Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


This article, first published in August, 2012, as “15 Things Every Couple MUST Discuss Before Getting Married,” has been updated as of March, 2018, and is now titled “17 Things Every Couple MUST Discuss Before Getting Married.” I’ve been writing an advice column in some shape or form for close to fourteen years now, and… Read More

I scoured the internet for the best marriage tips and selected eight of my very favorite. Follow these tips below and you’ll have a fighting chance to make it to the 65th wedding anniversary. Unless you screw up on #2, in which case, you might want to call it a day and MOA. 1. Connect… Read More

If you’re single and don’t want to be and you find yourself repeating the same dating cycles over and over, you may be sabotaging your love life. It’s easy — and comfortable — to embrace patterns and behaviors, wearing them like a cozy blanket around our shoulders in the cold, cold world of dating. But… Read More

A version of this post was originally published December 31, 2013. It’s the last week of the year, which means many of us are: frantically making NYE plans; frantically trying to find something to wear for said NYE plans; filling out our 2015 calendars with birthdays and doctors appointments because we’re 84, apparently; stocking up… Read More