Weekend Open Thread: Invest Your Love


On my neighborhood walk with Jackson this morning, I came across this message about two blocks from our place, and I was like, Yeah! Someone slap that on a bumper sticker.

There’s really not much else to say beyond that except it’s hot here, my hair is frizzy from the unrelenting humidity, and Monday is the day my parents head back to the states for good, after 24 years in Germany and 40 years overseas. Safe travels to them and happy weekend to all of you. I’m going to go stick my head in the freezer now.


  1. Hmm, am I the only one who is a little puzzled by the sign? Where you invest your love you invest your life? So your life basically exists with the people, places, and things that you love? And what if those things go away? Then where is your life? Am I reading too much into it? Probably.

    1. Avatar photo theattack says:

      Haha, I think you might be reading too much into it. I think it pretty much means that whatever you take the time to love and commit to is essentially how you’re choosing to live your life. Maybe? So basically don’t waste your time loving things if you don’t want your life to be partially defined by it?

    2. kerrycontrary says:

      I think it’s a “you get what you give” out of life. When you watch how people spend their time and who they spend it with and what they do with their lives, you can really see their priorities.

    3. Umm…I think you are overthinking it- it’s the lyrics to a popular Mumford and Sons song, “Awake My Soul”

      1. Yeah, I think putting this much thought into song lyrics won’t get you into a weekend state of mind.

      2. I love that song. πŸ™‚

        I always think of the line in a positive way. Kinda another way of saying, “Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

    4. I read it as a… warning, almost? Like, where you invest your love, you invest your life— so if you invest your love in an unworthy person, you will have an unworthy life.

      (And you thought YOU were being a downer today, TECH! haha)

  2. Avatar photo theattack says:

    This weekend we’re looking at and applying for a new apartment. It’s stupidly fancy, and I make fun of people who live in places like this, but it’s the only place that will let us keep our cat and two kittens. I’m sad to be spending that much more money on rent but happy we found a solution anyway. When we looked at this place last time we thought it was so dreamy but that we would never live there. It should be good, I think.

    Also I have an allergy skin test Monday afternoon and then a job interview right after. That’s not bad, right? haha It’s for a job that I don’t want anyway, so if I’m red and swollen it probably won’t matter much.

    And I believe a certain Northern DWer has something she might want to share with the whole class…

    1. Avatar photo theattack says:

      And most importantly, LBH has been missing this week, and I’m not happy about it.

      1. GatorGirl says:

        She is on vacay!

    2. kerrycontrary says:

      Have you had an allergy skin test before? I usually only got swollen in the spot I was really allergic, so it looked like a huge hive. I got mine on my arm so wear long sleeves, or ask them to do it on your back. And make sure you have time to wash the pen marks off after! Congrats on the new apartment.

      1. I always have them do it in my back. Of course, I’m a weenie, so I rarely let them finish the whole test.

      2. Avatar photo theattack says:

        Oh good! Thanks πŸ™‚

    3. Ha, I guessed who you were talking about and checked her facebook. When was she going to tell us??

      1. Hmmmm, what are we all missing?

      2. I wanna know! I wanna know! I know I’m friends with some people on FB from here, but I’m not sure who all it is. And anyone else is welcome to add me. I indiscriminately accept friend requests πŸ˜›

      3. Okay, now I’m curious. Whoever it is, spill!!

      4. Who? WHAT? TELL ME!!!

      5. Avatar photo theattack says:

        She’s had plenty of opportunities to tell us, so she’s definitely being sneaky. Everyone should know by now that we expect updates on EVERYTHING!

      6. OMG, I can’t even think of who it might be.

      7. painted_lady says:

        Right?!?! She shows up in my feed a lot, so I’m lost as to how I missed this!

    4. Skin text isn’t a big deal. They did mine on my arm, and all the marks went away within an hour. Although my first allergist drew all over my arms so they’d know which allergens are which.

    5. Avatar photo theattack says:

      Also please don’t be mad, FriendWhoHasASecret! You had to have known someone would see it.

      1. Is LBH engaged? Inquiring minds want to know your secret! Spill!

      2. lets_be_honest says:

        Not me! But I am drunk DWing! That counts for something, right? Missed the DWers, so happy TA missed me πŸ™‚

      3. Avatar photo iwannatalktosampson says:

        I missed you too and I said it first. Nanananana.

      4. She STILL didn’t spill, whoever she is?

        And I missed you too, LBH! I thought maybe it was you at first as well, since you’ve been MIA all week!

      5. lets_be_honest says:

        πŸ™‚ been on vacation. It’s been awesome and I’m quickly becoming more convinced that I’m just better here, and need to live here. I feel like I’ve been on Xanax all week or something. I’m just calm, and happy without worries or stress. Peter and I have been taking walks and talking about whether we could actually do it-move here that is. Anyway, I’ll be back Monday.

  3. kerrycontrary says:

    This weekend I’m going to my parents house. I hate driving, but I like being there during the summer. They have a nice backyard and we can go get ice cream at small local places. I think we might even go hang out at their country club pool (sounds fancier than it is).

    You guyz, my migraines have been total shit lately. I think it’s because it’s been storming, or threatening to storm, every goddamn day of the summer. I went to my PCP and got a referral to a neurologist who can see me in a week or two (which is awesome). I really hope I can get put on a preventative that works. I broke down crying this week because I feel like I’m missing out on my life when they get bad (as in more frequent). I don’t know what it’s like to not be in pain and out of commission for a few hours at least once a week. I can’t even imagine a life where my head doesn’t hurt. Like it’s shocking to me that some people never have headaches (nonetheless migraines). I can’t eat or drink like a normal person, I always have to keep the same bedtime/wake up time. I try not to throw a pity party and I don’t let on to anyone how badly they affect me until this week when I had to tell my boyfriend and my mom. I’m so lucky to have him, he does exactly what I need when I have a migraine and he is never resentful of the limitations it can put on me or him. Ok, enough bitching, I’m going to go to the neurologist and it’s going to be fine. But I had to get that out there.

    1. I’m sorry you’re going through that! Thank goodness you have a supportive boyfriend and mom. I hope the neurologist is able to help!

