy girl acted like a deer in headlights, grabbed a blank piece of paper from best friends desk, and then squeezed out past the door without saying a word of explanation.

    Later our friend recounted the story to the rest of us and even used a demo piece of paper to illustrate exactly how it all went down. Then a day or two later, she caught crazy in her room again, and she did the same thing and took the exact same piece of paper our friend had been using to show us what she had done the first time.

    We started calling her the paper bandit behind her back.

    My best friend also lent her a few pieces of clothing she never returned.

  12. SweetsAndBeats says:

    I had a roommate in high school who would refuse to use tampons or pads during her period. She hardly ever showered, either, so I can only imagine how awful the situation down there must have been. She stunk like vinegar and sewage, all the time. She was not mentally stable, but I arrived to that school late in the semester and my dorm mother couldn’t move me.

    Well, she would steal EVERYTHING. Food, jewelry, perfume for Italian baths. But the worst part: she would steal my underwear when she was on her period. I started to think that the washing machines were eating my underwear or something, and kept buying new undies.

    Then, when I was deep cleaning the room one day (because it got fucking disgusting every 2 weeks or so what with her just leaving plates of food under the bed etc etc), I discovered a stash of my old underwear stuffed underneath one of our closets (they had a shoebox-high clearance for storage underneath them, and she had stuffed them all the way in the back). I started pulling the undies out from underneath there, and they were crusted with blood and God knows what else. I puked in the sink and couldn’t handle it. I ran to my RA, hollering bloody murder about how if he didn’t remove her immediately I would do something drastic, and once he saw the underwear stash, he called her parents and had her sent to the mental hospital.

    I had the locks changed on my room’s doors, but she broke into my suite through the window and stole a bunch of clothes, my electric keyboard, etc once she came back to school. Which was really stupid of her, because since everyone refused to share a room with her, she ended up stuck living on the common room’s couch until the end of the semester (2 weeks). I have no idea why her parents didn’t just take her home, but apparently she didn’t get a room again because she was on some kind of scholarship program and everyone else’s parents, once hearing about it, threatened to stop “donating” money to the school if our principal forced her upon one of the paying students. I honestly felt really bad for her situation since she was clearly mentally ill, but still… Ew.

    1. Trixy Minx says:

      I knew someone like that in high school. I was always at my friend Paige’s house and this weird girl would come over and smelled so bad. My friend tolerated it because the girl had a car and drove her places and bought her stuff. After a while my friend’s underwear would go missing, her toothbrush was being set in a different place, and her closet started to smell. My friend cleaned out her closet and found dried bloody underwear from the chick. The chick then would steal Paige’s underwear even though she was at least 75lbs bigger. I saw the chick again last year and she looks much worse and still smells so bad.

      1. SweetsAndBeats says:

        Was her name Noel?

      2. Trixy Minx says:

        No it was Misti something,

      3. Trixy Minx says:

        Plus she has a kid. I am really hoping she is more stable for her kid’s sake.

      4. SweetsAndBeats says:

        Well, that sucks because that means there’s two on the loose. Hopefully her kid is well taken care of.

      5. Avatar photo theattack says:

        is it mean that I just immediately wondered who would ever have sex with someone like that? I just don’t understand, and I really don’t want to

    2. CaseyRay01 says:

      I had a roommate with a mental health issue, too. At the time I could only see her as totally weird and someone I wanted to get away from ASAP, but now I look back and feel terrible for her. She had severe OCD and was mean but also socially awkward – she came from a tiny high school (like, a dozen in the graduating class small). She wouldn’t tolerate anything on the walls because of germs and dust. The only things on her desk were her laptop, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. I also remember her talking about me in really rudimentary Spanish on the phone with someone the night we met. . . .which was odd, because I could understand everything she said. Anyone who had taken Spanish 101 could have caught on. Not a huge deal . . . just odd.

      Then, every night at 1:30am she would gather all her shower gear and shower for about 2 hours. This drove me crazy because I moved in when it was winter, and she was ALWAYS in the room! The only time she left the room was for class (when I also had class) so I couldn’t ever talk to friends or family on the phone in privacy unless I wanted to deal with freezing temps outside or call someone up at 1:30am when she showered. I got myself out of there within a week and ended up with some great girls, thank goodness. I never saw her in the rest of the 3 years I was there, even though it was a really small school. Hope things worked out for her…

    3. Wow. This is absolutely insane and trumps anything I ever experienced, haha. I don’t know how you didn’t lose your mind.

      1. Sweetsandbeats says:

        Luckily (maybe?) I was smoking a lot of pot at the time, so except for being mad sometimes, I took it in stride. The pot also explains why I didn’t notice how much of my stuff had gone missing until her parents went through her enormous lockbox.

