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    Dum Dum

    Sorry for broken English but english is not my native tongue.
    Some time ago i meet a girl online and we became friends, with the time i started to develop feelings for this person, even if i didn’t really know her or saw her face (i was always bad with personal relationship off all types), one day i tried to confess to her cause i started to have insomniac problem and the tought of betrayng her trust were tormenting me, obviously she rejected me and said that we could remain friends, after some times i noticed a gap was formed between us, when i wanted to talk she said she was busy and she was not as friendly as before, i started to play down on my crush, and even made some bad calls abuot meeting for the first time (she suffer of socyal anxiety and do not trust anyone) end started to be more insistent, untill a great outbust when she wanted to completely cut me off her life because i was giving her too much stress and i was stalking her, we talked and we set that i should give her some space.
    What should i do? And what/how much does some space mean?
    I don’t want a relationship, I just want my friend back…

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    Realistically you should just not contact her at all and leave her alone as she requested. I don’t think your friendship can recover from this and it’s best to learn from it so as not to repeat it in the future with someone else. You don’t need any further explanation from her than what you already have and there is no time limit for space. If she does get in touch, apologise for your actions and let anything be on her terms, but be prepared that she may never want to speak to you again.

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    I don’t understand how you hear her say, “completely cut you out of my life,” and think that means she still wants to be friends. It doesn’t.

    You went too far, and sometimes when you go too far, you lose your friend. Sorry. Maybe see a therapist because your behavior here is pretty bad.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    I think you should leave her alone as she asked and focus on making friends who live nearby.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Nah, this friendship is done. You need to move on, sorry. In the future, when you’re rejected once, don’t push for more than the person is interested in giving or you risk losing anything from that person.

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