Weekend Open Thread: What’s Your Wish?

Happy Friday and happy 11-11-11! It’s Corduroy Day. It’s also Make-a-Wish day. I don’t need for much, but of course I can always come up with some wishes. I wish that Jackson would start sleeping more than three or four hours at a time during the night (though I’m thankful he’s started sleeping that much!). I wish it were easier to lose the baby weight. I wish I had an endless supply of money, Tootsie Rolls and patience. I wish “Mad Men” were hurry up and start already. I wish all my friends and family lived closer. I wish I had a personal chef. I wish Miles and Simone could stay with us forever. I wish I liked working out more. I wish fall were longer and winter shorter. I wish life were easier for all those who need it to be easier. So, what do you wish for today?

[photo via this isn’t happiness]


  1. Britannia says:

    I wish I could be done with school already.

    I also wish that my house was fully furnished, with art and stuff. But I’m a college student, so c’est la vie.

    Also, I have a question to ask everyone who has ever taken an online, long-distance relationship into real life:
    What should I be concerned about, when we decide to take “long distance” out of the equation? What are some difficulties you encountered? What are things I should be considering, and maybe even what are some red flags that an offline relationship won’t work like the online one does?

    This is very new territory for me, and I have plenty of time (months) before this guy would even be able to move to my city. We’ve been kinda romantic, strictly online friends for years, and now we’re interested in seeing if there’s potential for in-person romance. He says that if things are promising between us that he’s willing to move for me.

    1. Addie Pray says:

      Perfect timing – funny story about “c’est la vie” – my co-worker is an idiot and just said, seriously, “Well, you know what they say, ‘la vie.'” I laughed so hard I peed in my pants a little. Ok, now I’m ready to read everyone’s wishes. I for one wish I had that view, Wendy.

      1. Oh, that’s not my view. I wish! I wish I had that view.

        And I wish I had a cute little apartment in Paris I could go to any time I wanted. I forgot that one.

      2. Addie Pray says:

        Oh I assumed it wasn’t – I’m not sure why I addressed that to you, ha!

        While we are wishing, I’ll take a cute apartment in Paris too – but make it a big one!

      3. Actually, I don’t think the view exists. Seems that each window is photoshopped to the next. How can the forest on the left of the center window magically turn itself into the buildings on the right of the left window?

        Just one of those windows would be a killer view just the same.

    2. GatorGirl says:

      Britannia, DW has done a few articles on how to go from long-distance to short-distance in a relationship. They are really great tips. Here is what I would say from my own experience (I dated my BF for 6 months short-distance then moved 900 miles apart. We did 2 years 10 months and 11 days long-distance. 5 months ago I moved to north central FL where his Phd program is. Yay!)

      -Live separately at first. Have him get a 6 month lease (with the option to renew) so that you have the option for space.
      -Set up clear expectations of how much interaction you’ll have on a day to day basis. Are you going to spend every night together? Weekends? Do you need to let him know if you’re going out for drinks with your friends?
      -Encourage, well demand, that he create a social network of his own. I don’t have a lot of options being that we’re in a college town, but 5 months in the isolation is really starting to get to me.
      -Schedule a date night. Even though you’ll see each other all the time, make time to put on some nice clothes and get the sparks going.
      -Talk. About anything and everything. His socks on the floor irritate you, you need more/less sex, you’re spending too much/not enough time together, ect ect. The only way this transition will work is if you communicate openly and honestly.

      Good luck!

      1. Britannia says:

        Oh yes, her articles have been very useful when helping me think about things. I’m just fishing for more insight — you can never have enough, I think! That you for your advice 🙂

  2. I wish, for once, a certain aspect of my life would speed up.
    I wish I could go back to Paris any time I wanted.
    I wish my nieces lived in the same city as me.
    I wish my dog Sophie would talk back to me.
    I wish I could find and then land my dream job.

  3. rangerchic says:

    I too wish fall was longer and winter shorter…I love fall its my favorite season!
    I wish I had a house with a little land so I could finally have the horses I’ve always wanted
    I wish my daughter would stop complaining about everything (the whole world is out to get her)
    I wish my other daughter would not talk all the time (literally she does not know how to be quiet)
    I also wish for super powers all the time.
    There are a lot of things I could wish for but not enough time, energy, or space to put it all down!

    But mostly I wish for world peace!! LOL 🙂

    1. Addie Pray says:

      “To world peace!”