    4. holy sweet jesus.

      nothing remotely that bad, but my current roommate left a bloody pad laying out on the floor for all to see recently. not mentally unstable. simply gross and absent minded.

  13. I’ve had 10 roommates so far in all of the places I’ve lived and it’s been crazy. Some have been really great, but here’s my 3 worst situations:

    My first semester of college was when I was 17 and still completing high school and so because I was still a minor, I wanted to be on my best behavior and follow all the rules, which included a completely dry campus. It was very strict and there was a one strike rule. My 2 roommates were likable and easy to get along with, but they would drop acid all the time and do other hard drugs (and since I used to have a drug problem, this was really not okay for me). Because it’s art school, they used the excuse of needing drugs to be creative. One night I got a heads up that officials were checking my dormitory for drugs and alcohol, and one of my roomies who had kept her marijuana in tampons, got back before I did and tried to move all of her contraband into my stuff. They only found alcohol and thankfully I didn’t get any of the blame. The other 2 roommates were kicked out of housing and I had the dorm to myself for the rest of the semester.

    Then I went to a different art school with my long time best friend and we decided to be roommates, despite everyone telling us not to. I then found a girl I thought both of us would get along with well on a college group on Facebook. They ended up getting along better at first, which was fine for me. But then the new girl and I got along much better, and my old friend became really jealous. Her crazy antics went on for months, and I completely admit my other roommate and I did not handle it maturely the whole time. Then the ex best friend made a serious death threat towards both of us and potentially other people on her blog. I showed it to my counselor at the time and she wanted me to take action right away. The RD refused to kick her out of our dorm, and we were stuck in a stalemate. My last option was to go to the police, but based on what happened, she could have been charged with a serious felony for making terroristic threats, and despite what she did to us, I didn’t want that to happen. Eventually we got the Dean involved and in addition to providing her a room by herself so she couldn’t harm anyone, they forced her to attend counseling to deal with her mental health issues. It was a crazy, crazy year and that’s part of why my new best friend and I transferred to the other campus 4 hours away and we continued to live together for awhile without any problems. We are still incredibly close. I have since apologized to the ex best friend while she refused to take any blame; we are no longer friends and I haven’t seen her since I left.

    I went for a completely random roommate another time and the situation turned sour quickly. Our bedrooms were right next to each other, and our vents connected so whenever she would talk on the phone on speaker phone, I could hear everything. It was annoying to listen to her complaints at 3 am about not being able to find a good man. But I remember her telling a friend that she hates white people (I’m white, she’s black). She claimed to be broke and thus refused to pay for anything in the apartment and was calling me unfair and a racist for asking her to pay her share. I’m not sure if she ever knew I heard that, but it sucked that she felt that way. Money may have been tight for her, but our apartment was very expensive–that was a choice she made. And it became an uncomfortable situation for me to be in when someone hates you so much.

    Anyways, I’m moving into a new apartment with a friend of a friend of a friend (haha) soon and I’m praying it will go smoothly this time!

    1. Avatar photo gillociraptor says:

      Weird. I also lived with two other girls for a year during college, and the odd-roommate-out also made death threats towards myself and our other roommate on her MySpace blog. I believe the exact phrasing was that she would “kill us with her squirrel rage.”

      My other roommate and I were freaked out for a few days and tried to decide what to do with it, but ultimately, we didn’t report her, because we decided she was just venting, and squirrels aren’t that intimidating anyway.

      That’s honestly the most extreme “crazy roommate” story, I’ve got, though. I think I was other people’s crazy roommate, mostly. I have OCD, I’m messy, and for 3/4 of college, I was bulimic (though very discreet about it and I always kept things clean in that regard).

  14. juneaugurl2 says:

    Only ever had one roommate, she turned me off to having any others! She was from a village, so that right off was much different than what I was coming from * if you lived in AK you would understand*. She just did things differently. Like hanging beer in a plastic bag outside the window in the winter and telling me it was juice. I told the Ra manager that it was juice because that is what I thought at the time, after he asked. I found out the truth and made her take it down. Then she was getting “fat”. She told me she was not used to the food here and so she was gaining weight. I found out one day,after coming home, that she was in fact pregnant. Others has suspected it, but she just lied. We all found out together really, after she OD’s and ended up in the hospital and gave birth by c-section. She never did come back! Oh, and she would stay up all night in pain and keep me up! This was in college, so i had a hard time keeping up with little sleep. Thankfully this was only for 3 months or so, so when she was sent home, I was very happy!!! So yeah, no more roomies for me. I can only stand my husband now! I don’t even like friends sleeping over, I guess I am just too picky!

    1. I 100% understand what you mean by “from a village*. Sometimes, they just aren’t equipped to handle city life. Going from a village of 100-300 people (that you’re mostly related to in one way or another) to a “big city” (over 75,000 – 300,000 people) is harder than they imagined. Some already have substance abuse issues and feel the “city prices” are cheaper and they get into more because they are essentially spending less.

