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Does he have feelings for me?

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    I just want to know if this guy has feelings for me.
    My friend and I enrolled in an art course. Our instructor (about the same age as me) was shy and unsociable. Anyway as we interacted I had a feeling that there was tension between us but no clear signs. Once, he was too harsh with one of his students, I felt he was unjust and decided to leave for good, my friend followed me at the door and convinced me to return and not quit. I went back and ignored him, he was nervous (almost angry), then he just left. The next time he apologized only to me (he never apologized to anyone) and I went on with the course. For some time I felt the tension again, he would treat me nicely and sometimes his old manners crept in.
    I never thought of anything because I was in a relationship at the time.
    Towards the end of the course, he harshly criticized a piece of my work without a clear reason (many people thought it was good and someone even wanted to buy it). I was sad and left. He approached my friend when I wasn’t there, she told me he was very sad and emotional, almost in tears, trying to justify his position, saying he didn’t mean to hurt me. He didn’t talk to me though.
    I thought that was strange because I never saw him show much emotion.
    Could that mean he has feelings but never expressed them? Or is he just not successful at being nice.

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    Maybe, but he genuinely sounds like someone who’s really not well-adjusted and possibly a jerk.

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    I think he may just have regretted what he had said seeing how it had hurt you but that doesn’t indicate feelings toward you.
    He may have a care for you as his pupil

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    Dude does not have control of his emotions and he lashes out a people. This is not someone who will make a good partner at this time.

    He may like you, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a dick when he’s stressed.

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    It doesn’t sound like he knew you well enough to have feelings for you IMO. Maybe there was some mutual physical attraction, but doubtful there were *feelings*. It sounds like the course is over so I’d not dwell too much. If you’re single and looking, I think you should try your luck on a dating app and/or join a group that caters to singles.

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    “I just want to know if this guy had feelings for me.”

    It does not sound like he had feelings for you if he was telling you your are was shit and making you cry. He actually sounds like a pretty terrible instructor and probably would make a worse boyfriend with his mood swings and lack of social skills.

    Don’t worry about the angry, brooding types. They aren’t that much fun.

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