  4. I have had the same wish for the last 7 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 4 days – to not be in pain. Physically. To not have to rely on medications to help me through the day. Just so I can function as a semi-normal human being. Without the medications, I am in so much pain that I can’t move, I can’t think, and some days it literally hurts to breathe. Days where I can’t feel my hands and can’t turn my head because my neck is hurting too much, and I feel like my head is too heavy to support. Days where my lower back is spasming so badly that I can barely walk, and when I do, I do with a very noticable limp.
    I’m tired of the oral steroids. The equivalent of 8 vicodin a day, the allowance of three muscle relaxers a day, the maximum FDA daily allowance of Celebrex, the Topamax, the phenergan (anti-nausea med), all so I can turn my head, lift my arms, hold a pen, pick up my youngest (some days), sit up, stand, walk, etc.
    I’m tired of the needles and the “procedures”. Steroids, cortisone, burning nerves in my neck with lasers. The MRIs every 6-12 months to tell me that things are getting worse and I should really be having fusion surgery instead. Weakening bones thanks to the oral steroids. Depression from all of the medications and frustration at being under 30 and having the spine of a 90 year old who spent a lifetime on a farm. Doesn’t make my bi-polar disorder any better.

    I can deal with anything else life puts in front of me. I really can, and I do. It’s the physical pain, every moment of my life, whether I’m awake or not that I just wish would go away. I go to sleep with it, even medicated to the point where I don’t know if I’m actually tired or just drugged into unconsciousness, and I wake up BECAUSE of it. Multiple times a night during bad weather, cold weather, and at least once a night because I’ve turned wrong in my sleep and tweaked something.
    7 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 4 days down. The rest of my life to go.

    1. This felt so intense for me to read, I actually am still not sure how to respond. But thank you for sharing your wish – it felt really nice for me to read how open you are with this community : )

      I will keep you in my thoughts/meditations/prayers

    2. fast eddie says:

      My first thought was that my wife was healthier but you’r comment reminds us that things could be worse. (hug)

    3. AKchic,

      I wish for you to be out of pain as well.

      Considering how much pain you’re in, you’re fantastically open with the DW community and I personally enjoy your posts very much and wish you well.

      Sending hugs (not too tight) to you.

      1. fast eddie says:

        Thank you for the complement AK, I enjoy your comments as well, and to clarify I’m not in pain. In fact my health is amazingly good. My wife has a long list of health issues and is in some degree of pain most of the time. We deal with it and continue to enjoy our life as much as possible. ie. We went to Phoenix this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my goddaughter and her family. It was wonderful, now to upload those pics onto facebook.

    4. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. And in the groove of “happy thoughts” I “walked” with my dad through the fusion of his lower three cervical vertebrae to his top thoracic. His rehab went smoothly, the meds kept him comfortable while his trachea healed (anterior surgery) and he’s got nearly full range of motion a year later. He’s not pain-free, but he’s managable with anti-seizure meds until he can get one more bone channel cleaned up though a posterior surgery yet to come.
      Now if he can just kick some unrelated cancer…that’s my wish.

    5. I’m late to this party, but I just wanted to send you (((HUGS))) and all my wishes go to you, AK.

  5. I wish my company would stop reorganizing and leave my job alone. I wish they weren’t doubling my commute and being ***** about allowing flex time and alternative work arrangements. I wish my husband and I could sell one of our houses already (we each had one pre-marriage). I wish more companies were hiring in professional positions with benefits. I wish we could move. I wish we had money, time and leisure to buy 10 acres and build a beautiful little home on it.

    And oh yes–world peace, end hunger and all that.

    1. SpaceySteph says:

      How long have you been trying to sell the house? This makes me scared because my bf and I each have a house… if we consolidate/marry, how long will we be stuck?!

      1. We listed it for 2 years, starting before we got married. Eventually, we rented it. If you go the landlord route, get a really, really good management company. Run a lot of background checks, not only on the lease signer, but on all the adults in the house. Felony, sex offender registry, credit. Get past tax forms (2 years), and pay stubs. Don’t just rely on pay stubs because they’re easy to forge. Heck, there’s a website that’ll do it for $30. Don’t allow subletting and insist on proof of insurance. If your state allows it, assign maintenance for snow/ice removal and items up to $100 to the tenant. If your state allows it, include a clause in the lease that if you are sued for anything arising out of tenants use, occupancy, maintenance of the premises, then the tenant must defend, indemnify and hold you harmless. Get good rental dwelling insurance and comply with all inspections by local authorities.