    2. Ugh, so sorry about your migraines. I know the feeling. I am definitely not a fan. We have never found a preventative that works for me (but I’m weird, so I’m sure you’ll find a great one!) but I had found a blocker that worked fairly well. It mostly dulled it if I caught it in time but didn’t get rid of it all together. Unfortunately since I’m trying to get pregnant, I can’t take any of those anymore so now I’m stuck with some other crappy one that doesn’t do much of anything but get rid of some of the light sensitivity. Good luck with the neurologist! Hopefully they can help you out. People who don’t get frequent migraines or cluster headaches just don’t quite get how debilitating they can be.

      1. kerrycontrary says:

        yeh amitriptalyne (sp?) and proponalol haven’t worked. I’m willing to try topomax even with the crazy side effects. Maxalt works to abort them, but I shouldn’t be getting 2-3 a week. When you get that many the medicine can cause rebound headaches and it all spirals out of control. I am not looking forward to the trying to conceive, pregnancy, post-partum period. BUT i hear that migraines go away for a lot of people during pregnancy. And if you get pregnant and go into labor I wouldn’t suggest an epidural from what I’ve read about epidurals and migranuers.

      2. my daughter’s went away with accupuncture. BFF’s went away in pregnancy! Good luck!

      3. No judgment, but I would definitely go for acupuncture instead of pregnancy to get rid of my headaches. πŸ™‚

      4. Girl, that sucks. Good luck at the neurologist! I used to get migraines like it was my job. But as I got older they have become fewer and farther between. The only thing that helped was Imitrex. I actually had a migraine for the first time in about a year last week. And just to remind me how good I’ve had it since they abated, the migraine lasted for three days. A friend of mine told me he takes magnesium supplements to prevent them. He told me this as my eyeballs were literally pulsing so I didn’t look into it, but he said they’ve staved off his migraines for over a decade. Could be total BS, but I’ve been meaning to look into it.

      5. findingtheearth says:

        Do you go to the chiropractor? I get horrible headaches from time to time and a few visits from him and they go away!

      6. Yep, I’ll second the chiropractor suggestion. My chiropractor told me that I had the typical neck problem that everyone who gets migraines has, and as it’s gotten better, I haven’t had a real migraine (still get occasional small headaches, nothing like they used to be) in about a year!

    3. jesus do we live in the same area? I’ve never had migraines but I’ve had horrid weather related headaches all summer so far due to this shitastic weather. Yuck. My sympathies!

    4. Sorry Kerry! And please tell your bf about them–as the SO of someone with migraines, I’d rather know and act appropriately than not know and let you be miserable. (Gf didn’t tell me when she had a migraine when we went to a Ravens game. She left like every 20 minutes to vomit and never said anything. I STILL feel bad about that.)

      Feel better! Let me know if you ever need me to come walk your dog for you or whatever.

      1. kerrycontrary says:

        Yes I always let him know when I have one when I’m with him (because it is hard to hide the vomiting and fear of light and sound). It’s more I’ve been getting them during the week when I don’t see him and I just won’t tell him over the phone or whatever. He’s so great at taking care of me during them. Like seriously, he stayed home with me for 3 days straight over a weekend I had one and I had run out of medicine. I felt so bad I was so boring that weekend. And thanks for the offer πŸ™‚ I can usually manage to walk summer and then collapse on the couch. Somehow she knows when I have them and will try to lay on my neck/head haha.

  4. AliceInDairyland says:

    I just got this dress in the mail today (in coral, not black) and I am in LURV. The asymmetrical hem is SO adorable, the cut outs are interesting but not super weird, and it’s super light and airy so I think I am going to wear it to the farmer’s market on Sunday.

    I am excited because this is the first weekend in ages where BF and I don’t have 10,000 plans. We don’t have any besides market and an ultimate frisbee game Sunday. So I am going to make a lot more strawberry jam, pickled radishes, and maybe pickle some other stuff (I did kale! and garlic scapes!) and just enjoy being out on the farm with the animals and people that I wuvs. Yay.

    1. Ooh, that dress is hottttttttt (but in coral, yes, more appropriate for things like farmer’s market outings!)

      1. AliceInDairyland says:

        Hehe, yes. I may wear a tank top underneath it in a contrasting color as well just to be extra safe at not offending the market-goers. And then later I can whip off the tank top, put on the 5 inch stripper heels and go DANCING.

        Best dress ever.

  5. Avatar photo call-me-hobo says:

    You guys… My boyfriend bought a house! HOMEOWNEERRR!

    I’m excited for him, and also excited that we no longer have to look, lol. He wanted me to be a part of the decision-making process, so for the past 3-4 months we’ve been doing nothing but house hunting. Now I guess we’ll be doing nothing but home improvement, now!

    1. Avatar photo LadyinPurpleNotRed says:

      Yay that’s so exciting!

    2. Avatar photo theattack says:

      Congratulations!! That’s awesome! Will you be moving into the house with him?

      1. Avatar photo call-me-hobo says:

        Not for a while. We’re both 23; I think we’re going to live separately for at least a year, since we’ve never lived on our own (besides dorm living).

      2. Avatar photo theattack says:

        Oh okay, that’s smart. So your boyfriend bought a house at 23?! That’s insanely impressive!

      3. That is very impressive. Congratulations.

  6. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

    Ugh… It’s so hot out here in LA. Normally, I could care less about that — as my apartment stays surprisingly cool (northern exposure, not tons of sunlight. Ceiling fans can do wonders… No AC for me.) But now that I walk dogs as my dayjob for a spell — this heat is killing me. On a few gigs, it’s easy to stay in the shade, but many of my strolls are high in the Hollywood Hills where the roads are too narrow for sidewalks or berms. There IS no shade. And it’s up and down hill after hill… Whew. I keep water with me at all times and dream of the icy cold V8 in the fridge at home.

    Thank God, June is over. I survived my 65 hours of community service at the Good Will. Ugh. No more running a red light for me… EVER. Actually, this was my one and only time do so and did I get reamed.

    Comedy continues to go well. We (Stuttering Lumberjack) won THUNDERDOME at Second City (Hollywood) which is a show where two teams improv for twenty minutes and the audience then votes for the best… And whomever wins comes back to compete again. We play there next on July 9th! At 10 PM! Come out at see us if you are in LA. Tickets are 5 bucks and it’s a really great show. To even get on the bill you have to be pretty damn good actually, so this is an exciting show for us…

    I am also flying home for two and a half weeks at the end of July. Off to the cabin at the lake with the family. πŸ™‚

    1. Moneypenny says:

      Oooh, very cool about your comedy successes! Improv makes me nervous. Just thinking about you doing improv is making my stomach start to do flips for you! haha.

