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    Six months ago when school started in fall, a co-worker of mine came back who I had met briefly before last summer. We met up again through mutual friends and we exchanged numbers/social media. After going to a party and walking back home, she asked me what I was doing and wanted to hang out for the rest of the night. We ended up hooking up and she stayed at my place until the morning and then said bye to each other.

    Then the next day and what would continue for the next six months, we started texting each other everyday, seeing each other every weekend, and talked at work if we worked together. We started spending a lot of time together and at first it wasn’t anything serious until the last couple of months. We developed feelings for each other and quickly stopped seeing other people, and realized how well we got along and things we like. Both of us admitted this and I felt strongly about asking her out and stuff, but there’s a bit of a problem.

    Since the beginning and when we met, she didn’t want anything serious because she just got out of a five year relationship before the summer and wasn’t looking for a relationship. I had no problem with it until we started to like each other a lot and when I told her how I felt. She said she feels the same way and when we hang out (which is very often now) it definitely feels like we’re in one already. She keeps saying she would want something serious but she still isn’t sure yet. I wanna ask her when she’ll be ready but idk if I should. I also feel like I could be wasting my time and right now there’s others I could talk to for wanting something serious but I really like her over the others. I wanna progress things further but idk what to do now other than continue doing what we’ve been doing.

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    Your best move is social distancing. You should not be dating right now.

    That aside – yes, you absolutely are within your rights to say “look, I don’t want to be casual. If you’re not ready, that’s fine and no hard feelings, but I gotta move on.” You can place the ball firmly in your court.

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