  15. Oh man, I could write a novel on my strange past roommates but I’ll try to keep it short.

    Freshmen year of college, I had 7 “suitemates”, 2 of whom I shared a room with. One slept with the entire first floor of guys in our dorm, which wasn’t crazy in itself, but she kept track of her conquests by tallying them with lipstick under her yearly calendar. She even took to sleeping with them in my bed when I went home for the weekend, and the only reason I found out was because one of them sliced his toe in my bed somehow and bled all over my sheets. Oh yeah, and she never tried to get the blood out or wash my sheets. She claimed “that’s what I got for claiming the single bed instead of the bunk bed”.

    My other roommate used to snort whatever drugs were around, and for some reason set up shop on my dresser of all places, even after I asked her not to many times. I had a lot of explaining to do when my mom picked me up for Thankgiving break and there was undeniably coke leftovers all over my dresser.

    My one suitemate loved to pick up random 40 year old guys off the internet and meet them at shady hotels in Queens. When we warned her that probably wasn’t safe, she decided to start bringing them back to our SUITE, which I can’t rationalize how that wasn’t worse in her mind. We would all huddle in my room and pray that the crazy guy she invited over wouldn’t kill or rape us all.

    My junior year of college my best friend and I got randomly paired up with two girls we didn’t know. They seemed generally nice at first, like all crazy people do, but one of them quickly spun into crazyland.
    -only ate food a serving size at a time but would constantly buy food. Therefore, we never had any room in our kitchen because she would only eat 1 serving of a can of soup and save the rest or 16 chips, etc.
    -would frequently have dance parties by herself in lingerie where she would take pictures of herself and put them up on Facebook. We realized she did this often because we walked in on her provocatively posed on the couch more than once and then see the evidence on Facebook hours later.
    -would stare into my closet and tell me how she’d love to borrow my clothes but they’d be “way, way, way too big on her”
    -slept with a sword on her nightstand “just in case”. Yes, an actual sword. It was huge and terrifying.

    1. I can’t say much on the weapons. I have a sgian dhu in my nightstand and a survival knife in the downstairs bathroom – just in case. Not to mention the guns, the battle ax on the wall, the spears, swords, etc. Other than the guns and survival knife – everything is generally used for the Ren Fairs or SCA stuff (SCA – Society for Creative Anachronisms).

      1. Oh, no- I am all for being safe! It was just the girl could barely tie her shoes and she’d randomly walk around holding it and showing it off at parties. If she wasn’t mentally unstable, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but she always made a big deal about it and would show it off to random visitors and was crazy to begin with, so I always imagined her+the sword= some kind of nightmare scenario .

  16. Between college, study abroad, internships and then post-grad life I’ve had nearly 25 roommates. A good chunk of this (nine or so) is when I lived in a fledgling co-op house, with space for eight people and a high turnover rate. That was surprisingly OK, though I had to get on some of the guys for leaving dishes in the sink.

    The weirdest was this girl who I lived with in the beginning of the co-op project. We were in a two-bedroom apartment in a large house that we were planning to turn back into a single-family home, so to speak. She started out pretty awkward, and then it snowballed. I’d hear her run through the house from the front door to her bedroom and then slam the door, every time without fail. She also hid in there all the time and then suddenly, took all off her food from the fridge and pantry and started keeping it who-knows-where. She eventually moved out when she realized that she was about to have seven roommates instead of just one.

  17. AshamedAndOlder says:

    I was totally a terrible, crazy roommate in college. πŸ™ I had yet to seek help for my extreme anxiety issues, my mom was dying in the hospital, and I had a boyfriend who was interested in nothing but sex. If I wasn’t crying, I was sleeping through my alarm, or coming back from classes and moping under my covers. My first roommate walked in on my then-boyfriend and me having sex five or six times. She switched rooms after the first semester. My second dorm-mate was really sweet, but walking in on my boyfriend and I naked four times scared her off too. Thankfully, I got help for my anxiety and straightened myself out in my sophomore year of college.

    I look back and I feel so bad for those two dorm-mates. I cringe, seriously, just thinking about it.