      And wow about the dog walking… at least you’re getting great exercise! It’s super hot up here in SF, well ok, it’s 77. But that’s hot. Can you at least go to the beach to cool off?

      So, my bf is being transferred to LA, and he has to go down the 9th. Talk about a bummer. So close and yet so far.

      1. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

        The beach, sadly, is WAYYYYYYY out of the way for my dog walking gigs… Wait, he is moving here? You should come to a show sometime. There are loads of shows in LA that we do and most are either VERY cheap — or free. Find me on Facebook — or you can like STUTTERING LUMBERJACK’s page.

        Meanwhile, enjoy SF. Seriously, 77 sounds positively pleasant. It’s supposed to be insanely hot here all weekend — which will be especially rough as monday and tuesday were VERY San Francisco… low 60s, hazy to the point of fog almost… Sigh… It was lovely. Perfect dogwalking weather.

      2. Moneypenny says:

        I would LOVE to come to a show sometime. I have no idea how we’re going to juggle visits and stuff, but I’ll find you on FB and introduce myself. I’m totally down to check you guys out!

        Oh your week sounds better than mine, last sunday and monday it RAINED. Tuesday was overcast and muggy- 75 out and looking like it’s going to pour but it didn’t, and it was awful. Definitely not what I’m used to around here.

      3. Moneypenny says:

        Oh, (just for clarity) by “no idea how we’re going to juggle visits” I meant my bf, not you! Although, I guess we could juggle visits? Or bananas?

    2. Avatar photo theattack says:

      Are there any videos of your shows, Mark? I didn’t see any on youtube, but you should be happy to know that when I started searching for Stuttering, the search bar filled in Lumberjacks for me even though I’d never searched for it before. Anyway, get videos!

      1. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

        Ce haven’t posted any improv shows as we don’t tape them. It seems out here, nobody does that. Not sure why… I do have a comedy project that i am working on though that I may try to launch on the web next week. Stay tuned for details… πŸ™‚

  7. Avatar photo theattack says:

    Gross cat question. Seriously, it’s gross, so be warned if you read it.

    One of my kittens had diarrhea yesterday afternoon, and she went right next to the litter box. I assumed she just didn’t quite make it there in time since she was sick, but I just came home from work and found two more instances of diarrhea not in the litter box. Cat people, what does this mean? Were these accidents, or do cats not use the litter box if they’re sick, or what? Also she just got her shots Wednesday, so I don’t know if the sickness could be caused by that or not.

    Also sorry to post something so disgusting

    1. Avatar photo theattack says:

      Crap, and I just found a little bit of blood in the litter box. What does this mean?! Is this an emergency?

      1. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

        Hmmmm. Yikes. I don’t know. And I wouldn’t want to panic you. But I would call the vet and just see what they have to say… Blood is sometime to be concerned about, I would think.

      2. Avatar photo theattack says:

        Thanks. I called an emergency vet line, and they seem to think I can wait to bring her in until the morning, so that’s a big relief. I’m definitely worried though. She has a bad habit of chewing up our blinds, so I’m worried she ate some of it and got cut up inside from the plastic.

    2. Avatar photo MackenzieLee says:

      here are my thoughts. Maybe the litterbox wasn’t quite clean enough. My understanding is you have a mom and 2 kittens so that’s a lot of cats. If it was really full the kitten might have been like bitch please I’m not using a dirty poopy place and pooped on the floor instead. After that, if the area isn’t cleaned really well the cat will continue to use the same area. You can use nature’s miracle or another cleaning product to make sure the full scent is gone. So yeah my advice 1. more litter boxes or cleaning them more often (I think the recommendation is 1 litter box per cat even if they are right next to each other) 2. clean the area really well. If is continues to happen you can try picking the kitten up and putting in in the box standing up then moving the whole kitten backwards to simulate digging (does that eve make sense?) so she/he learns although it sounds like the kitten previously had a grasp of the litterbox situation.

      The blood does seem worrisome although I would trust what the emergency vet told you.

      1. Avatar photo theattack says:

        Thanks, ML. This actually happened right after the litter box was cleaned, so I doubt that was the problem in this case. That’s a very good thought though, so I’ll try to keep it cleaner than usual to encourage her. I did try putting her in the litter box and dragging her feet (mom kind of sucked at teaching them how to use the box, so that’s how I taught them to begin with), but all she did was climb out and scratch around right next to it. πŸ™ 7

        My only guess is that she associates the litter box with pain from going lately and is trying to avoid it, but I don’t know.

      2. Avatar photo MackenzieLee says:

        I hope she feels better soon!

        Also I didn’t mean to imply you don’t keep the litterbox clean. I realized in rereading it that it sort of sounded that way. I meant that cats can be finicky about weird things

      3. Avatar photo theattack says:

        haha, I didn’t take it that way at all, but thanks for the clarification anyway!

    3. GatorGirl says:

      πŸ™ that sucks. I’m king to guess she just missed. Hope she feels better soon!

    4. aw poor kitty! how is she doing now? im sure its not an emergency, but sometimes that stuff happens. we get sick and poop blood too sometimes, you know? she is probably ok, but take her to the vet just in case.

      going right outside of the box is trying to tell you she is in pain or unhappy. she might have just not made it in time, yes, but if its happened more times, she is most likely sick/in pain somewhat, and trying to tell you that. -but that is assuming she knows how to use the litterbox anyway. does she regularly go there? if she knows to go there and suddenly doesnt, that is how cats communicate that somthing is wrong, whether it is that they are sick, they are scared, whatever.

      and yes, you need more litter boxes if you only have one. those kittens are growing up fast and will need their own area to use sooner then later!

      1. Avatar photo theattack says:

        Thanks, Katie! Now the boy kitten is sick too. He has diarrhea AND is vomiting. The anti-diarrheal medicine the vet gave us hasn’t worked yet, and now we’re out since we had to spread out one prescription over two cats. They always use the litter box, so this is very odd for them. I’m glad you think they’re just trying to send a message and that it won’t last forever. I’ve been freaked out because I know we can treat their tummy problems, but I can’t keep cats that don’t use the litter box. Btw, we do have two litter boxes for them all. They’re fine for now, but they’ll hopefully have a third when we move into a bigger apartment in two months.