        We did that, and our tenants have been excellent.

      2. Aww jeez – this conversation gives me nicotine cravings LOL

      3. I wish for you that your cravings would go away. 😉

      4. lol & i don’t even own property !!! haha

  6. Right now, I wish that the damn health insurance companies would pay up already, my husband is getting a health home care business off the ground and they´re owed lots of money.
    Once they pay up my other wishes (finishing the house, vacations, etc) will take care of themselves.

  7. It’s also veterans day today.
    I wish we will be able to finish our bathroom in time for thanksgiving dinner! I also wish that my husband and his brothers have a safe hunting trip later this month.

    1. Thanks for stating that, I’m surprised she forgot to remember remembrance day…

  8. I wish that all of my hard work with the firm that I work for would pay off in the form of financial compensation. I have worked so hard, and kept such a good attitude, and I’m so proud of the work that I’ve done and how much I have learned. I just wish that would be recognized when we have our reviews and bonuses at the end of the year. I work hard, but I’m still pretty poor. That’s what I get for being a working 23 year old who hasn’t gone to school (yet).

    I have other wishes, but my main one that I always wish: “I just want everything to be okay. I want to be happy, I want to be loved, and I want my family to be safe and secure.”

    I wanted to share… I had outpatient surgery about a month ago to remove precancerous cells from my cervix. I’m 23. I went to the doctor today and she said everything looks beautiful and I am cleared to resume all normal activity (sex, tampons). I was really happy to hear that today. I cried.

    Gosh. Okay. One more wish…. I wish to be a good person. I feel that I do a good job in this department most of the time, but I am flawed just like everyone else, and sometimes I feel like I don’t do or say the right thing. Sometimes I feel “ugly” emotions and sometimes I think mean things and I am really working on it because those emotions feel really, really horrible. I just want to be good. I was (emotionally) hurt very badly recently by an ex-friend and it has been such hard work letting go of the horrible, evil-feeling feelings. I don’t want to be a negative person, and I don’t want to waste my precious energy on hating someone who obviously couldn’t care any less. I am so much more than that, and just because I was hurt doesn’t mean I have to carry that in my heart and in my veins. Ex-friend doesn’t deserve my precious brain real estate.

    1. Slamy,

      I read this cute poster the other day. It said, “As much as I try to be an easygoing, stretch your wings and fly type, I just can’t stop trying to burst people into flames with my mind.”

      You can only do so much.

  9. I wish I could lose 12 pounds, that my student loan was paid off and that I had the money to start my own business and I wish that my mom and I would live to the very same day so neither of us ever has to deal with losing the other. Same goes for my cats. Oh and I wish for healthy babies when I’m ready for them.

  10. GatorGirl says:

    I wish for the health and happiness of my family.
    I wish my dear BF would pass his qualifying exams for his Phd in March and stop being so stressed out for a minute! Also that he would make some money so he can buy me an engagement ring 😉 And then I wish for healthy babies with easy natural births.
    Wendy, I also wish my fur baby could be here forever. I bottle fed Frank from 3 days old, he’s only 4 but I’m terrified of the day I’ll have to say goodbye.
    And at the moment, I wish for something yummy to appear in my lap for dinner. The fridge is empty and I don’t feel like leaving the house. Also if the food fairy could bring my some yummy wine that would be much appreciated too.

  11. It’s funny you shoud ask, I just got back from my yoga class where I heard “may every being in every world be eternally happy” and I thought it would make a great birthday wish. So that’s mine.

    I also wish I had longer legs, like that girl from sailor moon.

  12. I wish that my boyfriend would propose to me so I don’t have to break up with him. I wish I hadn’t wasted 8 years of my life on him when it seems that it’s not going to be forever as I thought.

    I wish that my Mega Millions ticket tonight ends up to be a winner…after all it is 11/11/11. I thought it would be a lucky day to play the lotto.

    1. SpaceySteph says:

      Be strong! I know it seems like a crappy response now, but no matter what happens with your bf I think you’ll look back one day and see that you went on the path you were supposed to go on. (I HATED people who said that to me right after my bf dumped me… but looking back on it 2 years later, they were right.)

      1. No, actually it doesn’t. I’ve experienced enough stuff in 27 1/2 yrs to realize that usually things make sense in hindsight. It’s just the present time full of uncertainty that’s killing me. I’ve taken to obsessive cleaning and couponing to occupy myself since I’m a complete insomniac these days.

