Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Friend pretended he’s kissing me and took a picture with me while I was asleep

Friend’s Pregnancy Announcement

A kind of relationship

My boyfriend is like a father to his ex’s nonbiological daughter

“Should I Contact Him or Should He Reach Out First?”

My boyfriend is still in contact with his ex and he got caught!!

“You’re too nice”: what are my friends seeing that I’m not?

Did I just do the right thing or not?

Covid wedding stress

Tired of in-law situation

Should I contact an ex-ISH?

Just found out my girlfriend of 3 years was a prostitute during our relationship

Family disagreeing in my relationship

My fiancé is getting texts from his ex’s 30 yr old “hey hun”?

Anyone going on awesome dates?

Coronavirus/ Covid-19/ At-Home Support Thread

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