  8. This weekend I have to work because I decided to give freelancing a shot. Booooo. And then I top my weekend off by getting a copper IUD inserted bright and early Monday morning. My boyfriend (yes he’s my bf now) is going with me so I will have someone to witness me be wimpy about pain, but YOUGUYS, I’m scared! I’ve read the entire internet on IUDs, and I also watched an insertion on YouTube bc TaraMonster + masochism = BFF.

    Will my cervix ever forgive me?

    Tell me your IUD stories.

    1. painted_lady says:

      Oh I’m there in a couple weeks. Let me know how this goes – I was debating doing it next week, but I’m on vacation the week after that and don’t want to be wishing for death in San Francisco or Park Cities. And then the week after that, I’ve got a derby game, and that sounds like a terrible time to get it done as well, so yeah, I’m not sure when this is actually going to be a good time for me.

    2. I had a copper IUD and getting it in took less than 5 seconds and was sort of a “squeak” type ouch. Like getting your nose pierced or ear lobe holes expanded? Like where you shiver and are “oh my damn!” And sit :::carefully::: the rest of the day. Getting it OUT on the other hand… omd. Thankfully it was fast but damn I was sore.

    3. Grilledcheesecalliope says:

      I fainted because apparently my nerves up there are overly sensitive. But I was only out for like 3 minutes and the nurse stayed with me. And my cervix has pretty much forgotten about it. We are now friends agsin

  9. Moneypenny says:

    I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, but driving up tonight to stay with my sister. The wedding is 3 hours away in the Sierra foothills at some facility by a river, and most people are staying in cabins/tents to stay the weekend. My bf hates tents/camping in general (which were all that were left to rent) and I hate the idea of semi-camping for a wedding where I have to dress nicely, not to mention it’s supposed to be really hot, so we’re staying at my sister’s tonight an hour away from the venue. What annoyed me the most though, was that the couple is sending anyone not staying at the venue off at 4:30 (the ceremony is at 11am with a reception/river time after). This includes all of their family too. They made a point to tell us all that we’d miss (dinner, dancing, belly dancing performance) to get us to stay in their tents. Which cost $120. Whatever. I got them a nice gift, and I’ll be there for a good 6 hours, I think that’s good enough!

    1. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

      It’s odd that they banished you from the site if you aren’t staying there. Personally, tents sound kind of fun, but then I am always adventurous that way. My favorite night in Thailand found me on a bamboo mat in some communal hut with a tin roof in an epic thunderstorm. πŸ˜‰

      1. Moneypenny says:

        You know, I’m totally into outdoorsy things, but for some reason this just didn’t excite me too much. Plus it seems a bit pricey for what you get. Also considering we were second-wave invitees (got an e-invite about a month ago), I (we) weren’t too excited at the idea. If it was my best friend or something, I’d maybe be more into it!
        Making the after-party/party an exclusive thing really rubbed me (us) the wrong way. We’re driving 3 hours to your wedding, what’s the deal?

    2. Are you in Northern California? I’m from the foothills! Also, weird to ‘uninvite’ your guests at a certain time…

      1. Moneypenny says:

        I’m in SF, but the wedding is near Plymouth, in Amador County. The closest I’ve been to this area is Placerville! Are you nearby??

        And yeah, I can understand that they don’t want people, say, driving potentially drunk on a dirt road after dark, but it sorta rubbed me the wrong way to send people home if you’re not staying over.

      2. Oh that’s way out there! I’ve been to the casino in Jackson, which Google Maps says is 20 minutes away, but all I remember is that it was really hot there! I’m from a little bit further north, in Auburn, but I don’t live in the area anymore.

      3. Moneypenny says:

        Oh Auburn! I know that place. Sorta. My sister lives in Lincoln, and we’ve gone out to Auburn for the day to walk around the old part of town and such. It’s pretty nice up there! πŸ™‚
        Yeah, when I googled this place, I thought, what, we’re in the middle of nowhere!
        My cousins grew up in Jackson, actually, but the only time I went there was driving through it to go skiing. There are so many little towns out there it’s crazy.

      4. Cool! I worked out at a golf course in Lincoln during my summers home from college! And yeah, tons of tiny towns. We always said that no matter how small Auburn was, there were tons more towns that were actual tiny hick towns (probably just to feel better about growing up in a town of 12,000 people!).

      5. Moneypenny says:

        Awesome! Hm, I didn’t know Lincoln had a golf course!
        I sometimes go to Bear Valley to go snowboarding, and it’s interesting seeing all of the odd names for these little towns. I grew up in a city of 25,000, which isn’t really that huge, but it’s in the suburbs, so it felt much larger than that. What area do you live in now?

      6. I’ve been living abroad for about five years now and miss California all the time! I’d love to move back someday, Northern California has pretty much anything you would want. Skiing up near Tahoe is great, the coast north of SF… now I am just getting homesick!

  10. Avatar photo iwannatalktosampson says:

    Guys I kind of like my new boy a little bit. I remember making fun of Addie Pray (publically and in my head) when she was in lurve, and now I’m all twitterpated and feel like a teenager again. I just want to suck his face in public all day long. Luckily he’s out of town this whole week, and I’ll be in Calgary so we can get some healthy separation. But I don’t want too! I want to hang out with him everyday and hold hands while we eat dinner. Literally.

    Also applescruffs met him. So my worlds are colliding! We obviously met at yoga.

    1. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

      well consider yourself warned — we all know how great my relationship turned out.

      1. Avatar photo iwannatalktosampson says:

        Oh don’t think I haven’t thought about all the ways this could blow up in my face. But the cool thing about getting divorced is that none of them seem that bad. Epically huge breakup after meeting each other’s friends? Fuck it, life has been worse ya know?

    2. lets_be_honest says:

      Ha. A little bit?
      I met my sisters new boy tonight. He met us for dinner and drinks Peters all a tizzy bc new guy paid before we were given the bill. Super nice. Like him a lot!

      1. That’s great! Big improvement I guess πŸ™‚

      2. painted_lady says:

        Is this the sister who’s physically incapable of being alone? At least she found a nice guy!