  18. Sue Jones says:

    5 longhaired biology majors plus various hippie boyfriends and girlfriends living in one old funky Victorian house in Syracuse in the early 1980’s…. along with 2 dogs and one cat. We had shared vegetarian meals of varying success, nothing EVER got cleaned , except for the kitchen. We were all taking entymology and collecting insects for our final project. We had a Halloween party where everyone took psilocybin mushrooms…. and the walls were thin so one could hear EVERYTHING going on in the other bedrooms…. and we were sure that house with the ugly red flowered wallpaper was haunted… Very fun! I am still in touch with many of those folks…. There wasn’t any one wacky roomate because we were all a bit eccentric…

    1. Sue Jones says:

      Oh… and the house was littered with camping gear, climbing gear, ski’s, not to mention insect collections and plant collections…. Well I never was much of a Martha Stewart…

  19. I lived in a house with 5 other people my senior year of college. Me and my boyfriend were in one room. P and S were dating and shared the other room upstairs. The basement, J and M shared, even though they weren’t dating. There was typical roommate drama among the 6 of us (along with relationship drama between the couples), but when other people got added into the mix, crazy things happened.

    P had lived in the house for a year before the rest of us moved in, with couple of other guys. They had not really been very big in cleaning. Important point for later.

    At one point, a friend of P’s, I can’t remember her name, Melody or something like that, had been couch surfing a bunch and P offered if she needed a place to stay, she could crash for a couple nights. Soon, her stuff started showing up. Apparently our living room was her new awesomely free storage facility. Not long after, Melody followed. She just kind of moved herself in without really consulting anyone. And she started sleeping with J so that she would have more of an excuse to stay. One day, S, M, and I were cleaning out the freezer. Remember P and his roommates? We pretty much assumed that if WE hadn’t put it in the freezer, then it was likely really old and needed to be thrown out. S goes to take out the trash and is stopped by Melody, who tore into her for throwing away her food. Yeah, Melody the one who didn’t live there and didn’t tell anyone she was even using our freezer. Eventually the 6 of us staged basically an intervention where we all confronted her about moving the hell out. She stayed for about a month. Good times.

  20. TheOtherMe says:

    When I was in grad school I made the mistake of living in a house with FOUR other people (all strangers to me). One turned out to be an unemployed alcoholic who slept all day, then went out and drank to the point of oblivion all night. He’d usually stumble in around 4am and break things on his way to his bedroom, except the time he lost his key and BROKE INTO the DOWNSTAIRS apartment, thinking it was his place. That did not please the occupants.

    And the girl who lived in the room next to mine was all smiles and friendly at first, then suddenly turned into a raging psycho bitch for no discernible reason except that I did not give her the shelf in the bathroom that she desired (I had claimed it long before she moved in). This led to the silent treatment and muttered insults in the hallway. I finally decided to move the hell out of the apartment, at which point she resorted to all-out threats (apparently because with one less person to share the fuel oil bill, she’d have to shell out more $$$). She’d send me text messages saying “if you don’t get the f*#% out on the day you promised, I’m going to kick your a@#!” I tried to avoid her as much as possible by hiding out in my room, then I finally fled on X-mas day when she was visiting her family. I even broke my lease and forfeited my deposit because I couldn’t wait to get out of that hellhole!

    Oh and did I mention that the only way to access the fuel boiler or circuit breakers was through the downstairs apartment? We had to ask the downstairs tenants EVERY SINGLE TIME we wanted to check the fuel level or re-set a breaker. NOT FUN. They hated us due to incident #1 above.

  21. FossilChick says:

    The good roommates I’ve had have been really great, and the bad ones particularly terrible. A few stand out:

    1. A roommate who spent the better part of the year refusing to clean anything, piling plates up in her room and not picking up after her own cat, came home one day to find a single chickpea in the sink and lost her marbles. She went on a multi-day tirade about how the rest of us were disgusting, then retreated back into her (uncleaned) room. Months later when there was a vermin problem in the unit, she stated, “I would rather live with live mice than dead mice” and refused to allow pest control inside her room or to set up any traps. The tale of “Dirty Jackie” is a funny story now, but it was pretty awful then.

    2. I have a skin condition that requires a lot of medication and staying away from soap (so, like MaterialsGirl’s roommate, I wash my clothes in the bathtub! Eek!). I try not to be obnoxious about it and still pitched in with the cleaning, but I always wear gloves and a mask. A roommate decided that I was lying, that I didn’t really have an allergy and was just trying to get attention. So she went around hiding my gloves, lotions, and medicines to “prove to me” that I didn’t have a health problem! Fortunately she mentioned this plan to one of my other roommates who tipped me off, or I might not be here to write this crazy story now!

    1. Avatar photo MaterialsGirl says:

      The washing of clothes on the tub wasn’t the issue so much as the clothes that were hanging all over the shower ( one bathroom three girls) during the time I needed to shower was annoying. She only did it because she spent all her money on coke. Allergies I would have been understanding about.

      That was pretty mean of your roommate.. Yeah skin allergies and perfume/dye reactions ate very real. My mom is sensitive to that atuff

      1. FossilChick says:

        I think the worst part was that she wasn’t doing it to be mean, she legitimately thought she was “showing” me that I would be fine! Thank goodness it wasn’t a food allergy, I can definitely see her saying to someone with a nut allergy, “There’s no peanuts in this!”.