        Oh, and the lottery ticket wasn’t a winner. Not even one number. That’s why I so rarely play.

  13. BroGoddess says:

    I wish that my first trial as a student attorney goes well on Thursday.
    I wish that when I graduate in May I will be able to find a job in my field in a city I love.
    I wish that this holiday season my family will be able to come to a new understanding and be happy.
    I wish that someday soon I will be able to see an amazing guy that I care about a lot who is currently very far away.

  14. landygirl says:

    I wish for world peace.

  15. TheOtherMe says:

    I never wish for myself, I always wish for others, every birthday candle blowout, every coin in a fountain, I make wishes for others because I believe they are more likely to come true that way.

    However, I did allow myself a personal wish this year & it happened. I went to Italy. I desperately want to go back even though I have been back less than a week. When I was a Trevi Fountain… I made wishes for my family…

    1. Hey, I wished in the Trevi fountain too. It’s an impressive piece of sculpture that the new world doesn’t know how to do. Must be more expensive to wish these days with it being done in Euros instead of lira and all…

  16. I wish I could stop worrying so much about the future and enjoy a little more of today. I wish I find the strenght and the patience to finally complete my college education, and I wish to find a job that I love, not one I endure in order to get some money. I wish to remain with my boyfriend forever, growing together and sharing each other’s lives forever. I wish that I could get along a little better with my family, or at least to learn to cope with our crappy current relationship. I wish to find peace and happiness and to be able to enjoy it and savor it more.

  17. Without sounding too depressing, I wish that my ADHD was sorted out. I have been diagnosed but not really, have to wait a month to see a psychiatrist and my life is falling apart around me. Wow, that was depressing!

  18. My most recent wish came true yesterday when my British working visa arrived! Now I can book a flight to London and start planning all those European adventures I hear so much about.

    I also wish: To find a job in London that pays ok, gives me enough time with my boyfriend, and enough time to go on little trips.
    I also wish that when it comes to be time to go back to my hometown after more than two years, I will finally feel ready to do my post-grad, and it all falls into place.
    And world peace. And food in Africa. And justice for the Indigenous people of Australia, where I am now. And the NZ election to go my way in a few weeks……

    1. Addie Pray says:

      Yay! European adventures are the best. I wish for you to have a lot of them and then write about them here so I can live vicariously through you.

      1. I do not need much encouragement to bore people with my (future)adventures!
        Ha ha its nice to be able to ‘tell’ people that I’m going, I’ve been keeping the process from my job in case it didnt happen for some reason and then I was stuck without a job. Now I have to tell them tomorrow and give notice. I wish for that to go well!

      2. Addie Pray says:

        Oh giving notice is scary! I hope it goes well. And I hope it goes well when I give notice too. Last week I gave *pretend* “notice — I told a partner I’m friends with but not *the* one I ultimately need to give notice to. I’m glad I did because he gave me some kickass advice to help make sure my real notice to my boss goes as smoothly as possible – and that I get him to work with me (ie, I want to remain *employed* – at least I want access to my email and phone and I want my bio to remain on the website – so that when I’m ready to look for new employment, I won’t have gaps in my employment). … Anyway, I have some specific wishes as I transition out of firm life, and my biggest wish is, well, that I get all my wishes! … So good luck to us both!

      3. Addie Pray says:

        On an unrelated note: I’m watching Tree of Life right now – yes, at 5 am on a Sunday morning. (I love waking up early and watching movies. Weird?) Anyway, I don’t get this movie. So my wish now is that this movie will stop being so mysterious… and hoity. And weird.

      4. I’v seen that. Its strange, huh? But my god, the wife is beautiful.
        Yes good luck to you too! Hooray for new beginnings!

  19. I wish my boyfriend didn’t live 300 miles away. I’ve been missing him so much…
    I wish the economy didn’t suck so I can have a full time job.
    I wish some of my friends didn’t live so far away.
    I wish I had unlimited spending money at New York and Company stores. Seriously obsessed.
    I wish every day had about 5 more hours in it.

  20. I wish ignorance and bullying didn’t have to be an issue – I wish people were more tolerant.
    I wish all children could have a stable home life, family and education.
    I wish everyone had some thing to laugh about.
    I wish life didn’t have to be so busy and demanding.