      3. lets_be_honest says:

        Yup same one. Unfortunately this guy is relocating next year…

      4. Avatar photo iwannatalktosampson says:

        And yes, just a little bit, because it would be irrational to like him a lot after only knowing him for a month. So since it’s irrational I won’t do it. See how easy that is? It’s like the secret… if you will it it will happen. I don’t like him a lot. Just a little bit.

        Also we bought tickets to Bill Burr after our second date that was 2 months away. What is wrong with me?

  11. Avatar photo MackenzieLee says:

    I feel like this summer is a sort of purgatory. I’m living at my parents’ house for the last time ever. There is nothing really going on in this small town. I work all day and study for the MCAT at night. Beyond that, I’ve lost touch with most of my high school friends or they aren’t around. So most days I’m just kind of going through the motions waiting for the summer to be over. The only entertaining part is my baby sized crush on my boss. That sounds bad. He’s not actually my boss. And it’s probably because he’s the only male other than my father that I have interacted with all summer.

  12. Avatar photo thewriteway says:

    Tomorrow I am going to get my license to teach Zumba! I think I must be crazy in a way, but in another, I’m excited to have a new experience and do something positive with my life…it will be nice to have accomplishments outside of my job and make new friends, even if I don’t teach right away. My instructor at my gym has been so supportive…giving me CDs to practice and what have you.

    I also got good news today, which I also posted in the forums, that soon I will be an employee at my job instead of a contractor. Today was an awesome day. Yeah buddy!

    1. Congrats on both! Zumba is so awesome. I’d love to have a license to teach it, but I’m barely coordinated enough to keep up with the other people in the class.

    2. Hey I teach Zumba too! If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to (try my best to) answer. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  13. God my life is so boring. I’m hardly on DW and yet I have nothing to update!

    My weekend plans are…. to clean and do homework! Nursing school is keeping me pretty busy, and my sleeping schedule is all out of whack. I, too, had some crazy migraine issues a couple weeks ago and I promised myself I would go to the doctor but I never did.

    Last weekend was a bit more eventful. I made out with a dude who I actually had sex with 8 years ago. It was weird, y’all. I was out at a bar, like, “ooh that guy is cute, I should go talk to him!” and then I realized…. wait, I already banged him. I was in my hometown. Neither of us lives there anymore, but shit, it’s so small.

    ANYWAY, he lives in Chicago and I live in St. Louis and we’re texting and I know he’d like to see me again but I don’t really know if I wanna bother with all that. Thoughts? (If I decide I don’t want him, I”m gonna set him up with Miss AFP πŸ™‚ ).

    1. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

      hurray for sloppy seconds!!!

    2. I missed you, Cats.

      I am always keeping an eye out for a man who may be a match for Miss Addie, but they all fall short. So far.

      1. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        i’m ok with short. πŸ˜‰

      2. Me, too! But you need someone very masculine. And NO sloppy seconds, right? More of a stocky build, muscular. You were nice to the silver fox, but that is not the best. I choose brown hair, or red or blonde if they meet all the other criteria. I am looking out for you, Addie Pray.

      3. Obviously, they need to be intelligent. Didn’t think to mention it because it is so obvious. Now I am getting worried about all of the other obvious ones I haven’t included.

      4. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        Thanks for looking out for me! … Let me know when you find him.

      5. Yes I am working on it πŸ™‚

      6. I wonder how Anna is doing. We need to find one for her, too.

      7. I must’ve missed the silver fox story?

      8. Addie Pray went out on a dinner date with a silver fox. He wasn’t old, though, just gray. He could speak many languages.

      9. Well, how did the date go? How did they meet?

      10. Addie Pray get over here and answer the questions! OK well here’s how I heard it: They met online. He was a silver fox. Addie Pray was nervous. She ended up having a nice dinner and she only had one glass of wine (I know!) She thought he was handsome in a kind of funny-looking way. She also thought he was very interesting. She said he speaks many languages (she used some word that means that, but I forget what the word was) After the date, they texted a few/several times. Then Addie Pray’s mom came to visit her and she forgot all about the silver fox. Then everybody in the forums kept yelling at Addie Pray to come back and give an update. That made Addie Pray notice that she hadn’t been hearing from the forgotten silver fox lately, so then she felt rejected, and she said “Thanks a lot, you guys.”

      11. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        ha! that’s exactly it! met online, had a nice date, and never saw him again. rejected.

        a friend from work wanted to set me up with a guy she knows, but he wasn’t interested! rejected again, before we even went out. see, i get rejected before they even meet me!

      12. Polyglot! Phew.

    3. For you, I would say, don’t bother. It will be best if you find someone within walking distance. Or a short drive.

  14. Ross is coming for a visit tomorrow, yay! Well, technically today, I guess, as it’s quite late. I went to see Cake today, they always put on a good show, and I need to get to bed but I am winding down. I’m planning to wake up early to clean my old apartment. Stupid moving. I hate moving.

    ps. I mentioned this in another thread, but I saw Billy Idol yesterday, and I don’t care if that man is as old as my mom, he can still rock the hell out of the leather jacket with no shirt. Damn.

  15. Avatar photo Northern Mermaid says:

    i dropped my boyfriend off at the airport so he can go visit his family in Seattle for a week while I go to work in Nome for the week and now I can’t sleep because it’s weird in my bed without him. We’re trying to find a place to live in Anchorage, and it is stupid hard to find a rental here that lets you have pets, isn’t a giant box built in the 70s, and isn’t in the boonies. I’m sleepy, but I can’t sleep and because I’m on dumb Alaska time and it’s laaaaaaaaaaaate everyone else is asleep. Poop.

  16. Grilledcheesecalliope says:

    Sometimes when I wake up I feel like I look like a frog. And then my face re adjusts throughout the day but for an hour or so I look like a frog. Does anyone else think they look completely different in the am?

    1. My boyfriend & I slept on the floor of his neighbor’s house (he’s babysitting their cat) last night, so I woke up less than fresh this morning. There was contact lens solution in the bathroom, so I squirted it directly into my eyes and splashed some on my entire face—it seemed to perk me right up, oddly?

      But yeah, basically: I know what you mean!