  22. SpaceySteph says:

    By comparison, all my bad roommates have been relatively tame…
    The girl who hoarded dirty dishes in her room until we knocked on her door because we ran out of plates (I brought a dish set of 12 and my other roommate a set of 8… so that’s A LOT of plates). This happened more than once.
    The girl who silenced my alarm clock without waking me up, then going to a class we both had without me while I slept through it.
    The very religious girl who didn’t allow boys in the room. A platonic male friend of mine came to visit and she wouldn’t let him stay on our floor. Her own boyfriend from back home drove down to visit and he spent the night in his truck in the parking lot. The dorm technically had a no overnight visitors of the opposite sex rule but I think we are the only people in history who actually followed it (until 2 years later when they struck it down as being unfairly prejudiced against heterosexual couples… I suppose that’s some sort of progress).

    I was lucky compared to other people I know…
    My best friend and I lived together until senior year, then I got the RA job and moved to a different building. I moved out of our apartment and in moved 2 freshman. They partied until all hours, drinking and whatnot. When she asked them to keep it quiet on weekdays they threatened that they would tell people she bought them alcohol (since she was 21 and they were 18) and get her in trouble. She moved out pretty soon after.

    My fiance lives with an interesting character. He will put an entire sausage on a plate in the fridge, then cut off pieces to eat periodically, leaving the rest uncovered on a plate with the fork and knife just sitting there on the shelf. He is a grown man (mid 30s) who dates 20 year olds that are still in college (“I keep getting older, they stay the same age!”- name that movie). Ugh and one time I overheard him tell one of his friends that I’m “a keeper” because I clean the kitchen. Yeah, of all his dirty dishes that never make their way to the dishwasher. I shouldn’t do it, but when I’m cooking in there, I prefer not to be surrounded by the leaning towers of used cups. My fiance and I actually fight about his roommates dirty dishes more than anything else.

    1. SpaceySteph says:

      Btw, that last part is why I was so sympathetic to the girl when we had that LW who wrote in that his friend was crashing with them and causing trouble and his gf was like “it’s me or him.” I know what its like to have “that guy” around. Luckily I have my own house to go to where the kitchen is clean and there is no fridge sausage (I am Jewish and don’t eat pork).

      Also, if you see a recurring theme, yes I like having a clean kitchen. I hate dirty dishes. Its only a slight obsession.

    2. Ooh, that reminds me. Once I accidentally left a dirty dish under my bed and forgot about it. We only discovered it when it started to stink and had to play “find that smell.”

  23. The craziest roommate I ever had was during the first half of my sophomore year. She had been dating this creepy guy from her high school who used to call the phone in our dorm incessantly if she didn’t answer her cell phone. They would get in fights in front of me all the time, break up, and start the whole thing over again.

    During one of their fights, he tore her beloved Justin Timberlake poster in half and she LOST IT. She was obsessed with Justin Timberlake and went mental because of the poster. She climbed up into the built-in cabinet above her closet and curled up in there with the doors closed for hours, refusing to come out.

    Shortly after, she started dating another guy, decided they were meant for each other, and got his name tattooed on her ankle. Two weeks later, they were broken up, and she was back with the first guy, trying to hide the tattoo. He (of course) found it and was absolutely infuriated. All of this drama was always happening in the dorm room.

    During this time, she decided there was no point in going to class. Instead of withdrawing, she just stopped going and failed every single one. Then she got pregnant (from the first guy) and quit school. The silence was amazing.

    Other random things she did:
    — Left a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich in my closet, which i didn’t find until I was moving out (so disgusting)
    — Had sex on my futon while I was gone for the weekend and didn’t even bother trying to cover it up.
    — Told me her cousin died from skin cancer, but she thinks the whole sun/tanning thing is just a myth. (And so of course she went tanning constantly.)
    — Set up a lawn chair in our dorm room so she could watch NASCAR all day.

  24. My college roommate was my best friend since kindergarten. We’d get annoyed with each other, as dormmates are bound to do, but nothing major. She has GERD and sometimes she would get SUPER gassy. So that was kinda gross. Once, on our floor, they had a contest to see which roommates knew each other best – and of COURSE we won because we were inseparable for our entire childhoods. Plus, we studied and memorized each other’s social security numbers, JUST IN CASE. Our prize was that we could order delivery from anywhere that delivered – as much food as we wanted. We got La Bamba’s. We BOTH had gas soooo bad that night! We would run out in the hallway to fart because the room started to stink too bad.

    Our suitemate also had digestive troubles, apparently. She pooped a LOT and it always smelled soooooo so so so so bad. I felt sorry for the girl. We’d hear her in there, and god love her she would always spray air freshener, but it didn’t help. It made it worse. We had to put a towel over the crack in the door.

