Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


Ok, there are ten weeks and five days left in the decade, but you know those last few days of the year after Christmas are sort of throw-away days, so for all intents and purposes there are ten weeks left in this decade. What are you going to do with your time? Anything on your… Read more

This week in the forums we’re discussing: How do I properly communicate with women? Upset that my trip will be canceled for family wedding Feeling like an outsider with boyfriend and his son 6.5 years, need advice and thoughts! Is he trying to make me jealous? Struggling with happiness after a rocky past I feel… Read more

I’m Jewish. I was raised Orthodox. I was the president of my shul for four years, a reform congregation. Judaism is a BIG part of my identity. Jewish holidays, traditions, and rituals are important to me. I have a friend whom I’ve known for 22 years who is Catholic. She attends bible study, chapel, and… Read more

My boyfriend, “Robert” (32) and I (31, f) started dating in February, 2018. From the get-go, I had this feeling of doubt. During 2018, almost every month, I told him I simply couldn’t get rid of the doubt and then I broke up with him almost each month; we got back together a day or… Read more