  17. Anyone who read my forum post knows that this week has been wack for me (& thank you all AGAIN, I feel like I’m repetitively thanking you guys on the thread, so now I’m moving my gratitude over here πŸ™‚ haha)

    It was nice how happy everybody was that I was back into work yesterday—it was an ego-boost, to be honest. The tax admin upstairs told me that my boss was completely upset over the situation, and that there were a bazillion visitors that nobody could check in, & it was “awful but good” because the legal HR guy could see that I was a necessary employee. The contract has been extended for 6 more months apparently (not 2 weeks!), & at that time, they’ll either hire me for real— or it will end.

    So YES, don’t worry, I ~am~ jacking my job search up to a MILLION. The good thing is that my boss literally gave me permission to look for other jobs, & take days off as I need to (for interviews). I have like, no excuses now!!

  18. quixoticbeatnik says:

    I like that quote. In my new apartment, I want to get some inspiring wall art…Marshall’s has some really cute ones, including one that I actually bought for my friend yesterday. I wish I had bought it for myself! I’ve been single for two weeks now…which is a little weird after being with him for 3 1/2 years, but I’m not really sad about it anymore. We just weren’t right for each other, and I knew that it wouldn’t work out in the long run…but he is a good man and it was hard to break up with him. I think we are going to try and be friends but we will see how that goes. We aren’t talking right now because I told him we needed space. I have to confess: I want to make out with a guy SO BADLY! But I don’t feel attractive at all. So I am going to try and focus on myself for the time being….

    1. painted_lady says:

      Aw, QB, I’m sorry I missed that. Also, if you have any quotes in particular you like, I might be able to do a custom piece for you. No obligation if you don’t like it, but just buy me a beer and we’ll call it even.

      1. quixoticbeatnik says:

        Oooh, that would be awesome! You do have talent – so I will take you up on that! I’ll keep an eye out for a quote that I really like. How does it feel to be back from Japan??

      2. painted_lady says:

        It’s awesome. I think I’m finally sleeping normally again. It was really disorienting to be at the baggage claim at LAX and realize that the majority of people around me were speaking English. I had gotten so used to being around people who only spoke English for my benefit and so if I heard English, it was likely directed at me. So at first it felt like EVERYONE was talking to me! There’s a chance I might go back again next summer and bring students this time, and I can’t wait – I miss the friends I made there!

      3. quixoticbeatnik says:

        Dude, that is awesome! I love traveling. My vacation was really fun but mostly because my mom and I slept in like every day! Haha, we just decided to get up when we felt like it. In the past my parents were always like GO GO GO but now they have mellowed out. Sleep is very important. πŸ™‚ I would love to go somewhere else again, though. Southwest is having a special sale and I’m tempted to buy tickets for either San Diego or NYC – I have a friend in both places. Gah, traveling! Why must you be so fun!

  19. GatorGirl says:

    GatorGuy comes home tomorrow!!! After a month! AHHHHHH!

    In other news, FL is f-ing hot all the damn time, my hair is heavy and hot, and I have to go on a business trip in 3 weeks. All of those suck. Buttttttt I’m making curtains and pillows for when we get our new couch later this month. Yay! And a new tv before football. Also football is less than 70 days away! And my husband is coming home πŸ™‚

    Does anyone know how to sync multiple google calanders with an iPhone? Mine is being a pain n the ass and none of the online tutorials are working.

  20. I’m apartment hunting this weekend because I need to decide if I stay or if I go from where I am. I want to be closer to work, but don’t like the rent prices at the complexes I like. I saw the cutest apartment ever this morning, and it’s only 15 minutes from work — but I don’t know if it’s worth it. But it’s so nice! Overall nicer, more spacious, has a MUCH nicer gym, etc. I wish I knew if I’m saving enough. I also wish I didn’t have to make this decision NOW at a time where I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money on things like weddings & travel (mostly for weddings) & other things I actually need (new glasses after breaking my only pair, contacts for my dumb astigmatism). Blargh.

    In semi-related news, one of my best friends just graduated from her masters program and is going into a lower-paying field. She still doesn’t have a job lined up but her parents are buying her a luxury condo and I’m so jealous that she doesn’t have to worry about finances the way I do. And I hate that I feel so irrationally jealous over it sometimes.

    In unrelated news, I won’t get to see my boyfraaaand for 2 more weeks between our respective weekend commitments. He had a wedding this weekend that I couldn’t make it to and I’m traveling for the long weekend. By the time I’ll see him again in 2 weeks, we won’t have seen one another in 3 weeks. We’ve only been dating for ~6 months but I’m irrationally smitten — like, we’re the kind of couple I’d make fun of if I weren’t us (we do things like hold hands and swing them, hold hands across the table at restaurants, etc., haha) — but I have occasional pangs of, “OH GOD, WHAT IF HE REALIZES IN THE WEEKS WE DON’T SEE ONE ANOTHER THAT HE’S NOT THAT INTO ME!?!?!” Which is irrational and stupid.

    In sum: 1) money issues stress me out, 2) I hate making decisions, 3) I kinda want to move, 4) I’m jealous of anyone without money worries, and 5) I miss my boyfriend.

    1. Avatar photo iwannatalktosampson says:

      Haha I love your summary, and I agree with most of them. Well everything except wanting to move. I love where I live.

  21. I’m bored, y’all. I walked around my neighborhood and did some shopping. It’s such a nice day! I went to an antique-y thrift store type place with lots of mid-century type stuff, and fun clothes. All I bought were $5 sunglasses even though I wanted to buy the whole store. It made me think of BGM…. because of the mid-century mod style but also because there was a super cute gay couple talking about their 50s style ranch and how they have decorated it. They were negotiating the price of a neat painting. I found a cute pair of bar stools. Does anyone wanna spot me $125? Anyone? Eh?

    Now I’m just sitting here having a beer. Is anyone else around and bored?

    1. Avatar photo Northern Mermaid says:

      Yes. I am waiting for my friends who are late (as usual) to pick me up so we can go to the highland games and i’ve already changed my clothes four times and did my make up and tidied up my car and now I am ready for bagpipes. Hurry friends, hurry!

      1. haha. I thought about going outside again but it started raining. Now I’m just debating whether or not to try and arrange a time to see The Lawyer again….

  22. painted_lady says:

    Oh man, y’all. It’s so damn hot here. I kind of hate summer in Texas.