    Our dorm toilet was POWERFUL. We used to say it could suck the shit right out of your ass. Sometimes we would flush random things down it to see if it could handle it (it always could).

    Funny how all I remember about college life is poop and farts.

    When I moved out of the dorms, I moved into an apartment with my OTHER best friend since kindergarten. He’s a guy, though. So it was me and him + 2 other dudes. They called me “the girl upstairs” because I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, either watching TV that they wouldn’t want to watch with me (Passions and Charmed, anyone?) or studying since it was my last semester and I was pretty busy and preparing for the GRE. The cool thing was, our next door neighbors that we shared a back patio with were also 3 guys + 1 girl. Me and the girl bonded pretty quickly, and we’re still friends.

    And that’s it! I haven’t had any other roommates. I’m worried now that since I don’t have any crazy stories that I’M the one that was crazy and they all talk about me. Oof.

  25. I had an interesting roommate my freshman year. Her name was Sara, but she insisted that she be called by the letter “C”. She also had her head shaved, and put a picture of her dressed like Gollum on our door which I’m pretty sure is why no one ever knocked on our door to introduce themselves.
    She was big into role playing games, which was no big deal, until she started talking about these vampire characters like they were people that actually existed. That was a little weird. I also had to sleep on a friend’s couch multiple nights when marathon sessions of these games were taking place in our room. She left bowls with old milk and cereal all over our room, which was absolutely disgusting.
    When she first moved in, she told me she was a lesbian. She then immediately started dating a guy, which was a little confusing. Right after she met him, she would let him stay in our room when neither of us were there. It made me really uncomfortable, and I asked her to please have him leave the room when she was not going to be there. She continued to let him stay in the room unattended. So one morning, I reset the alarm he asked her to set for him so he would wake up a half hour late. Then I changed it back when I got home, so when he complained she told him he must have just set through the alarm at first. He stopped sleeping over after that. They then broke up, and he started dropping by our room whenever he could get someone to let him in the building. If he couldn’t get her on her cell, he would call our room. I would tell him she was in class for the next few hours, and he would call back 15 minutes later. And every 15 minutes until she got back. I finally unplugged our room phone.
    She was quite an interesting one, but sometimes putting up with her non-cleanliness and weird quirks was better than living with my friends after we all stopped getting along. And last I heard, she dropped out after sophomore year and got married.

    1. Temperance says:

      For some reason, your story made me laugh the most. I’m not sure why.

  26. Avatar photo Cleopatra_30 says:

    atm i have had only 1 roommate, that will change in September when i finally move into a house i am sharing with two friends from Uni. Any who, although my 1st roommate and i had very different personalities, she partied/drank most weekends and i would work on my assignments and partied very little, we were lucky enough to get along for the 8 or so months we lived together. The only annoying things that happened to me with her was one night she decided to stay up till 4am working on a project, instead of going to the study lounge down the hall and working. She had a really bright desk lamp as well, so it would light up the whole room, no lie, and i couldn’t get any sleep that night she stayed up till 4am. And then she started dating a guy on our floor and we made a pact to never bring a guy over in our room, and that never happened. But she did ask me one time if it was okay to have him sleep over, but no hanky panky. If it did happen i didn’t hear it, but the funny, and annoying, thing was that she woke up before him to meet someone in the early afternoon and she texted me later to see if he was still there, and he was. And she felt so bad he hadn’t left. We both laughed about it later, but i guess it was mostly the guys fault for not having any manners and leaving in a timely fashion. I guess i will get more stories this upcoming year with the new living arrangement. Hopefully nothing to crazy, but i have been informed my neighbors are pretty crazy…so time will tell!

  27. vizslalvr says:

    My first roommate was pretty nutso, albeit shortly lived so I can’t complain too much. This girl claimed she and her boyfriend were in an open relationship. Her, I, and a bunch of girls from our floor went to a frat party one night. We were all drinking, but she seemed fine. At the end of an entire night spent flirting with a guy she knew from high school, she INSISTED on staying at the party as we all left. We repeatedly asked her if she was sure she wanted to stay, including telling her we weren’t comfortable leaving her and her firmly telling us it was fine, she knew him (which she did). The next morning, she showed back up at our room. And then spent the next six days in bed, in the dark, not going to class or showering and only eating cup of noodles from the microwave in the common area across the hall because she cheated on her boyfriend (no open relationship, I guess?) and felt awful and hated me forever because I let her stay that night. I feel kind of bad, but I barely knew the girl and she really and truly seemed in control of her faculties – I think she just felt guilty for cheating. She left within a week and I had a huge double connected to another double by a private bathroom to myself for most of the semester – no real complaints.

