Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Wendy’s Picks

Wendy’s Weekly Picks,” is a feature in which I highlight stuff I like or recommend in the worlds of fashion, gift ideas, home decor, makeup, websites, entertainment, and recipes. Of course, many of the things I link to will be affiliate products, which means I’ll receive a commission on any click-throughs or purchases you make through the affiliate links. As always, I appreciate your support!

I need an occasion and an excuse to wear this dress, because I’m in love.

This one is much more practical though, a lot cheaper (40% off with code ), and really cute.

And with a pale pink dress, you need an appley-red lip, right? I love this. This looks fun!

Following a color scheme: clogs I love.

These shoes are super cute, too.

Continuing the theme: these earrings, these gorgeous plates, this lamp, this planter, and this rain jacket that I wish Joanie had today.

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