    Oddly, though, I’ve been kicking some serious ass at derby. It’s hot as hell at the rink, but it was like something just clicked this week, and my ability to throw a good hit and to pick up some speed on the track suddenly just appeared out of nowhere. We were doing blocking drills on Thursday, and we were literally just sliding off each other because we were so sweaty. But my co-captain was working as my blocking buddy, and she’s easily one of the three best players we have. She showed me some tricks that had me pushing her across the track and out of bounds like it was nothing.

    I know everyone’s probably tired of hearing my derby stories, but this is seriously one of the best things that’s happened to me in a long time. The sport itself is a blast, sure, that’s why I do it. But it’s done so much for me in so many other ways. It’s teaching me all these life lessons that I’ve been struggling with forever, stuff like confidence and courage and getting over my shyness. I mean, I’ve taken hits from girls with 40 pounds and 5 years of skating on me, I’ve fallen on my ass spectacularly in front of 200+ people, and I’ve spent an entire scrimmage getting yelled at by teammates. There’s not a whole lot more to be scared of, you know? I haven’t done a whole lot of overcoming struggles as far as what I wanted to do with my life; my job and all my other hobbies are things that just come naturally to me, so to be actively terrible at something and decide, “Fuck it. I want this,” is really new for me. It’s a nice change πŸ™‚

    1. quixoticbeatnik says:

      It is hot! But that’s why there is air conditioning everywhere πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll go for a swim later in the apartment pool. I still love summer here in Texas even with the heat. The days are just so long, and I just love sunlight so much.

      That’s really awesome about the derby stuff! I’m glad you like it so much πŸ™‚

      1. painted_lady says:

        Hahaha, yeah. Our AC at home is almost as old as our building, which survived the 1900 storm (that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the point), and then the rink owner turns off the AC when she shuts down at 4 unless there’s a party, and we don’t start practice till 7. Those are the two places I’ve spent the most time this summer, so I’m sweating a lot. But yeah, I still haven’t christened my new suit, so I need to have a pool day…hmmm….

    2. Trixy Minx says:

      I love hearing your derby stories! πŸ™‚

  23. I told The Lawyer when I’ll be in our hometown next. If he wants to, he can come see me. I don’t want it to be a Big Thing, but I’d like to see him again to figure out if there’s really something there. When I was 23-ish, I thought he was the bees knees.

    Also, I just ordered Imo’s. AFP, are you jealous? It’s not vegan but it’s DELICIOUS. I’m going to eat fried provel bites, mmmmmmm.



      2. Does anyone else really like violet liqueur? I bought some a while ago, and I was drinking it mixed with vodka and soda water. Now I’m out of vodka so I’m drinking it with the last teeny bit of my vodka and some soda water. It’s super sweet. I wonder if violet-infused vodka would be better?

      3. SIDEBAR.

      4. Trixy Minx says:

        OMFG CATS

      5. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        nice job dominated the sidebar!… but guess what? i just dominated it too! (easy to do at 5:48 am)

      6. Trixy Minx says:

        I kicked you out if the side bar. Muahahaha

      7. Go Cats!

        Now you have me hungry for pizza. But I am going to make tacos instead, because I bought all the stuff earlier today. Tacos and beer.

      8. Trixy Minx says:

        I ate pizza earlier today. Like for breakfast then I went back to sleep for the entire day. So I was tired! I got a new bike yesterday and rode it all the way uphill home. Eff I didn’t want to really but I waited for the bus only to have all the bike racks full. So I deserve to sleep forevah.

      9. i just ate… A LOT of pizza.

      10. annnnnnd I wanna do Will Arnett.

      11. Avatar photo beelzebarb says:

        I would totally do Will Arnett. And now I have The Final Coundown stuck in my head.

      12. thank you! some people *cough cough RACHEL* think I’m weird for that.

      13. Avatar photo beelzebarb says:

        Nooo SHE’S weird!!! That’s the best comeback I have for that.

      14. Trixy Minx says:

        Who’s Rachel cause I will eff that weirdo up. Jk

      15. Haha, I don’t think you’re weird…I just don’t get it.

      16. AAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDD now I’m finished with Arrested Development, like I’m sure the rest of the world finished with it a month ago, but I was dragging it out. WTF am I going to watch now??

      17. Avatar photo beelzebarb says:

        Have you watched House of Cards? I got all cracked out on that last weekend and barely got off the sofa. What did you think of the new AD episodes?

      18. oh yeah! i started house of cards but never finished. I’ll get back into that.

        To be honest, at first I didn’t like the new AD but then when I realized how intertwined everything was, it grew on me. Hilarious. Buster’s episode was especially awesome.

      19. Avatar photo beelzebarb says:

        Cats, for some reason I can’t reply to your comment about the new episodes. It took me awhile to warm up to them but I loved it by the end. Now I need to start the season over again bc AD always has those jokes that are impossible to catch the first time you watch. I think Buster’s was my favorite too πŸ™‚

      20. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        House of Cards is my favorite! I think I watched all of Season 1 in a weekend – it’s so good.

      21. Avatar photo Northern Mermaid says:

        I liked Maeby’s episode. but she’s my very favorite

      22. Maebe’s episode was my favorite too. I just love how ridiculous her life is.

      23. Trixy Minx says:

        I want a brownie.

      24. ooooh brownie. I have some Phish Phood. That sounds good too.

      25. Trixy Minx says:

        What is phish phood?

      26. ben & jerry”s πŸ˜€

      27. Trixy Minx says:

        Oh. I ended up getting a chocolate raspberry brownie this morning. In my defense I biked today for like 4 hours and I deserve to shove my face in s brownie. Plus I’m still steadily losing weight since getting to my new town. πŸ™‚

      28. Pizza is like that. It’s not your fault.

      29. funny (but not really) story –

        earlier i was walking down the street wearing a sun dress. the wind decided to do a marilyn monroe on me. some creep in a truck stopped next to me and waved. at least i had cute full-butted underwear on.

      30. You should always wear clean, full-butted underwear. Because you never know when you might have an accident – or a gust of wind. Although Moms never mention the gust of wind part.

    2. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

      I’m so jealous. I need pizza, with real cheese; not that fake crap. I want a warm slice of cheesy pizza so bad.

  24. “Facebook makes me hate the people I know, and Reddit makes me love the people I don’t.” — Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, sharing one of his favorite quotes at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

    He added, “the more we can do to expand beyond our friend network, the more we can expand to understand people all over the world we might not necessarily interact with, I want to invest in that.”