    My second roommate was great – her roommate was even more of an insane person so I let her move in to my double with me most of the way through that first semester and we roomed with each other for the rest of college. We got annoyed with each other from time to time, but she’s gonna be the maid of honor at my wedding in a week so clearly we get along fine. We rented a house with a guy friend of ours who was TERRIBLE. Never paid his rent on time (so we would get angry calls from the landlord, as he was responsible for delivering his own check to the landlord), would let his phone die and not answer it for days while no showing for work and ignoring his girlfriend (so we would get angry calls from his work who he apparently gave our numbers to and his girlfriend, or just have his girlfriend banging on the door at all hours). Never cleaned – EVER. Bought a deep fryer and would deep fry weird stuff in the middle of the night so the whole house would reek of burnt oil. Played the same Guitar Hero song over and over again on full volume in the middle of the night trying to get a perfect score and failing miserably (Cult of Personality. Still hate that song.). Would steal our weed but horde his booze and food in his bedroom. Would leave half empty beers in the shower for WEEKS because he would pound beers while showering before he went out. Not to mention, he only showered when he was going out – which was once a week, max, more like weeks in between outings. Never noticed him doing laundry, which was located in his room. Sort of typically roommate stuff, I guess, but it sucks because it totally ruined our friendship when we the three of us used to be super close and hang out together all of the time. Oh well!

  28. Temperance says:

    My first roommate was crazy. Batshit, even.

    I am going to start this off by saying that I am white, and she was mixed-race (African American and white). My best friend from high school is Asian. I always had friends of all races, nationalities, and religions. During the first week, I became friends with a black guy in my dorm, Marcus. (This is ALL relevant, I promise.)

    My roommate told me that she wrote poetry, and said I should read it sometime, and invited me to read it whenever I wanted to. She was always weird to me, and insisted that she was smarter than I was, would have ranked higher at my high school, and claimed that I only had higher SAT scores because I was white. She would sexually harass my BFF on the phone, which creeped him out (he is gay, and was not interested in her weirdo come-ons), and she later told me that he would be perfect if he was half-Latino, because her ultimate goal in life was to have a baby who was all four major races.

    She was super angry when she found out that I had lunch with Marcus one day after she saw us walk back to the dorm (HE DIDN’T EVEN SAY HELLO TO ME?!?!?! WHY DID HE SAY HELLO TO YOU???), and said that it was typical that a black man would hang out with a white girl over a black girl. (I think he was gay, too, this was like 10 years ago, so my memory is foggy. Most of my friends growing up and even now are gay.)

    Things came to a head over 2 separate issues: a Wal-mart run with a high school friend of mine while she was in class one day, and me making out with a guy that she apparently thought was hot. (She had her own car AND SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND. I had neither!)

    My high school friend was leafing through the poetry book one morning while we were hanging out, and it was full of poems about how much she hated me, and about how the bitchy white girls left her out of everything, with references to that Wal-mart trip. The most memorable one was about how I was “stealing” Marcus’ attention from her, even though she a.) never said a word to the dude and b.) HE WAS SO GAY. We about lost our shit, it was the weirdest fucking thing ever, especially because she WANTED ME TO SEE THEM.

    1. Avatar photo theattack says:

      That’s one of the most passive-aggressive things I’ve ever heard in my life. Wow.

  29. Had a roommate who would come into my room when I was gone & hang up my bath towels I’d put in the laundry basket, clean my toilet, hang up the bathmat, tie little knots in my garbage bags, decorate the room how she wanted it, etc. Meanwhile, she had a special doorknob for her room that locked with a key.

    Aside from that, she’d get nosy about who was calling me (on my phone line in my room), what I was eating, how late my boyfriend stayed over, etc. I finally got fed up & gave her 30 days notice & moved out one day at midnight b/c she had gotten so crazy that I was afraid to stay there anymore.

  30. Avatar photo theattack says:

    The most outrageous problem I had was very similar to SpaceySteph’s. I couldn’t find ANY dishes in the kitchen. I just wanted to microwave some ramen, and there were NO bowls, spoons, forks, plates, nothing. There was one case knife in the drawer, and that was it. Nothing in the sink (for the first time ever), and nothing in the dishwasher. I asked my roommate what was up with it, and he said that he and his wife had recently bought a plastic Rubbermaid tub to put under their bed so that they could put their dirty dishes down there without getting up after finishing their nightly meal in bed. Disgusting. I don’t know how we didn’t have bug problems.

    That same roommate had a whole gaggle of hillbilly guy friends visit, and they used my bathroom since it was in a common area. I left for the weekend because they were all too crazy, and when I came back the guys rushed out of the apartment. I went into the bathroom later that night to find poop splattered up against the walls everywhere. I don’t even know how it happened, but I had to drive to the nearest Walmart to use the bathroom because it was unsanitary, and then I had to scrub it all up and sanitize it. Mortifying.

