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I have a MAJOR crush on my married boss!

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    Avatar photobittergaymark

    Yeah, I loved NYC. But I saw it through rose colored glasses, too. My best friend just moved there and makes more money in a year than I will in a decade and he and his husband have this fabulous one bedroom on the highline where I stayed and watched their super EASY dogs for a week while they went out of town. They flew me out as doggie care is CRAZY expensive and it was a free trip in an amazing apt with a killer view…

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    Isn’t the high line near a railroad?

    I know moving to NYC was a fantasy a lot of my friends had…then they realized it was too expensive.

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    Avatar photoLadyinPurpleNotRed

    This thread made today so worth it. Cheered me up faster than a glass of wine. @call-me-hobo thank you for letting me live react to this #dickchockerhere #&& #bestmondaypresentever

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    I didn’t have high expectations for this Monday, I thought it would be typical and maybe a little boring. How wrong I was! I emjoyed catching up while eating my homemade wine gummy treats. If you want your friends to love you, that’s what you should give them for any holiday!

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    Sunshine Brite

    Holy flying fuck guys, I leave the internet for 3 days and I miss all of this! This is why I stay connected at all times lol. But really though, I should do some more mindfulness activities where I don’t stare at a screen forever. I must’ve been somewhat linked since I’ve wanted a cinnamon roll all weekend for some reason. I’m intrigued by these orange rolls but I definitely have an eyebrow raised.

    Dang Sarah, ditto what absolutely everyone has said already. I absolutely love a good fantasy myself. I’ve currently been crushing on the men of Supernatural. Amazing comedic timing in that show. I suppose my coworker too but flex space, I see him rarely. He’s hot and he knows it which makes it even more ridic for me, totally my self-involved fantasy type even though I’d hate him if that’s all I had.

    My husband’s awesome and gives me so much more than these fantasies. Find someone who gives you that real feeling.

    I also loved visiting the east coast the super short time I spent out there and would love to go back.

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    Avatar photoMoneypenny

    Thirty pages! This one is up there with Pantsless Ramona, I think!
    I was in NHS in hs, passed 4 AP tests, and graduated magna cum laude from architecture school. Does that count as smart?
    Today it was so nice out, I sat in the sun and worked on my base tan. And transplanted some plants to new pots. And read this forum.

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    Avatar photovixky89

    I am so glad that I got a care package with my favorite chocolates in it from the States yesterday, they have been a perfect pairing with reading this hot mess this morning.

    Also, choking on a dick is a serious hazard and should not be taken lightly. Please remember that we should all use proper dick safety techniques.

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    Avatar photoFireStar

    So worth reading all the way through. Bless her heart. You all are so much nicer than I am in the face of unapologetic stupidity.

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    Why yes, whoever asked several pages ago, I do have a PBK key!

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    That was me! Soul sistas. How’s your gag reflex, _s_?

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    Sarah b

    You’re stupid

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    Stupid like a fox!

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