    This is totally how I feel about DW. I love you guys. I’ve only met maybe 15 of you IRL, I’m only facebook friends with about 20 of you (maybe), and I love all of you.

  25. Trixy Minx says:

    So I’m going to a concert in the park that’s playing pink Floyd with laser lights. I feel sad going alone because I am still not good friends with anyone here. Hopefully, I’ll see some of my coworkers there and won’t feel so alone.

    1. Trixy Minx says:

      Haha CatsdabombMeow side bar beat me now!

    2. Avatar photo bittergaymark says:

      I (reluctantly) (friends were seeing her in SF instead.) went to Madonna alone this last time out…. And I actually had a blast! It was during a really stressful week — one where I literally had worked a 27 hour day…. (two production gigs back to back with NO break in between. Day shoot and then a night shoot. Horrible. Never again.) Anyway, I was able to just veg out and totally immerse myself in the concert and not bother with idle chit chat… Although seeing Madonna LIVE is more distracting and all encompassing than a laser light show in the park set to music… πŸ˜‰

      1. Trixy Minx says:

        I actually had alot of fun. I met up with some friends and after the concert we went to the bar then a small party at my house. So it turned out well. Hehe

  26. uuugh… I’m so not feeling right tonight. I’ve been waiting for this night for months, yet I left the concert after less than an hour. I missed my husband, and came home and he’s not here. he’s at a party I bailed on because of the concert. I have too many mixed feelings to go alone. I shouldn’t do it. Uugh. I just feel sad and confused and like I want to drink 500 beers and be with someone who understands. The person who understands is bad news. FYI- I am drunk DWing, if you haven’t figured that out yet. I should probably go drink more, right?

    I wish I uderstood why there;s still this weird hold on me 13 years later. 13 years. Really?

    ps- Can we all pretend I never wrote this? thanks πŸ™‚

    1. GatorGirl says:

      πŸ™ Facebook me if you need someone to talk to!

    2. Trixy Minx says:

      You okay? Let’s chat

      1. The light of day makes everything better. I’m ok, thanks for your concern! I limited my bad choices last night to drunk DWing. I learned my lesson though- cant see shows solo. It’s too emotional for me, and I can’t handle it.

      2. Sorry to hear you had a bad night. I actually like seeing shows by myself every once in a while, but I guess it’s not for everyone.

      3. Aww, I’m sorry! If it makes you feel better, I’ve done shit like that a lot too—like, A LOT. (i.e. gone out, missed boyfriend/had other feelings of weirdness, came home, only to find he was— very reasonably— still out, most likely at something I’d bailed on, & then felt All The Sads.)

  27. findingtheearth says:

    I bought fireworks today! I am giddy with excitement! I love the Fourth of July and living in an area where I can light them off in my backyard.

    1. That is my 4th of July plan too! Lighting off fireworks in the backyard. I find that even better than going to some crowded place to watch fireworks with a bunch of strangers. Fireworks in the backyard is so much better!

      1. Trixy Minx says:

        Fourth of July is my birthday!!! Woo for getting old. Fml

  28. Can I just say that I had a wonderful epiphany tonight about my breakup (which occurred about 2 and a half months ago)? Here is my epiphany. It doesn’t fucking matter anymore.
    He doesn’t matter any more. The relationship doesn’t matter any more.
    Wow. It feels good to say those words. And I really feel that.
    I am super ready for the next chapter in my life.

  29. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

    YOU GUYSSSS, I have a brilliant idea. I want to open a restaurant chain with salad buffets and it’ll be called The Jimmy Buffet. Hahahahaha, right?

    1. what does jimmy have to do with salads?

      just wondering.

      1. Trixy Minx says:


      2. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        nothing, sigh. it can be any kind of buffet, that was just an example. but jimmy’s last name is buffett, which is close to buffet. it’s so funny! the jimmy buffet. gawd, get it??

      3. well of course i got the buffet part, i just thought salad had something to do with it too!

      4. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

        Yea I don’t know why I wrote salad buffet. Just meant buffet. Why does no one think that would be so funny?

      5. I mean..Jimmy does like the “green” right? So, that sort of works?

    2. Avatar photo Addie Pray says:

      I also want to open a buffet chain called the Warren Buffet. They can’t sue me for using their first names! am i the only one who thinks it would be hilarious to drive past a big chainy restaurant with T-H-E W-A-R-R-E-N B-U-F-F-E-T in big letters on the sign? Come on! I’d eat there.

  30. i found out two MORE people i know are pregnant yesterday, lol.

    babies and weddings. thats all everyone does anymore. how boring, amiright?

    1. Trixy Minx says:

      Seriously! At my old work there was I think 12 people pregnant. It is insane. How many people do you know that are pregnant?

      1. well in the last like, 2 ish years its been a ton. which is weird because no one that i know has ever really had a baby before. so its been a weird shift for my life in general. one girl i went to junior high with just had her baby, another one from junior high just had her 4d ultrasound (barf), a lady at my work had her baby a couple months ago, then these two new ones are one of jake’s friends from work, who really maybe shouldnt be having babies yet…?, and then my friend who just got married in october and i made her wedding cake!

        my best friend from college is getting married in the spring and im her maid of honor, and then a friend from high school invited me (sort of? over facebook?) to her wedding and to “catch up”, my best friend from high school recently said she was cooking food for her “hubby” – and they arent even married yet, unless they eloped while she is in germany with him….

        its just weird. and getting kind of repetitive. lol

  31. Avatar photo GatorGirl says:

    IDK if any of you are up but I’m waiting at the airport for GatorGuy- his flight is delayed. OMG the weirdest people are in airport bars. Seriously, a guy in a Cat in the Hat hat, a chick who’s been kicked off of 3 flights and will not SHUT THE HELL UP and now the po po are talking to her, a lady who tried to take her double jack and coke in a to go cup…the list goes on and on. I’m BY FAR the most sane and least intoxicated person.

    Almost forgot the lady bitching about “blue states” and that nothing comes from the north and the gays. OMG. I’m like a bystander in a side show.

    1. haha, thats probably a typical late sunday night at the airport!

      but hilarious. people are so weird.

    2. People watching at the airport is the BEST!

      Hopefully GatorGuy will be home soon!

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