    The other guy that lived in that same apartment made an enormous pot of clam chowder and then kept it in the refrigerator for a month. I asked him if he could take care of it because there wasn’t room for anything else in the refrigerator, so he took it out and put it in the sink for another two weeks. Ultimately I had to clean out that fishy-smelling, moldy crap myself.

    I also later wondered why our dishwasher was leaving weird black residue on our dishes, so I took the thing apart and discovered a ton of food in there. The roommates came in while I was doing it and told me like it was no big deal that they didn’t ever scrape off their plates before putting them in there. They were just throwing whole pieces of food in there essentially.

    A different roommate had two obnoxious chihuahuas that she NEVER took out to use the bathroom. She would just let them mess around the house, and then she would NEVER clean it up. She would let the poop sit there until it molded unless I picked it up. My socks were always getting soaked when I walked through the house, and when I moved out I threw most of them away because they were yellow-stained. She also only bought her dogs expensive organic food, but since she was a very poor college student she often didn’t have money for the dog food. Her dogs would go without food for three or four days until I noticed they were out and would buy it for them myself. Then she would actually get MAD at me for buying the wrong type of food, because it was a regular brand instead of something fancy and organic. Regular food > starving dogs.

    A roommate I had during a high school summer program stole my journal, read it, and then posted its contents on her Myspace for our whole program to read about. She also wrote stuff on there about how she didn’t understand why guys were friends with me because I was ugly and too skinny. Whatever, she was ugly on the inside, and most people in the program realized it after that.

    1. Trixy Minx says:

      I don’t know how you lived with those people. I would have moved out immediately but not before dumping their nasty shit all over their bed and belongings.

    2. SpaceySteph says:

      Holy crap. (Literally)
      You must be a magnet for these insane people.

      My roommate with the dirty dish hoarding was more of a laziness/forgetfulness problem. Your roommate was showing a great deal of forethought to actually buy a tub to keep the dirty dishes in rather than walk (presumably) a few feet to the kitchen and deposit them there. So weird.

      1. Avatar photo theattack says:

        That’s what I found so disturbing about it too! They had to have thought it was actually okay to do that and planned it out instead of just accidentally leaving the dishes in their room.

  31. I lived with two other girls my junior year. One was a good friend and another was an acquaintance of hers. The other girl, B, was a little off. She was a spoiled brat who somehow never had money to pay bills, but always had new clothes, shoes, and would drive 20 miles roundtrip to just get coffee almost every day! She put a keyed doorknob on her room even though the other roommate and I had no desire to go into her room. This wasn’t a big deal until we would run out of cutlery and dishes because she would never bring dirty dishes back out to the sink. When we would finally complain, she would bring them to the sink, but not wash them. Probably half the dishes were growing mold!
    The very worst time was at Christmas. We all had a bathroom attached to our room (which was awesome), but B left for winter break and was gone for a whole month. A horrible, chemical smell started to permeate the apartment and we realized it was coming from her room. The other roommate and I ended up having to break into her room. We found the a bathtub full of water and not because she had closed the drain. It was completely clogged with hair. B had colored her hair right before leaving and had left a tub full of standing water and chemicals for us to deal with while she was away. The maintenance people were completely disgusted and had to spend a good portion of their day snaking the drain and airing out the apartment!
    There were other things that she did that were disgusting and angering, but this was the worst.

  32. I moved in with a girl who I thought was the older version of me – there was 4 years between us and we got along great…. Initially..
    About 6 weeks after moving in, things went downhill – she quit her job and was home all the time, me working full time was used to a few hours in between her coming home from work.. It was then I realized she was nuts.. My food would go missing and be replaced with something random – full fat ice cream for a fake artificially sweetened 99% fat free frozen yogurt.. Her persistant questioning of my every move – where i was going, what i was doing, what time i would be home..Her spending was out of control – new earrings, new perfumes/nail polishes/expensive clothes, every fad diet pill/shake you could think of.. She even had the hide to ask for my rent early as she had a costume party to go to and needed to get a new costume – this was via text message, which I didn’t receive til 4hrs later at the end of my shift (my job doesn’t allow me to have my phone on me at all times).. And when I arrived home, she hurled abuse at me for not replying and how she didn’t know if she was going to get the rent or not.. Then broke down in tears unleashing a barrage of psychological trauma on me about her bulimic past and anxiety issues..
    I gave her some sympathy on that.. Things kinda got better but creepy – she started mimicking my eating habits and coloured her hair similar to mine.. But when She accused me of being on illicit drugs for arriving home late one evening after after work drinks with friends and tried to increase the rent every fortnight, I had enough… She was a nut job.. When I moved out i told her that too..

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