DW Holiday Book Drive: Thanks from a Teacher

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.42.29 PMI got the following email this morning from middle school teacher, Ogo A., who participated in our holiday book drive this year:

Good morning Wendy,Today I had my students choose books from the books that came thanks to your readers. I am so touched by the generosity and act of love that made this day possible. My students were super excited and actually in awe that I would do something like this for them. They were buzzing around the books and poring over each page.

They kept thanking me and hugging me. I explained to them about the book drive that I entered but it was like they didn’t even hear me. They just kept cutting me off and thanking me and saying that no other teacher had ever gotten them their own books. I was so surprised and delighted to actually see them arguing over books. Thanks again!

How’s that for some warm fuzzies?


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  1. Aw, so lovely!! See, DW ~is~ really a secret weapon/superpower (as per the lurker introduction thread, in case no one knows wtf I’m alluding to)

  2. lets_be_honest says:

    How nice of her to share that.

  3. Avatar photo veritek33 says:

    That’s really awesome.

  4. Yay! This makes me so happy!

  5. Warm fuzzies, indeed!

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