  21. I wish my ex husband would pay the $9000 he owes me in back child support. I wish he hadn’t moved to the other side of the country and could spend time with his sons more than once or twice a year (I wish I had a shared custody situation where he had the boys every other weekend)
    I wish I could get more organized. I wish I wasn’t so tired all of the time. I really really wish I could MOA mentally from the guy who broke my heart about a year ago. I wish I could meet someone else and have some great sex!

  22. I thought about wishing for marriage and babies… but I think that stuff is on the way for me anyway.
    So, I wished for my Mom and my sister to make peace with each other. Truly. Life is too short. And their inability to get along leaves me feeling really sad- especially around the holidays. So… that was my wish.

  23. I wish my Marine was home safe. I wish people didn’t lie. I wish my boss would act like the 34 yr old woman she is not 16. I wish i could move and take care of my aging grandparents. I wish my dad could make it home for christmas. I wish i could open a center for parents and children to build their relationships. I wish no child went to bed hungry. I wish i could get over my ex seriously it’s been 9 months. I wish my four year old would quit eating his boogers.

  24. I guess we can only wish for the future, and not the past, because one of my wishes would have been that I was in a different program at a different school. I struggle a lot with this feeling that I should be somewhere else, that I should have taken a different turn and made different choices…..but it’s too late to go back.
    I wish I loved exercising. I wish I could just lose the weight I need to lose so easily.
    I wish that I was graduating now instead of a year from now. I wish my classes weren’t boring me to death. I wish for a good job when I graduate.
    I wish (sometimes) that I had my own apartment with a cuddly cat.
    I don’t wish to not be deaf, but I do wish that I could hear a lot better on the phone, because that’s what makes me fear not being able to have a good job – not really being able to communicate on the phone.
    I wish we could have a pet again. We put my rabbit to sleep about a week and a half ago and I miss her still. I cried so much when we were in the vet’s little room. We had her for half my life and the house seems empty without her.
    I wish politics in America didn’t seem so polarized, and that I didn’t feel so cynical about politicians.

  25. I wish my soon-to-be ex-wife and I could have worked things out.

  26. I made a mental list of all the things I could possibly wish for. Most of them being fairly snarky. Then I read the other comments. I wish that more people (especially my awesome fellow DW commentors) could have superficial, snarky things to wish for, rather than the real and difficult things they need. Geez,you guys are a lot tougher than I am. So, my wish is up for grabs. Who wants it?

  27. I wish my cat would live forever.
    I wish someone would hurry up and invent teleporting, so I could go somewhere warm in the winter, but not have to quit my job.
    I wish for a long and happy marriage.
    I wish to someday (soon) be able to afford a quasi-decent house.

  28. Painted_lady says:

    I wish my dog could live forever.
    I wish my roommate could be as happy as I want her to be. And also that she would pay me all the bill money she owes me. Our cable got turned off because she owes me and I can’t pay it alone, so my credit just took a big hit.
    I wish I could let all my students know that as unloved and neglected as some of them are, I know for a fact that there is one person who loves them without fail – me.
    I wish I could teach them how much easier life can be when you don’t assume people are enemies.
    I wish my brother would figure out that only he is to blame for his unhappiness – not the ten different jobs he’s had this year, not his drama queen girlfriend he breaks up with twice a month, not the only friends he has left because the rest are tired of his drama – and therefore he is also capable of creating his own happiness.

    I also wish I could afford sushi every day, and a Starbucks salted caramel mocha frapp. Those things are delicious.

  29. Trixy Minx says:

    I’m wishing that I get the promotion I interview for on Friday and that things finally start to get better.

  30. One of my wishes came true! I was in a car accident 3 years ago (some punk kid driving Mommy’s new Mercedes ran a red light) and wrecked my wrist. I’ve been wishing ever since for the physical therapy and home exercises to pay off already and the pain to stop. I did a “dumb” thing and went to yoga yesterday, and after an hour of chattaranga dandasans I woke this morning to no pain!

  31. 1. World Peace
    2. Faster metabolism
    3. A good night’s sleep (I could change the world if I got enough sleep)
    4. A pain-free day
    5. People to drive safely
    6. People to accept personal responsibility
    7. My cats to like each other
    8. Mr. Pinky’s and my “recession-proof” jobs to not vanish

  32. Addie Pray says:

    I wish I didn’t eat a big spoonful of that Greek yogurt because it turned out ot be the sour cream. Gross.

    1. lets_be_honest says:

      I’m so in love with you its creepy.

