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Am I wasting my time with her

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    We met on the Bumble App. We both cliqued right away. We met and made out once. We want to hang out again together. But her schedule seems not fit our relationship. She also doesn’t want kids or to be married. She hasn’t text me much. Not sure if this will last long

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    Yes, if you know you want kids and she doesn’t, it would be a waste of your time to date her.

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    Seems like she is avoiding me anyways.

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    Yeah, in general, if you’re looking for something like marriage and kids and the person you’ve met doesn’t want either of those things, then the time you spend together will not be an investment in the future, it’ll be about having fun in the present. Sometimes that can be a distraction that keeps you from finding a person who does share the same longterm goals, but sometimes people can manage their expectations and just appreciate a short-term fling or relationship for what it is.

    In your case, you aren’t even hanging out and she’s not making time for you in her schedule, so what is even the point? There is a distraction here and you aren’t even getting anything out of it. Move on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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