      1. Addie Pray says:

        Aw shucks! Go on! Really, go on…

      2. I know, right? She just seems to oooze coolness.

      3. Addie Pray says:

        for the record, lets_be_honest and McLovin are my new favorite DW commenters. the rest of you? fail.

  33. PamplemousseRose says:

    I wish that moving was done and everything organized – the fella is moving in and things are chugging along but there’s still lots to do before next weekend (when my family comes for dinner) and the end of the month (when he has to be out of his place).

    I wish to find a new (permanent job) – I work on contract and there haven’t been any postings where I live lately.

  34. I wish I didn’t have PCOS. It was bad enough having the menstrual cycle that never ended, but the possibility of dealing with infertility as we are now trying for kids is hard. I’m just grateful that it didn’t have to come to surgery to stop my cycle.

    1. Good luck TTC, my sister and a close friend both have PCOS and had no problem having kids. My friend was even told by her >Dr. to stop using BC because it was so unlikely she´d get pregnant, a month later she found out her 1st was on his way!!!

    2. I also have PCOS. Accupuncture really straightened out my cycles. I feel for you – it’s a huge pain – I actually did have an ovarian wedge resection with a specialist in Omaha. It has changed my life. Hopefully you have a good doc that can help you manage it! I hope you can get it under control and have all the babies you want!

  35. What baby weight? seriously, Wendy, in every photo I have seen you look tiny. Like, I wish I looked that way NOW kinda tiny, and I have never had a kid. So please be thankful 🙂

    1. Aw, you’re sweet, thank you. It’s true — I didn’t gain too much while I was pregnant (less than 20 lbs.), but what I did gain is stubbornly sticking around. Other than the actual weight of the baby and whatever else came out during the delivery, I haven’t lost a single pound. And those extra ten pounds make a difference in fitting into my clothes or not, so it’s frustrating.

      1. I hear ya on the baby weight. I gained a lot of weight with my medications. I call it my “baby weight” because it’s easier to explain it that way than say that I lost all my pregnancy weight with all of my pregnancies.

      2. Patience Wendy, with my 1st I was lucky, I´d gained a LOT of weight (like 44lb), but I lost it in like a month.
        With my 2nd I didn´t gain as much (around 33lb), but it´s taken me a lot longer, at 6 months I´m pretty much back to normal.

  36. I wish for my dad to beat his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this time around.
    I wish for my agent/publisher search to yield a book contract with national print distribution.
    I wish for everyone’s family to come back from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan with physical and mental parts intact.
    And, yes, I too could go for a little whirled peas (world peace).

  37. bittergaymark says:

    Mad Men Starting up again truly would be amazing. I wish ALL Reality TV “stars” would not only cease to exist — perhaps spontaneous combustion? — but that they also be forever excised from everybody’s collective consciousness as though Reality TV simply never happened… I’d also like the country to wake up and stop electing abject idiots on both sides of the aisle… Oh, and a rich boyfriend would be nice. Normally, I wouldn’t care about the money, but in THIS economy…

  38. I want beauty around me & time to enjoy it; i want men who do what i want & who are MEN, not boys; i want a healthy body – longmuscles, longshinyhair, softbreasts, wideopenoceanhips

    wowwww i’m feeling really open to receiving all these things

  39. i’m feeling scared of this week – i don’t want to sit at a desk. i want to make art.

  40. i want to be a horsewitch
    LOL like… housewife / horsewife / housewitch / horsewitch
    wow that’s a complicated reference — WELCOME to my brain

  41. i wish dubstep would start playing in churches – wow yes i want that

  42. I wish I would meet somebody that would sparkle for me and I would sparkle for them and we would fall in love and live happily ever after. But mostly I’m just SO VERY thankful that barring my love life – the rest of my life is exactly as I’d wish it would be!

  43. 6napkinburger says:

    I wish my body transformed into one that rocks the green nicole miller dress that i so desperately want to wear again. I wish that my sister and I could meet smart, handsome, funny jewish gentlemen that we want to marry and who want to marry us in a reasonable amount of time. I wish/hope my brother’s job goes well and that he has found something he enjoys. I wish my father could find a permanent job where he feels valued. I wish my mom could achieve the body that will make her feel as beautiful as she is. I wish I could find the energy and happiness to turn my apartment into a home and to get rid of all the crap i don’t want or need.

    And harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan. And world peace.

    1. LOVE the “Miss Congeniality” reference!

  44. All the happiness money can buy.

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